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General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

Stardust1138 said:

Respecting creators including George should always take precedence to your beliefs.

A civil respect, or a general respect? For sure.
Acknowledging their efforts, achievements and the content you enjoy, love or that resonates? Of course.

Yet the truth (or facts) should come first. Before the ‘precedence’ turns into blind respect, which then turns into idol worship. Where facts and the truth are then ignored because of that idol worship. Something that a great number of Star Wars fans have ignored when putting George up on a pedestal is the actual history of Star Wars, and also ignoring George’s attempts to both retcon, change and suppress parts of the history.

Stardust1138 said:

He may not of had every detail planned out but he had a broader sense of things to create story points for later. Mark Hamill spoke in the 80’s how George planned to end things on another plane of existence. This sure feels like someone who had an idea of where they wanted to go. Maybe not every detail as even he said he didn’t have but enough to know the broader strokes to create new storylines.

This was talked about only recently by you and another member on here? Where Lucas is quoted it was only had a vague “notion” and that “It wouldn’t be part of the main story, but a sequel to this thing” (Luke’s own personal story).

So it was not much other than a vague idea for a future story for Luke, and not for Lucas’s Sequel Trilogy. So the claim of Lucas having these “broad strokes”, “broader sense of things”, or “plans” for the Sequel Trilogy does not apply here.

In the end unfortunately many rejected him as they didn’t feel these concepts connecting Midi-Chlorians and the Force fit into Star Wars, when in reality they have always been there and align even with things Joseph Campbell talked about. Star Wars was always building to something bigger. It becomes even clearer the more you watch his six films.

It is important to remember that Midichlorians have not always been there in Star Wars. Despite Lucas trying to change history and insert his retconned quote to pass off ideas that came to him only later when writing the Prequels.

Has anyone found a mention of Midichlorians before Lucas’ writing for the TPM? If the term Midichlorians always existed in Star Wars it would not be difficult to prove for Lucas himself or Lucasfilm, but we have no evidence. Nothing other than Lucas’ famous retconned quote in a failed attempt to try and provide that evidence.

I hope you do not take my post as aggressive or an attack on you Stardust1138. You have a beautiful way with words and I enjoy reading your posts. But I feel I must highlight where I disagree, where the facts or evidence of the history does not add up (such as passing off Lucas’ vague idea for a possible future Luke story as his ideas for the Sequel Trilogy, with even Lucas himself saying this idea was not a part of the main story).

To quote Lucas in 1997: “[The whole story has] six episodes…If I ever went beyond that, it would be something that was made up".

There should be a proper release of the 1977 Star Wars at this point

That guy with no name said:

Thats Impossible!
Remember what george said in 2004:
“(There will only be one. And it won’t be what I would call the ‘rought cut’, it’ll be the ‘final cut.’ The other one will be some sort of interesting artifact that people will look at and say, ‘There was an earlier draft of this.’…What ends up being important in my mind is what the DVD version is going to look like, because that’s what everybody is going to remember. The other versions will disappear. Even the 35 million tapes of Star Wars out there won’t last more than 30 or 40 years. A hundred years from now, the only version of the movie that anyone will remember will be the DVD version [of the Special Edition).”

I think George said that around 1997, for his 1st Special Edition. And they were never released on DVD in the end!
We got the different 2004 version instead on DVD.
Though that is still a great quote. 😃

Star Wars Video Games - a general discussion thread

fmalover said:

I originally posted this on the Shadows of the Empire thread, but I think it also fits this one:

So I dusted off my N64 and started replaying the SotE game.

Way back in the day I only finished it on Easy and Medium. Never played it on Hard and Jedi, and I always assumed that Jedi was the toughest difficulty setting but that’s not the case. Jedi is more of a “kill or be killed” type of difficulty, where enemies are essentially glass cannons that go down in one or two shots but do a lot of damage.

Holy shit this game is tough on Hard. I’m currently stuck on the Ord Mantell junkyard, and this is the difficulty setting is where your blaster does the least amount of damage.

I had nightmares about this and still do!

I wish I kept my old gaming magazines with hints and tips for the Star Wars games, tho I suppose YouTube video playthroughs make it a lot easier.
For the Ord Mantell level: it feels like IG 88 is on top of you, stalking you, always near, so it is more difficult to keep clam after playing a long level as this. Keep firing at him from a distance in long straight lines so you can hit, then run like crazy and get into another position and repeat!


Does anyone think the Week 10 page on is an actual game announcement? I think there is more chance for a Star Wars themed controller, maybe a collectors edition version of a PS5 box or decals for it?
Some game web sites are saying it is for a game, but these web sites seem to be more click bait or gossip than facts and news.

Info &amp; Info Wanted: Burger Chef / Burger King promotions

I bought myself a collection of these, though they are safely on a shelf in a glass cabinet, and nobody at all drinks from them:

Another good story on the glasses with videos and images for Empire and Jedi:

Star Wars <strong>Fan Films</strong> / Shorts - a general discussion thread

These two LEGO fan films were really clever, along with an engaging story and were very well put together:

The 313th: A LEGO Star Wars Story Brickfilm | Part 1 (stop motion)

“After a devastating loss to the Separatists, a small group of surviving Clone Troopers attempt to rescue their Jedi General from separatist custody… Unaware of the new Separatist leader, and his intentions…”


The 313th: A LEGO Star Wars Story - DISSENT | 3D Animated Brickfilm (Part 2. in blender)

“In the midst of the chaos of the Galactic Clone Wars, a group of lone surviving Clone Troopers, along with their Jedi General, attempt to survive on an enemy-occupied planet, all while being hunted down by a mysterious new Separatist leader.”

Both fan films are by Owenator Productions:

Your ideal Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Sit JJ and Rian down in a room and get them to come up with a more fluid and special edition version of the sequel trilogy. A more joined-up and cursive trilogy of films, maybe even with a budget for new or altered shots and scenes.

The Sequel Special Edition.

They could both claim it was always meant to be this way, and the technology was not up to it at the time!
Disney and LucasFilm would both be ecstatic with the money, positive media attention, and having another new subset of fans to market to.
It is not my own ideal sequel trilogy, but would likely make for a better experience for us fans who were disappointed with them, especially with the concluding film in the trilogy.

<strong>LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Tales</strong> - The Halloween Special - a general discussion thread


I really enjoyed the part on the Death Star with the roles all reversed. Overall the comedy was hit and miss, but still stayed fun at the same time.

I thought the hotel part was good, and a little disappointed they didn’t spoof on Disney and their new real Star Wars hotel.
I’d like to see more of these fun lego Star Wars stories.

<strong>Star Wars: Visions</strong> (animated short films) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Visions reminded me of the 2003 Clone Wars series, and I enjoyed it all the more for being so different to the more usual Star Wars animated stuff, and I really want them to do another season. Perhaps a longer Ronin special if the Ronin book from The Duel is a worthwhile success.
There was not one episode I did not like something about even if some was over the top in style, like the Twins, and will watch them all again soon.