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Your ideal Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Sit JJ and Rian down in a room and get them to come up with a more fluid and special edition version of the sequel trilogy. A more joined-up and cursive trilogy of films, maybe even with a budget for new or altered shots and scenes.

The Sequel Special Edition.

They could both claim it was always meant to be this way, and the technology was not up to it at the time!
Disney and LucasFilm would both be ecstatic with the money, positive media attention, and having another new subset of fans to market to.
It is not my own ideal sequel trilogy, but would likely make for a better experience for us fans who were disappointed with them, especially with the concluding film in the trilogy.

<strong>LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Tales</strong> - The Halloween Special - a general discussion thread


I really enjoyed the part on the Death Star with the roles all reversed. Overall the comedy was hit and miss, but still stayed fun at the same time.

I thought the hotel part was good, and a little disappointed they didn’t spoof on Disney and their new real Star Wars hotel.
I’d like to see more of these fun lego Star Wars stories.

<strong>Star Wars: Visions</strong> (animated short films) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Visions reminded me of the 2003 Clone Wars series, and I enjoyed it all the more for being so different to the more usual Star Wars animated stuff, and I really want them to do another season. Perhaps a longer Ronin special if the Ronin book from The Duel is a worthwhile success.
There was not one episode I did not like something about even if some was over the top in style, like the Twins, and will watch them all again soon.