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Confession: My favorite movie is ROTS
It is understandable.

Alpha 3 is the third prequel in the Street Fighter series. It is 4X as big as SFII. Episode III is the third prequel in the Star Wars series. It is 4X as big as Episode IV. And they're both alike in so many different ways. They each have a hero who turns to the dark side, an evil ruler's rise to power, a comical character everyone hates, epic battles, and I could go on forever...
Confession: My favorite movie is ROTS
Actually, yes.

SF is my favorite game of all time, and SW is my favorite movie of all time. They're both similar in so many ways. One title revolutionized their industry, they had special editions, they had prequels, and so on.

If SFII was my favorite game, then Episode IV would be my favorite movie. But SFII is not my favorite game, Alpha 3 is. Alpha 3 was the third prequel, so it's perfectly understandable that Episode III be my favorite movie.
Confession: My favorite movie is ROTS

My new favorite movie of all time is…Star Wars Episode III.

Reasons for this:
My favorite game of all time is Street Fighter Alpha 3. Originally, I considered Street Fighter II and Episode IV my favorites, but I had too much of a hard time with SFII, and besides, its graphics look dated. So I went with Alpha 3, because it has all the characters from SFII and has better graphics. The same goes with Episode III. It has just about all the necessary Star Wars characters, and it has better special effects.

So now my favorites of all time include Alpha 3 and Episode III. But don’t worry, I’ll still support this site as I feel Lucas needs to give the OOT some respect. But I actually don’t mind the SE and the Prequels that much, so my faith in the OOT has been shaken a bit…

Advanced Storytelling
The rules are the same: I write, you write, he writes, so on. But this time, you write a paragraph (minimum 5 sentences). This will make the story more deep and complex.

However, there are two new rules I'd like to set:
1. No double posting ( to give people a chance)
2. No personal attacks (this means you, Chaltab)

Now, with the story:

Once upon a time, there was man from Pluto. He had an Asian girlfriend though she had no time to spend with him at all. This man was strong enough he could turn bricks into ashes. One day, a elemental being came to him. He said "Would you like to travel to a planet full of adventure?"
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe: 1979 Animated VS. 2005 Live-Action
Wow, I have never heard of anyone disliking a book because a film version that came out some 55 years later. I was not too impressed with the Lord of the Rings films, but I didn't go chucking away my leather bound copy of the book. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe film wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be, still it wasn't that great. It was too CG and too Disney. I was impressed, being from Disney and all, that they made it as faithful to the book as they did. I have yet to see any book that has been adapted to film faithfully enough to appease long time fans of the book. TLTWatW was bound to disapoint many long time fans of the book. Come on, don't loose your fondness for the books just because Disney decided to use them to cach in on the Lord of the Rings hype, there are still plenty of copies of the books out there that don't have movie advertisments printed all over them. Also, is the Black Cauldron actually your favorite book of all time? the way you said "I will get around to reading it soon" makes it sound as if you have not yet read it. I am only vaguely familar with the Prydian Chronicles of which it is a member.
I still like the book. I think it's a great book. But since the 2005 movie version is the thing America's familiar with, I can't consider it my favorite book of all time anymore. People will flame me if I hate the movie and say the book is my favorite book of all time. That's why I picked the Black Cauldron. Because I liked it's movie, so people won't get mad at me about that.

The Animated version came out in 79, from what I remember of it as a kid it is very accurate to the book. It is my favorite adaption of the book by far. However, the animation has that 70s 80s animation feel to it so most people to day who watch it for the first time dismiss it merely for its poor (for todays standards) animation. I noticed that (for people in the US) Wal-Mart has it in their childrens DVD section for under $10 (I think it was $7.99).
That's the same issue with my brother and sister. They both love the movie version and hate the animated version because it's outdated. I try to get them to watch it but they won't. Guess I'll just have to bury their DVD copy. And if they're too ckicken to go look for it, they might finally give the animated version a chance.

The 1988-1990 BBC made for TV versions were also pretty good, extremely cheesy by todays special effects standards, as some of the monsters on the queens side are actually cartoons. And all the animals are people dressed up in animal costums. In fact it was even a bit cheesy for 1988 standards, typical budget of made for TV BBC features. They only made The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Price Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and The Silver Chair.

Yes, that's what I thought. Thanks for making that clear.

I didn't care too much for the BBC version. One of the main things that bothered me was the girl who played Lucy. Buck teeth, and quite often went about with her mouth hanging open. Mary Poppins would say: "We are not a codfish!"

In that case, I might skip it then. I absolutely hated Lucy from the movie version. She reminded me too much of one of my sister's friends.