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Is Lucas Remaking The PT?
All right, I think this Lucas Bashing is going just a bit too far. I know that Lucas is a pighead, and I don't mind if you bash him normally, but yakking about his posteriors and fanboys sucking his **** is really sick, and it's starting to bother me.

So please tone it down a bit. I already sent Jay an e-mail addressing this issue, so if you don't listen to me, he'll deal with you..
The Thief Trilogy
Well I've graduated from High School and am going into Tech School, so I technically can't be considered an idiot...

Now back to warez:
If you consider "bootlegs of current or recent theatrical releases" warez, how come you guys are making all these bootleg OOT DVDs and not getting in trouble for it? Hmm?

BTW, those games weren't cracked. They were the Original Game CDs.
Star Wars: The Stupidest Quotes!
I got bored, so I decided to make this thread:

Now the "stupid" quote can be from ANY film, ANY version. OOT, SE, and PT. Just post the stupidest quote you can think of. Only post ONE though; you need to give other members a chance...

Here's mine:

Piett: Bounty hunters! We don't need that scum!
Officer: Yes sir.

Notice how the officer says "yes sir" after hearing Piett's comment? Does he actually think it's an ORDER!? That he need to get rid of all the bounty hunters even though it was Vader who summoned them!? Good God!
Wanted: Isolated Score for the Prequels

I’ve been watching my new EditDroid DVDs Sluggo sent me, and I really enjoy the Isolated Score that comes with each movie.

Now I’d like something new:

An Isolated Score for the Prequels.

As much as I like the OT music, I also seem to enjoy the music from the PT as well, because it’s from the same composer. I’ve got all six soundtracks on my computer, so I’ve proven this.

I’d like to make this set myself, but there’s one major problem: My computer will NOT cooperate with video files, except SWF. So I need someone to make this set not just for me, but for anyone who likes JW’s music. And with people on this site editing the Prequels themselves, I don’t see why this couldn’t be done.

Just make sure it’s as good as the OT ISOMIX…

<strong>The &quot;EditDroid&quot; Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread</strong> (Released)
All right, I give up. I'll just edit the original covers and make my own bonus labels. But the major problem is that on Grison's page, the only place I found them, some of the links are broken. Can someone please pinpoint me to a page with all the stuff and no broken links?

Never mind, the covers and labels work. It's just the inserts that are broken. Probably because they're PDF...
The Star Wars Trilogy: The Novel Adaptation by Ingo Sucks
I was just sitting down and thinking:

"" I would like to contribute something to the OOT community...

Yet it can't be a video because my computer does not cooperate with video files...

And it can't be audio, because there are isolated scores included with certain transfers that include almost all the soundtrack...

But no one ever mentioned writing...

I have a book containing all three original novelizations...

They're based on the OOT, and don't really fit George's current vision, so he probably won't mind...

I've already posted two passages from the novel on this forum, so...

Why not give it a try? ""

With the permission of, I would like to convert the entire original Star Wars novels onto this forum. I shall make a thread for each novel, and every post I make will be a chapter from the book. So you CANNOT post in those threads at all until I say you can, because if you do, it will screw up the reading experience. I shall type it word for word, including all the errors and typos.

This will be my contribution to the OOT scene. With your kind permission that is...