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Chewie DID get a medal!
I may be a repetitor for doing this, but for those of you who never read the 1976 Star Wars novel, here's a passage from the book:

They stopped before Leia, and Luke recognized General Dodonna among the other dignitaries seated nearby. There was a pause and a gleaming, familiar Artoo unit joined the group, moving to stand next to a thoroughly awestruck Threepio.
Chewbacca shuffled nervously, giving every indication of wishing he were someplace else, Solo silenced him as Leia rose and all those gathered in the great hall turned to face the dais.
She placed something heavy and golden around Solo's neck, then Chewbacca's--having to strain to do so--and finally around Luke's. Then she made a signal to the crowd, and the rigid discipline dissolved as every man, woman, and mechanical present was permitted to give full vent to their feelings.

So he originally DID recieve a medal! They just must have forgot to film it. Well that should make all you whiners happy for now. But at least you can point this passage out to GL when he does the 2007 reshoot...

Also, there's this old Star Wars children's book I read when I was in 4th Grade. I don't remember what it was about, but whatever Chewie did in that book, he certainly got a medal for it, because I at least remember THAT.
Super ESB and ROTJ SNES Video Review

On YouTube, this review company posted two reviews of the incredibly difficult Super ESB and ROTJ for the SNES. Although not all the levels are shown, most of them are pretty in-depth. They even show off some of the game’s cutscenes, whilst combining them with OOT footage. In short, if you ever wanted to see the endings to these games, but got the living s**t beaten out you for trying it, now you finally get your chance…

Super ESB

Super ROTJ

Interesting tidbit about who shot first
From the original 1976 Star Wars novel:

Something which might have been a laugh came from the creature's translator. "They'd hardly notice. Get up, Solo. I've been looking forward to this for a long time. You've embarrased me in front of Jabba with your pious excuses for the last time."
"I think you're right."
Light and noise filled the little corner of the cantina, and when it had faded, all that remained of the unctuous alien was a smoking, slimy spot on the stone floor.

So actually we couldn't really tell who shot first. It was blotted out by the book.

Any questions?
Back in the day... (Almost)
I and my cousin Darth Cold went to a church reunion today. It was their 50th Anniversary, and my mom and his dad were on the choir. But anyways, a guy let us use DC's copy of the OOT Return of the Jedi I gave him for his birthday. He set it up on a giant projector in a room with chairs aligned in theater-form and walls with retro signs. The room also had surround sound. So when we were watching the movie, it actually (almost) felt as if we were back in the theaters in 1983 watching the real thing. A lot of kids came inside to watch it. They mostly came and went, but they all gathered up to watch the Battle of Endor and the ending. They all enjoyed it in the end. And since this was probably their firsthand experience in Star Wars, they probably didn't realize it was the OOT version. Just thought I'd share this story...

P.S.: Also, my mom and his dad both went to see Star Wars back in 1977, Empire in 1980, and Jedi in 1983. So that makes us the offspring of the true generation.
Starting today, I am taking a hiatus from movies, everything but Star Wars. The reason for this is because I have autism and become easily offended. And the fact is, there's just too many movies out there that are offensive to me. And all my bad memories nowadays are coming from movies. So I decided, I need a break. No more movies, for I don't know how long. I'll still watch Star Wars, because it helped me fight a lot of these bad memories, and has only a few parts that offend me. I'll still come here to talk with you guys about Star Wars, but as of today, for an unknown amount of time, I won't be watching any more movies.

However, I still play video games, because as you know, I love games more than movies. You can catch me on Planet Quake discussing my favorite game of all time.

I know I made a thread about this before, but no one answered it and it faded away. But I really mean this, and I need you to feel sympathy for me. Tonight, a bad memory from a very bad movie crippled me so bad I couldn't even function properly. So until further notice, I need to stay as far away from movies as possible. Star Wars is all right, but other than that, movies have offended and upset me one too many times. And don't tell me to get back into them, because I won't.
My Legendary Deed
My 15-year old cousin grew up with the Special Edition of the OT and the Prequels. Now, he is a beloved fan of the OOT. And it's all thanks to me. For his birthday, even though he had all six movies on official DVD, I burned him a copy of my Dark Jedi's Widescreen "FACES" set. When he took them home and watched them that night, his eyes were immediately opened. He realised all the terrific modelwork and puppetry and all the hand-made effort and perfect acting that went into the OOT that was nearly lost in the SE, that he now sees the OT as a much better story, as he doesn't think much of the prequels anymore. His favorite movie used to be Revenge of the Sith. Now it is Return of the Jedi, the Original Version, because even though it was the weakest of the three original movies, he decided it was ultimately better than the tedious acting and the over-the-top CG effects of Sith. And I was the one who got him down this path. Now he is here, on the forums, ready to join the ranks of the true Star Wars fans......
Your first reaction to Hayden is ROTJ
When I first got the 2004 DVDs, I didn't know anything about the hatred towards the SE. I was just glad I finally got the OT on DVD, and actually supported the SE. When I saw the new emperor in ESB, I though "good". I actually thought this was a change made in 1997! And then when I was coming up to the spirit scene, I was thinking "They need to replace that old guy with the new Anakin...". Then the new Anakin appears and I think "Whew! What a relief." Once again, I thought this was a change made in 1997, and thought they used a different young actor for the new Anakin. I actually thought Sebastian Shaw was the kid's name! And then I went online and my eyes were opened. I realised how many people booed Hayden in ROTJ and discovered all the hatred over the SE. So I quickly turned over the leaf and became an OOT fan, which is why I'm now part of this site. I still like the SE and think it ties in the OT better with the prequels like it should be, but I've heard the cry of the original fans, so I need to support them.

Just thought I'd share this story. Now what was your reaction?
Lego Star Wars II
Give us your mini-review of the game.

Personally, I think everyone who loves the OT should give it a shot, because wheras the first game was almost completely about the prequels, this game is fully centered about the OT. True, there's actually stuff from the SE and the prequels in there, but overall, it's nice to see the comedic take on all three films.

Also, note that the game is silent. No one talks except for mumbling and the alien languages. In fact, for Vader to tell Luke he's his father, he pulls out a picture of him and Padme to prove it!

The game's not very hard. Even though you can die in the game, you have unlimited lives! You just lose studs (money to buy extras) when you do die. The only hard part is that it's easy to get stuck in the game's many puzzles, but eventually you'll figure them out.

But the biggest suprise of all is the Ewok celebration at the end of the game. They actually use the Yub Nug song. As much as the game centers around the SE (Hayden Anakin is the ghost BTW), they use an element from the OOT in there. Probably because it was released in conjunction with the OOT on DVD. It even has a preview of it on the disc.

Also, you can create your own characters in the game to use in free play mode. You can even play as prequel characters in the OT! (Provided you have a save file for the first game on your memory card.)

Overall, this is a terrific and challenging game for kids and adults. It's not terribly frustrating and people have a chance to beat it. Everyone can forget about Super Star Wars now. This is the definitive OT game. (That is until Star Wars 2007 the game comes out...)