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Star Wars - Episode IV: The Heir of Skywalker (V2 in development)

You mean in the Alderaan scene?
I changed the “wall” color a little bit. In the first edit I turned Naboo into Alderaan (even in the prequels, and for Alderaan explosion I added a shot of Naboo), but for this V2 I’ll go back to having two different planets.
Nontheless I think I’ll re-add the short shots from the documentary to make the explosion more dramatic. Also, if possible, I’ll take the Alderaan shot from Episode III and work on it to make it look like it’s going to blow up.

EDIT: Anyway as soon as I finish the scene I’ll upload it. Not now, my little dog is probably going to… you know, pass on to a better life.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

EddieDean said:

Welp, that totally puts that whole train of speculation to bed.

To be fair, I suppose we do have to acknowledge that Vader-as-father only came in an early ESB script, and Leia-as-sister only existed as an idea for ROTJ, so Star Wars does kind of have this ‘laying the tracks before the train’ approach.

But still, I don’t think that justifies this lack of oversight and planning for what should have been a cohesive trilogy from the start.

EU media will gradually embed Palpatine-as-grandfather in the canon more solidly, but personally I’ll always prefer Rey Nobody, especially knowing how little it mattered to the production team.


Return of the Jedi (Chronological Saga) - (* Final version released *)

Remember, I’m not English native speaker. It’s always possible that I’m not clear.
I wanted to have a saga that is watchable in episodic order, meaning that the two main plot twists (Darth Vader being Luke’s father and Leia being Luke’s sister) are not stated in Episode III.
In order to make this, we don’t see Palpatine retreiving Anakin on Mustafar. And in Episodes IV and V, noone says that Vader was Obi Wan’s apprentice.

But Return of the Jedi doesn’t require heavy plot changes, because we resolve those two twists in the first act of the movie. So… my ROTJ edit can actually be watched without watching any previous edit. It could work as a single Episode VI edit. That’s all.

Return of the Jedi (Chronological Saga) - (* Final version released *)

Thank you so much for your comment.
About Lando… yeah, I wasn’t sure about all that. But as you surely noticed I also removed Leia and Chewie arriving at the palace, because I wanted to improve pacing in the movie’s first act. My intention is to pass the message that everyone but Luke is already inside the palace: Leia, Chewie, Lando. It’s all part of Luke’s plan. They infiltrated in the palace who knows when.
But I totally get that it might be confusing…