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Return of the Jedi Renewed (released)

Darth Sadifous said:

I just got done watching this edit and overall I am very impressed. Some tweaks in the Jabba’s palace took getting use to, especially the loss of the Chewie and Boushh (Leia) scene and not seeing the demise of the Oola. However, I understand why these cuts were made to streamline the beginning and to make the Han’s rescue less convoluted. I like what you did with Boba Fett; less cartoonish demise, but can still be viewed with the Book of Boba Fett and not break new canon. Also the arrival of the Emperor in the beginning made sense and progresses the plot along nicely. Another thing I liked is keeping a small piece of the musical number from the SE in the palace, without going overboard.

Other choices I enjoyed was eliminating Han’s jealousy towards Luke. The new matte backgrounds in a few places (though to this day I wish someone would remove that dated matte background during Han and Lando’s farewell before the strike team leaves in the shuttle). I enjoyed Leia and Wickett’s mini adventure being cut and a lot of the Ewok’s more childish antics. I do wish some traps had of been left in like the two logs that crush the AT-ST, but overall it worked. I also like some of the effects added in the space battle and the removal of the blue tint of the throne room. Most of the new music worked for me too, which I was cautious about going into the edit. Overall, I believe this may be my go to cut of Return of the Jedi for the next few years until Adywan’s version releases. Amazing jobs; thank you!

PS: Why was Naboo removed at the end? My thought was you only wanted to leave places we saw in the OT, but then Coruscant was left in. Simply curious…

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
If and when I’ll revisit this edit, I think I’ll keep the scene structure and order of this edit, but I’ll remove some music additions (mainly the ROTS music wrongly replacing “A Jedi’s Fury”) and the blue hangar fields.
Regarding the removal of Naboo, I don’t actually remember if it was a music problem (the rhythm gave me some issues) or just because I didn’t want the Gungan yelling)

Return of the Jedi Renewed (released)

I consider it as a “waiting-edit” for Ady’s Revisited. It’s only my personal go-to version of ROTJ until Adywan’s Revisited comes out.
It’s different because it’s less conservatory, I think. It has some Prequels music additions (some ok, some totally out of place and dumbass changes, as I’ve come to realize), some scenes which are restructured and visual changes (mostly color corrections, glowing lightsabers, remade blaster shots, added atmospheres to planets).
It’s far from perfect, but I quite enjoy it.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)


“Hai forzato l’iperguida?”
“Non puoi forzare l’iperguida con il Falcon!”

“I suoi seguaci hanno nascosto qualcosa per anni”
“Un’enorme scorta di Star Destroyer dai tempi del Vecchio Impero”
“Ogni nave è stata modificata con cannoni laser livello corazzata”

“È troppo pericoloso”

“Un Jedi ha bisogno della sua arma”

“Hanno pagato per la tua protezione” (if “your” is singular, otherwise it’s “per la vostra protezione”)
“In più di un modo”

“Che lavoro noioso”
“Ciò di cui abbiamo bisogno è un meccanico, idealmente un’unità R2”

“Sto per andare con Padroncina Rey in una missione molto importante”