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KEEPERS OF THE PEACE (Attack of the Clones edit)

Geonosis comparison.

Always to give a more grounded and OT like style and color…

I previously tried to change the whole color of Geonosis. I’d like to have more diversity on planets, while in AOTC we have at least three planets with warm colors (reds and yellows) being Tatooine, Naboo and Geonosis. But I failed, because to change the reds and yellows on that planet I would have to change also the faces of the characters, which have kind of the same tonalities.
This is the level of color correction that I can reach without affecting characters too much.

KEEPERS OF THE PEACE (Attack of the Clones edit)

Jedi Council Color Correction tests.

I pretty much know what I want the scenes to look like.
Coruscant has to look like Blade Runner’s Los Angeles, Tatooine has to be a little bit desaturated, etc.
With the Jedi Council chamber I’m always uncertain.

Here are a few tests. If you want, tell me which one you prefer.






KEEPERS OF THE PEACE (Attack of the Clones edit)

(Original poster by “lewisdowsett”)


Here’s my second saga edit episode.
Same for “Shadow of the past”, I’m not necessarily here to promote something different. This will simply be my own cut.
AOTC is my least favourite episode. I’m not a PT hater nor an OT fanatic. I quite enjoy both Episodes I and III, and there are some things that I don’t like from the OT, especially from ROTJ.
Anyway, AOTC is too much over the top. Always: with CGI, with acting, with what’s been shown. The soundtrack isn’t that great aswell, IMVHO.

So… to keep it consistent with the first edit, this movie will have, as overall changes:

  1. Complete color correction. I know that the OT isn’t that dark, but the PT is too much colorful. Some scene are desaturated, others are darkened, but some others have brighter colors.
  2. Naboo is Alderaan. This is achieved with the new crawl and by removing any mention of Naboo.
  3. Added music tracks.
  4. Added the Dooku/Padmé scene to remove all the ridiculous Anakin/Padmé action sequence in the droid factory.
  5. Anakin and Obi Wan are not clearly apprentice and master. Obi Wan is a fatherly figure for Anakin, but they must be shown as friends. I will also work on the OT aswell and I will remove any mention of Darth Vader being Obi Wan’s apprentice to keep the plot twist intact.

COMPLETE CHANGELIST (to be completed):

  1. New title. As you can see, this is called “Keepers of the peace”. That’s what Windu says about the Jedi. This title focuses your attention on the Jedi, rather than the war (spoiling the ending). Plus, it shows Jedi’s hypocrisy, because later we actually see the Jedi becoming soldiers.

  2. New crawl. Some things need to be established. Even though I enjoy politics in these movies, the focus should be on the Force and the Jedi. So, as in the first edit, the first paragraph talks about Anakin and Obi Wan both being already Jedi Knights. IMO Anakin’s hair does not have to be necessarily associated with him being a padawan… Later we also mention Alderaan and introduce Dooku as a former Jedi Master and the leader of the Separatists.

  3. Camera pans down. Consistency.

  4. Padmé arrives on Coruscant not during the day, but later. Not really during the night, but around sunset. If she knows that she can be killed, and she switches herself with her handmaiden… why do you arrive on COruscant during the day!?

  5. Trimmed explosion scene, to remove the Young Frankenstein like scene. The handmaiden dies without a word.

  6. Elevator scene: shortened. No Anakin being Padmè’s fanboy. No Jar Jar introducing them to Padmè.

  7. Trimmed dialogue. When Anakin says that she’s grown, she almost interrupts him. Also, less tension between Anakin and Obi Wan. Anakin is arrogant, but Obi Wan just watches him.

  8. Trimmed Padmé’s assassination attempt. No disgusting animal. The bounty hunter shoots at her, and Anakin deflects the sniper’s bolt.

  9. No Obi Wan flying over Coruscant. Too over the top. The whole sequence is over the top. Now we just cut to Anakin and Obi Wan already being on the speeder car. We don’t need to know how they got it.

  10. With a different cut, it looks like Anakin is always knowing where the BH is going, and when he jumps off the car, the BH is just beneath them. Slightly more believable.

  11. Anakin doesn’t lose his lightsaber (to remove the ridiculous Obi Wan reaching it). I reversed the shot of Ani igniting it, so it looks like he turned it off.

  12. The bounty hunter says “Kamino system” before dying. Diner sequence removed.

  13. Trimmed Anakin/Padmé sequence. Shortened, and Anakin doesn’t call Obi Wan “master”.

  14. Before departure, Obi Wan does not give orders to Anakin.

  15. Trimmed sequence aboard the ship between A&P. Less cringe.

  16. The alternate cut (Obi Wan - Anakin&Padme - Obi Wan - Anakin&Padme) is a little bit different, to make each scene somewhat longer. Obi wan arrives on Kamino, talks to the prime minister, and then he walks over the clones.

  17. Anakin and Padme speaking in open field placed before their first kiss scene. Their relationship should be a crescendo. No Anakin playing with those… animals. Stupid. Plus, when they are both on the balcony over the Lago di Garda they don’t really kiss. Padmé turns her head before they can do it. Again, a crescendo. We don’t need it now.

  18. Trimmed sequence at night, when they basically show that they love each other. I could have cut out the whole sequence, but the way it is now… well, it’s not that bad. I removed all the starting lines by Anakin about the agony and the kiss that haunts him (-.-"). They just stare at each other, and then Padmé says that they cannot do it. I had a problem with Anakin standing up. I need to keep this shot, because after a few seconds we see him standing in front of Padmè. I don’t like what he says when he actually stands up, so I had to change his line. I think it works quite well. Not perfect, but still.

  19. Trimmed fight sequence between Obi Wan and Jango. The hanging part is quicker and less improbable. Jango manages to detach the rope while Obi Wan is falling, and Obi Wan jumps just before Jango does that.

  20. There will probably be other moments with new music tracks. During the small space battle over Geonosis I used a track from Rogue One and another from The Last Jedi.

  21. On Tatooine I removed 3PO. I’m not able to work with SFX, so I had to do that simply with a different cut. Still, I managed to keep the presentations.

  22. Removed Techno Union guy speaking.

  23. Trimmed Anakin and Padme inside Lars’ house.

  24. Digitally removed C3PO during the funeral scene.

  25. Trimmed Dooku and Obi Wan’s scene, to redue the clear “eeevilnessss” of Dooku.

  26. I placed the Dooku and Padmé deleted scene just after Anakin and Padmé land on Geonosis. They enter that dark corridor, and when the geonosians appear, I change sequence just before Anakin starts attacking them. At the end the Geonosian leader simply says “Take them to the arena”. No droid factory.

  27. Senate sequence. No Jar Jar proposing to give Palpatine more powers. When Windu enters, we already hear senators cheering for Palpatine. Plus, I added the Rebel briefing music from ROTJ, to hint that the Republic and Palpatine are the good guys right now, and that the creation of the Clone army is supposed to be seen as a good thing.

  28. Trimmed Anakin and Padmé before entering the arena. Padmé still says that she’s been dying since he returned, and that she loves him (not deeply or truly though). Then Anakin replies that he thought they decided not to fall in love. And stop. No other words. I placed shots of them simply staring at each other, and then kissing. We don’t need many words. I added a music track. I think it makes the scene sooooo much powerful…

  29. Slightly trimmed beasts sequence. Not that much, I just shortened it a little bit.

  30. The battle has not changed much. At this point I still have to decide a couple of things. 1: Change Windu and Dooku’s lightsabers. I tried it, but it doesn’t work that well. I will keep working on it, because I’d like to have Windu with a normal green/blue lightsaber. And also Dooku, so that in the final scene where he meets Palpatine, that’s supposed to be a shock. 2: Move the arrival of Yoda and the Clones just after Windu says “I don’t think so”. It would probably be cooler.

  31. Yoda does not say “Very good, very good” to the Clone. He’s not supposed to be ok with war.

  32. Trimmed final duel. Less talk. And there is no ridiculous Anakin and Dooku playing helicopters. While they are still fighting, Yoda enters. Then, when Dooku cuts Anakin’s arm, Yoda calls him. Dooku turns, he sees Yoda, then he turns back and he uses the Force to crush that column. Yoda saves Anakin and Obi Wan. No lightsaber, but he is still useful.

  33. Trimmed ending. I added the “Your father would have been proud of you” music from Rogue One. Windu asks Obi Wan where Anakin is, and we cut to Alderaan and Anakin/Padmé marrying. That music is so powerful, it both shows that this should be a positive moment, but it’s also dangerous. It’s the turning point in Anakin’s life. I also added the Imperial Suite during the Clone Army presentation.

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

This is, for my taste, the best edit I’ve watched since ESBR.
You cut out everything that I didn’t really enjoy (even though I liked the original movie) and kept/added everything that I liked.
Rose and Finn being removed works pretty well here.
Everything is faster but it doesn’t feel out of place.
I also LOVED how you added the Luke/Leia in space scene.

Bravissimo, man! 😉

SHADOW OF THE PAST (A Phantom Menace edit - RELEASED!)


I definitely moved on Episode II. I will eventually return back to Episode I to make it like the original plan, with Tatooine being put as the first part of the movie.
Anyway… I tried working on the ending, both with color correction and music tracks.
There’s a lot to be done on the CC, but this was just a test.
I quite enjoy the music, though.
password: fanedit

Tell me what you think about it.

SHADOW OF THE PAST (A Phantom Menace edit - RELEASED!)

The edit is basically finished, but I have a pretty old and slow computer, so I have to carefully choose the day to render it and then upload it.
So… I just started working on the second edit, for Episode II.

The title will be: “Keepers of the peace”.
I think it works pretty well. That’s the phrase from Windu. I want these to be focused on the Order, on the Force rather than on politics (which I really enjoy nontheless).
At the same time it shows Jedi’s hypocrisy, because later in the movie we see that Jedi lead armies to war… not really keepers of the peace, right?
Here’s the first crawl test. Again, the first paragraph is always about the Jedi (same in Ep I and as it will be in later episodes).
Plus, the camera pans down and not up.
password: fanedit

SHADOW OF THE PAST (A Phantom Menace edit - RELEASED!)

ROTJ break/2

Again, considering that I plan to make all the six movies, I want to create some continuity, and at least use tracks from different trilogies.
Similar to Anakin on Tatooine in AOTC, I think Duel of Fates works pretty well here. Maybe it needs some adjustments, but still.

Also, another color correction to make Endor less flat and more vibrant.

Endor speeder chase.
password: fanedit

SHADOW OF THE PAST (A Phantom Menace edit - RELEASED!)

ROTJ break.

This edit is almost finished. It became a quite classic edit, with complete color correction, cuts, new music tracks and some changes in characters. But after releasing this I will eventually return to the original plan of placing the Tatooine scene at the beginning (and making Qui Gon be sent there by Dooku to retreive Anakin).

Anyway, considering that I want to make the saga watchable in chronological order, I will edit all the main six movies (maybe I’ll leave ESB, cause Revisited is awesome as it is), so I started playing with some ROTJ scenes. I will add some of them in these days.

Palpatine’s arrival on DSII
password: fanedit

As usual, Color Correction (I hate the blue tone in this movie), and Imperial Suite track added (to be adjusted).