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Return of the Jedi (My saga edit)

4throck said:

I’ll explain better later, but you can check AOTC for good examples of digital zooming and panning 😁

OK here’s a good example of what I’m talking about:

All the zooms and most of the pans on that video are digital. That is, they were added in editing to create dynamic and better framing. You can do the same with Jedi’s mostly static effect shots. Just don’t go crazy with it, zoom only up to 105%, it doesn’t need much.

(if you like the video please subscribe to the channel - it’s mine 😉 and it really needs a boost 😉 )

I will certainly do that.

Return of the Jedi (My saga edit)

Top: Original (telecine’s)
Bottom: Edited

Reduced blue tonality. Changed X Wing engine color. Added lighting.

Star Destroyer’s interior bridge recolored.

SD’s bridge recolored. Added atmosphere and sun-ish light.

Enhanced Ackbar’s skin color and white background.

Same as before. Reduced blue tonality in space and on the Death Star. Enhanced Endor color, added atmosphere and sun.

Less blue, more grey. Enhanced Palpatine’s eyes (more similar to TROS).

Still not sure about this. But for now I like Palpatine’s eyes.

Please, tell me what you think 😉

Return of the Jedi (My saga edit)

Knight of Kalee said:

Love your work so far. I’m looking forward to include this ROTJ edit in my saga marathons.
Do you plan to edit the obvious matte painting backgrounds in some scenes, like when Lando and Han discuss the Falcon at the hangar bay?
Also is there any way to add new ships to the background of some Rebel fleet shots? It would be pretty to see U-Wings, Hammerhead corvettes, Separatist cruisers or The Ghost.

First of all, thank you, I appreciate it.
Second… consider that the software I’m using is Sony Vegas, not After effects. So my possibilities are limited.
I changed the matte painting background at the beginning, replacing Jabba’s palace.
About the hangar bay I cut the shot of Lando going towards the Falcon, but as of today I kept all previous shots the way they are. If someone can find a better background, I can mask Lando and Han and add it to the shot. Problem is that I didn’t find anything online. I’d also like to replace some of the Endor backgrounds, but again, I didn’t find anything usable. Battlefront II shots are nice, but there is no clear image of the shield generator or the landing platform…
Finally, about the Rebel fleet. The only thing I could do would be to add some ships from the green screen youtube videos. I noticed that there is a U-Wing video, and also a Lucrehulk, and Hammerhead… I’ll try to add them somewhere. I didn’t find the Ghost.

Return of the Jedi (My saga edit)

That’s pretty interesting, even though I never disliked that scene the way it is originally shown.
I kinda like the fact that Luke is not a part of the high command, but that he comes and goes whenever he wants. It shows him as a different Jedi from the PT Order.

About the crawl… yeah, it doesn’t sound right. I agree. I wrote “allies” only because the word “friend” was alreay associated to Han. But I’ll change it.

Return of the Jedi (My saga edit)

Crawl ideas?

Here’s my new crawl test.

*The GALACTIC EMPIRE has begun the construction of a new, dreadful space station, even more
powerful than the first Death Star. The Rebel Alliance struggles to survive.

With the support of his allies, Luke Skywalker has returned to TATOOINE, hoping to free his friend
Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba The Hutt

Meanwhile, EMPEROR PALPATINE travels to the Endor system to overlook the construction and master a
new plan to spell certain doom for the Alliance…*

Please, tell me what you think about it and what you’d change.