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Return of the Jedi - Saga edit (released)

Greetings, dellow felegates!
I’ve just started to work again on this edit in order to make it in 1080p and with correct framerate (something I screwed in some older edits).
Many changes will be the same, some will change again, but in general it will have the same feel as the 720p version.

I have some screenshot comparisons of the opening, if anyone’s interested.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Discussions such as this should not be started around here, IMHO. People have different opinions. I have heart problems (and considering the very high number of myocarditis related to vaccines, I should not be vaccinated), and a close (very close) relative of mine got really serious asthma problems BECAUSE of a supposedly safe vaccine years ago.
And I’ll stop here. No intention to start conversation or discussion intended.

Dyad in the Force - "Snokeless" edition (a Sequel Trilogy spinoff: Released!)

Alright… in two days it’ll be my birthday and then finally I’ll leave for some days for vacation on my beloved italian Riviera. I know that nobody cares, and rightfully so, but here are some clips from the edit. Enjoy and stay safe everyone.

Dyad in the Force - "Snokeless" edition (a Sequel Trilogy spinoff: Released!)

As I said when I released my previous ST edit, I wanted to try a similar edit without Snoke.
The reason is pretty obvious: in a single movie you can’t have too many villains, but because of how the story is structured it’s almost impossible to remove Palpatine while delivering a coherent ending to character arcs. So, even though I was not fond of Palpatine’s return, if the purpose of the edit is to make one single movie out of the trilogy I need Palpy more than I need Snoke.

Major changes:

  • color correction for the TROS section of the movie (especially Exegol)
  • a couple music additions
  • no Snoke (Kylo is leader of the First Order from the beginning)
  • no Phasma
  • Hux is just a very secondary villain
  • no Canto Bight
  • no The Force Awakens (except for a flashback to Han’s death and following duel). I know that everything is presented in TFA, but the positive aspect about the sequels is that by not creating a new enemy it’s extremely easy to identify the heroes and the villains.
  • no quest to find Luke, no map
  • Rey is nobody. She learns stuff because of the Dyad.
  • no desert of Pasaana
  • no planet-killing power for the fleet
  • no Kijimi

Full changelist.

  • new crawl, to establish Ben’s fall to the Dark Side, Luke’s exile, the First Order, Leia finding Rey and sending her to Luke for training
  • movie starts with Rey going to Ach-to. Transition from TFA to TLJ (slightly color corrected).
  • when Luke asks where Han is, cut to a sort of flashback (with text turning from aurebesh to English) from the battle of Starkiller Base. We don’t need any explanation. It’s clear that the Resistance is just fighting the FO.
  • no mentions of Snoke, but everything goes pretty much like the original up until the beginning of Rey-Kylo duel. Then cut back to present.
  • Rey and Luke argue. Luke talks with R2 and then agrees to train her.
  • first Dyad connection. Rey and Kylo both see some scenes from their duel (“You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force”). No caretakers (fx from another edit).
  • after the first lesson, cut to the opening of TLJ, with the Resistance escaping from their base. Cut Hux and Poe chatting, and Poe does not challenge Leia. So, he goes back to the ship when Leia orders him. No battle.
  • second Dyad connection (the one under the rain).
  • cut to the Resistance in the middle of space. The FO finds them, and they escape. No battle, no Kylo with his fighter, no Leia being injured, no Holdo. I just needed this to establish that the Resistance is on the run.
  • cut to Rey training and second lesson. Again, no mention of Snoke, and addes “Duel of the fates” from Solo when Luke talks about the events from the Prequels.
  • cut to third Dyad connection (the one during the night) and the cave vision. During the cave vision I removed Rey’s voiceover and added the Rey-Kylo dialogue from Snoke’s throne room (Rey’s parentage revelation). I think it works quite well, especially connected to the following scene (the hands touching). It sounds like Kylo just told her everything in that moment.
  • after Rey leaves, cut to the Resistance shuttles leaving the ship, with short dialogue from that female officer who mentioned Crait.
  • cut to Luke-Yoda scene. Basically it’s the same as the original.
  • cut to battle of Crait (opens in medias res)
  • Rose does not save Finn. He’s shot down by a walker (fx from another edit).
  • battle and duel go on like the original. After the Falcon jumps to hyperspace, cut to a FO star destroyer’s establishing shot, then the elevator shot from TLJ, and then Kylo inside the elevator, smashing his mask (with voices from Luke, Rey, Han).
  • When Kylo orders to prepare his ship, cut to TROS opening, with Kylo finding Palpatine. Again, no mention of Snoke. Added Palpatine’s clone tubes. Trimmed dialogue from Palpy: “Luke Skywalker trained you well”. No hints about Rey’s real identity.
  • Cut to Rey’s training, then Rey speaking with Leia. She does not call Leia “master”, and no BB8 joke (“never underestimate a droid”).
  • cut to the Falcon arriving. No spy subplot.
  • Added Fortnite Palpatine’s message. Trimmed meeting scene to have the characters look like they’re reacting to his message.
  • Rey does not mention Pasaana. The last location Luke went to is Endor.
  • no Ochi’s dagger, no mention of Babu Frik.
  • added ROTS music during duel. I know some people don’t like these kind of additions, but I do. I think it works ok with the pacing.
  • no order by Palpatine to Pryde to destroy Kijimi
  • no mention of Rey being a Palpatine during meeting with Luke
  • no memory restoration for 3PO
  • everything else goes on like my previous edit. No mention of Rey’s parents, no “for my grandchild”, “weak like your parents”, “empress Palpatine”.
  • added Lambda shuttle as Ben’s transport (fx from another edit)
  • the first time we hear about the Dyad is from Palpatine. I think it’s ok, it’s just the explanation for what we’ve seen throughout the movie.
  • added voices when the civilian fleet arrives
  • added jonh’s clip
  • added planet shots (Coruscant, Naboo) and chess scene aboard the Falcon. No Lando-Jannah.
  • Falcon leaving Tatooine as final shot.

I’m satisfied. It’s not perfect, and there’s A LOT going on for a single movie. But movie’s duration is just like an average big-budget movie (around 2:30 hrs).
Establishing Kylo as the main villain and then adding Palpatine makes the movie easier to follow.
The only real two issues I have are: 1) There are a couple scenes that are pretty short. I still needed them, but they start and soon end. 2) Kylo’s scars change a bit from one scene to the other. Not something too distracting, but it’s there.

Of course, I used some other edits for some sfx (the ending, jonh’s clip, the walker firing at Finn on Crait, etc). Kudos and major appreciation for everyone who did them: jonh, poppasketti, Hal, snooker, skenera etc.
The edit will be available in August.