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A little help here...
Back at the official site, in the official SE vs. OT thread, I've been fighting a one man war.
If anybody here who supports the O-OT wants to help, please come and help me in our agrument.

If you aren't a member of, please register and post in this thread and help me (us) out.

If Lucasfilm is looking at our opinions, it'll be at the official site; not here. So please come and help me out at the place where our opinions are most likely to be heard.
(Not that I'm bashing this place at all, you understand.)

(I'm Hal 9000` there, BTW)
Has anyone tried to re edit the SE yet? like the "phantom edit" but with the original trilogy?
If I were to create my own version of changes I like/dislike, (Which I could; it just wouldn't look good) here's what I'd do:


Have it be original up to Mos Eisley. The first shot with the 'scurriers' I would leave in. Then cut to the SE shot, minus the droid wackiness. Then have the original version for the shot that starts the stormtrooper diolauge. Then have the SE far shot, before having the original Canina entrance. Then it will be entireley original version until the Falcon takes off, which will be SE.
The entire inside the Death Star scenes will be SE for just general better Matte Paintings, except for major things like Han's lots-of-stormtroopers-room.
The Death Star space battle would be primarily SE, except for the explosion which would be original.
The Award Ceremony would be SE, just because they aren't cardboard cutouts.


Original version. The whole thing.


Everything would be original up until the new Bantha shot, which would be SE. Then entire ordeal with Jabba's Palace will be original.
Come the end of the film, I would have all the shots of the galaxy-wide celebration, but when It comes back to the Ewoks, they will sing as in the original.

I think I will do this sometime, if I ever want to give Star Wars to a friend.