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TFA: A Gentle Restructure

Seems like a joke to make Han look cool that goes a little too far. They get his character right in the rathtar sequence, as he has to skate by in a tough situation.

The no look shot was one of three or four moments that took me out of the movie during my first viewing. (The others were: the Starkiller firing on Hosnian Prime during act 2 and Finn’s improv as Han nods his head to Rey.)

But yeah, part of the fun is coming up with rationalizations for things. 😉

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

While waiting on one or two things, I’ve gotten a final encode for sync exported, and am modifying subtitles and chapter stops. I may or may not record a commentary track, depending on how I feel. I sat down to this afternoon, and very quickly realized I had not gotten enough sleep to be able to do that!

Here’s the final changelog for V3, aside from changes already present in V2.1:

  • As Finn mans the TIE fighter with Poe, trimmed firing upon fellow stormtroopers so soon after planning to escape. Now, he causes peripheral damage to prevent them from firing at him and takes aim at the command center. (Slightly shifted the placement of the film’s trademark Wilhelm scream in order to retain it.)

  • Removed Kylo Ren identifying Finn’s stormtrooper ID from memory.

  • Removed Rey saving Finn from the rathtars, cutting from Finn’s line, “They look like that,” to Han and Chewie arriving at the door to the Falcon.

  • Removed Finn’s comedic line about almost being killed several times by Chewie while tending to him on the Falcon (Mimicked DigModiFicaTion’s approach).

  • Removed Han shooting a stormtrooper while facing the other way.

  • Throughout the battle at Maz’s castle, applied a slight sunset color correction to harmonize the sunset lighting present before and afterward.

  • When Finn is introduced to Leia, removed mention of the Hosnian system’s destruction, though retained mention that Finn had worked on the base (thanks to FX work by NeverarGreat).

  • Removed Finn’s comedic moment of misunderstanding Han’s head nod while searching for Rey (Mimicked DigModiFicaTion’s approach).

  • Color corrected Ach-to to bring it a little closer to the corresponding scene’s lighting and weather conditions in The Last Jedi.

(I am not planning to remove Chewie walking past Leia at the end, since I kind of like this weird quirk, even if only for its probably accidental mirroring of Leia screwing over Chewie at the end of ANH.)

Wedge Antilles, 'Col Takbright' and Deepfakes

I’d also like to see this. Then again, I’d also like to see any experimentation with Star Wars. Match Harrison Ford in ANH with the actor from Solo, match Hayden in AOTC with footage of a young Sebastian Shaw, match Yoda in TLJ with CGI prequel Yoda, match TLJ flashback/projection Luke with 1994 behind-the-scenes-of-Batman-TAS Mark Hamill, etc., etc…

New Member/new to fan edits - Direction pleased re "Prequels"

Welcome to the forums!

This may help a little. It’s a spreadsheet which clarifies cross-compatibility of various edits based on their content. It’s a little out of date, so some edits of the past few years aren’t included:

And, since you’re new, feel free to search for a more thorough account of the (vetted) Star Wars fan edits out there, new and old.