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‘Heir To The Jedi’ Duology

It’s no secret that I thought TROS was garbage. It’s painfully mediocre and unimaginative. I feel it’s a very poor note on which to end the entire saga. I honestly feel that the story is better served to end with TLJ, thematically if not plot-wise. If that film makes the point that “they blow you up today, you’ll blow them up tomorrow,” having the Emperor “somehow” return with the largest fleet ever and need to be defeated again painfully literally doesn’t help. TROS does nothing to counter the idea that these things ebb and flow, with no true finality. Even Anakin’s voiceover suggests Rey needs to restore the balance as he did, necessarily temporarily. While the story’s themes were closed out in TLJ, TROS can’t even be said to have resolved the lingering plot! The First Order is immediately dwarfed by Palpatine’s “Final Order” apparently developed independently. The whole threat needing to be resolved is dredged up wholesale for this movie.

I digress. As I said, I think a TFA-TLJ duology is greater in total than a TFA-TLJ-TROS trilogy. The only thing that would make that feel weird is the trilogy structure the audience expects. As an absolute minimum, all one would need to do is either do away with the opening crawls (and finding another way to set the story and political landscape up for TFA), or replace their “Episode” labels with something like “DUOLOGY TITLE - Part I - THE FORCE AWAKENS.”

However, I wonder what else could be done. Could bits and pieces of TROS be used anywhere? One idea would be to intercut star destroyers being taken down across the galaxy with Luke’s “I will not be the last Jedi” speech, or otherwise imply the First Order will be taken down by civilians rising up via an ending montage sequence, though still ending on broom boy.

Imagine this as a two-issue comic depicting Luke being sought out from exile and spending himself to reinvigorate hope in the galaxy. It’s not Episode VII or anything, just a story. It would be in keeping with at least TLJ to not even be totally sure it’s legit, but the archetypes would feel right. And it’d get around the problem of “okay but they would have made a trilogy.”

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

RogueLeader said:

They sound about the same to me. As far as shots, what if you put the shot of Hux over “-will rise” instead of during the gap inbetween his two sentences? That may

Or swap the reactions. Have Hux flinch at “the new Jedi will rise”, then use his stoic expression for, “So…” Hux flinching at the idea of the Jedi returning rather than Hux flinching at “So…” It made sense when Snoke stood and shouted “GENERAL!”, but his reaction doesn’t go with anything in this version, besides Snoke just standing up.

Yes, swapping the order of those two half-shots of Hux works a bit better, as you describe. It’s now one shot split in half, with the second half played first.

EDIT: OR… just cut the stoic Hux shot. Have it go like this: 1. Snoke CU - “Jedi will rise” 2. Hux flinches. 3. Snoke stands, “So…”. 4. Snoke CU “Our strategy must now change.”

It might make more sense to go from a wide to a CU without cutting to a reaction shot in the sequence of shots. Might be worth trying.

Just mocked this up, and it doesn’t work. Going from Snoke standing straight to a close up on him does not feel right at all, video and audio-wise.

Llirael Moroth said:

For me what is quite noticable is Snoke’s lips are moving while he’s not saying anything. During Hux “support the resistance” line.

That sounds familiar. I bet it was brought up when we were doing V2 and at that time nothing better could be found. I will look again, though, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (SPOILERS)

I’d think it’d be a lot easier to remove Rey Palpatine and Rey’s Virtuous Parents in one fell swoop.

I really don’t know. Forgive me if I let this thread out of my mind for a while until we’re a little closer to being able to actually do much with it.

And like I said, I anticipate being a glorified figurehead for this, aiming to produce a “well, here you go” version anyone else can run with themselves. My point is: I doubt it’s gonna be me that comes up with any of the good ideas, not the least reason being a super busy home and work like to juggle.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Sent this to a Jewish friend as a joke. A joke, mind you.

“ I saw The Rise of Skywalker again and I think I get it now. Take a story that already has a fluid continuity as works reinterpret prior works, whose story was concluded nicely while leaving room for one to follow in the heroes’ steps. A story of reckoning with evil and religious commentary about prophecies that can be applied liberally. No one character dominates the story and many add their part.

Then, many years later, the story abruptly continues. An overpowered godlike character with no flaws shows up to outdo all prior characters in their areas of talent. This character handles everything effortlessly with no regard for nuance or ambiguity. Featuring unprecedented death and resurrection, this person defeats the beefed up singular bad guy after being anointed by spiritual ancestors and takes retroactive credit for everything back to the beginning. Where there was noble failure now there is painfully literal success such that no one else need try to contribute any longer and just bow down to the unwavering greatness of the new Chosen One.

I get it now.”

The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was

If I did use the ‘mother’ line, which it’s looking like I won’t, I would certainly offer an alternate audio track. Just like for ANH (“I wanted you to have this”) and ESB (“A Jedi Master who instructed me”).

And I will not be using the added Vader screams for that scene. I wish I could burn them from my sensitive audio-memory.