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The Last Jedi: A Spark of Hope

lantern51 said:

I wanted to take a second to say that you to all of you! This has been a great experience and a wonderful community!

I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to post on here. But I need to give a special shout out and much gratitude to ForceGhostRecon! If you haven’t checked out this guys edit yet, please go support him.

ForceGhostRecon did something for me that I really needed to make my edit feel complete. He let me use the Green Lightsaber footage! Seriously, how amazing is that!

I want to send out links to my updated cut. There’s more going on than just the color of the lightsaber that I did. but that alone would have made me want to send you all out links, so keep an eye on your inbox if you have PM’d in the past for a copy of this cut.

I really wanted to make sure I did this open and public to thank ForceGhostRecon because it meant so much to me and I wanted everyone to know what kind of person we have here. I refuse to take credit for someone else’s work. So if you appreciate my cut and feel that Green just makes it better, then you have him to thank.

Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad to be able to help and I’d actually love to check out your final version of the cut

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

ziggyonice said:

So I know most of this is already done, but I’m just going to throw things out there as I think of them.

I just saw this video by another editor where he put the voice of Obi-Wan in Luke’s death scene. Kind of an interesting choice:

Check out my ‘Last of the Jedi’ edit… right before Luke fades away, we cut to Rey and hear him tell her ‘this is your fight now’… then he fades away. It works amazingly. The audio is edited together seamlessly from lines taken from the Episode 9 trailer

Last of the Jedi (Purist version of the Clean Cut)

StarkillerAG said:

If you’re reinserting Luke’s death, then you should probably reinsert Rey’s “Luke is gone” dialogue to match.

I thought about it, but have you watched it yet? In this version, Luke tells her ‘it’s your fight now’ through the force before he fades away… so she actually didn’t FEEL it in this version, he actually TOLD her… so I kept the line out. Check it out - i think it works well.

Last of the Jedi (Purist version of the Clean Cut)

Valheru_84 said:

Just quickly played the start and end of this purist version so as to checkout the new additions from your clean cut. I like the new title and additions to the crawl but upon initial first viewing of the new edits I think a number of tweaks need to be made to improve the overall affect and effectiveness of a few scenes:

1 - I feel the sound of going into hyperspace starts too soon, such that it overrides the normal music shift you’re used to hearing in all SW movies as it nearly goes quiet before the camera begins panning down (with some flutes playing) to a planet / the start of the story. Maybe you could leave the crawl visible for another 2-3 seconds as it heads away from us before it fades away so that you’re not left staring at a blank star field for too long just waiting for the music to run it’s natural course before beginning the movie proper? I think it would also make the fade in to the music playing during the hyperspace intro much more seamless whereas currently it seems a bit sudden.

2 - I think saber handing back scene feels a bit off. For instance, it feels odd to see Rey suddenly standing so far away after seeing her step backwards in the close up and to then walk those 3-4 meters back to Luke again to take it from him with no noticeable reason to do so. I think it’s a bit obvious that a number of shots have been reused in a reversed state, so I think in this case maybe less is more in achieving the effect you’re going for. For example, in Ivan Ortega’s fix for this scene ( I think he goes straight to showing Luke already holding the saber and then he seems to hold it outwards for a bit, indicating to Rey to take it which she then steps up and takes it before he storms past. I haven’t rewatched the entire video but I think this is more or less what he does.

I’m not suggesting to just copy Ivan as I think it is important to see Luke taking and staring at the saber for some time while he holds it as this gives the audience time to think as well on what thoughts and emotions must be going through Luke’s mind. Whether you could just remove the section where we see Rey standing well back, instead only seeing her stepping back a bit and then watching Luke’s reaction where Rey isn’t visible at all and then showing him hold the saber out to which we then see Rey step back up to take it? I know this will affect the timing of the music a bit but I think we are also missing a scene where we see her take the saber out of her bag and maybe this could be added back in to pad it back out to help with the timing? It does also feel odd after watching her walk the whole way there only holding her staff that she’s just suddenly holding it.

3 - The transition afterwards to the Resistance is nice but I feel it would be good to transition to showing their capital ship in orbit first before the camera begins to dive down through the fleeing transport ships. It feels a bit too sudden currently and seeing their capital ship instantly identifies who we’re about to see and what is happening (ie. the Resistance evacuating).

4 - The ending I feel needs the slow zoom out wide shot of everyone standing in the Millenium Falcon cut, instead having the close up of Leia and Rey lead straight into the hyperspace shot and the end music. Everyone in the wide shot just looks far too calm and relaxed chatting away with some even appearing happy after everything that just happened, like they’re at some kid’s birthday party instead of nearly just losing everything. It just feels so tonally off, whereas up to that point it was feeling a little sombre as it should be (though it should really feel a lot darker again), with Leia inserting the necessary touch of light to not have it feel completely hopeless (though her line “we have every we need” is again a bit tonally off and positivity overkill for the situation).

I hope to give your clean cut and this version a proper viewing sometime soon so I can provide some overall feedback but for now I just wanted to get those first impressions in and see what you and others thought.

Thanks for the feedback! I actually tweaked the intro a bit for the next version to smooth the crawl-to-hyperspace transition and added another clip with a falcon hyperspace flyby. Let’s see how it’s received now that i’ve spent a little more time on it.

I cut the capital ship flyby because it makes the establishing shot too long - it doesn’t feel natural. The transports flying by was dynamic and flowed better as a transition. It was enough for me to show they are escaping quickly.

As for Luke and Rey on the mountaintop… this is a really tough one. I’ve played with all available footage in so many different ways and there’s only so much that can be done here. I like Ivan’s approach, but even so, there is a clip after the hand-off, where Rey should be holding the saber and she clearly isn’t. The step back and step forward on Rey’s part is just necessary because when Luke is first holding the saber staring at Rey, she isn’t within 4-5 feet of him, so there is no way to keep her near him… the whole mountaintop scene is a shitshow imo, which is why i cut the whole thing in the clean cut. For the purists, I really tried my best to polish this turd…

As for the ending, this is just how i prefer it - no plans on tweaking this further

Last of the Jedi (Purist version of the Clean Cut)


Ok, so I have a new edit called Last of the Jedi, which is basically the same as my “Clean Cut” but with a few changes tailored to the purist crowd, who prefer absolute saga continuity. The following changes*:

Change list:

*NEW - New Crawl for "Last of the Jedi" title and slightly altered text
*NEW - Starfield after credits goes into hyperspace and we see the Falcon en route to Ahch-to
*NEW - Luke's mountaintop scene reinstated
*NEW - Luke hands the saber back to Rey and walks away
*NEW - Transition to rebel cruisers escaping and new sfx
-Cut Rebel girl’s “oh no” in opening scene
-Cut Poe ‘prank call’ with Hux at the beginning
-Cut Snoke slamming and dragging Hux
-Trimmed ridiculous exaggerated amount of time it takes rebel bomber girl to catch the detonator
-Cut Finn/Rose side arc altogether
-Added Finn and Poe deleted scene
*NEW - Finn asks where Rey is and then we cut to Rey finding Luke in his hut
-Cut Poe/Holdo “fuel” arc
-Inserted Ryan Glossemeyer’s “Luke saves Leia” scene. I think this was really well done and a powerful scene. Great way to give us more Luke and show how the near0death of his sister showed him how important the Force is - adds depth to his inner conflict 
-Cut DJ and Phasma side stories completely - these characters aren’t in this version of the movie
-Added “Luke mourning Han” deleted scene
-Cut Snoke’s “tied on a string indeed” line… since the choke slam is no longer in this edit
-Added Holdo’s introduction speech but cut tension with Poe - this scene also adds a nice exposition about leia recovering from her space-walk
-Cut Ach-Too caretakers altogether
-Altered Luke and Rey’s dialogue inside the Force tree - no more awkward 'no one is from nowhere" exchange
-Cut Luke/Rey joke bout “reaching out” and slapping on the hand
-Added Luke’s 3rd lesson - Caretakes Village scene - this scene works great to fill is a few blanks for the viewers - mainly the inclusion of Luke’s 3rd lesson, but also adds tension between Rey and Luke right before she storms off and received Kylo’s “force skype” telling her his version of the story… and she kind of believes him because she’s already annoyed with Luke
-Cut Holdo/Leia awkward “may the force be with you” and just let Holdo say it.
-Cut Snoke’s “Tied on a string indeed” comment with Hux (since there is no reference to it prior to this scene)
-Cut Rey force-grabbing Kylo’s saber in the Snoke confrontation, only to have it taken away from her a second later.
-Snoke’s guards now have red lightsabers (courtesy of Immersion VFX)
-Cut Snoke laying on the floor
-Cut Kylo’s “Do you want to know the truth about your parents?” lines (i didn’t like the original dialogue at all)
-Cut Finn trying to crash into the battering ram and Rose saving him
-Cut Finn’s “they hate that ship” in the Crait battle
-Zoom/scale the explosion to crop Rose and Finn out when the battering ram blasts the giant door open
-Luke uses his ROTJ hilt and GREEN lightsaber in duel eith kylo. (courtesy of Immersion VFX)
-Removed broom boy and slave children ending
-Removed Finn/Rose at the end
-Removed Poe/Rey meeting
*NEW - Luke fades away reinstated - before fading away, we hear him tell Rey "This is your fight now"
-Altered Rey’s conversation with Leia to omit “Luke is gone”
-New iris transition to end movie with falcon scene
-Added credits for myself and vfx artist
The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

ChainsawAsh said:

I thought the “purist” version would keep the Rey/Luke opening basically the same (Rey and Chewie already landed and Rey already standing in front of Luke) so it would play with more “standard” versions of TFA’s ending. I didn’t realize you’d be pulling the end of TFA into the beginning of this edit.

It’s just an overlap (like the beginning of Back to the Future 2). I wanted to change the intro of the movie to make it distinctly different from the original, so I thought the starfield going into hyperspace and seeing Rey’s arrival on Ahch-to worked well… you’ll see. (i originally wanted a pan down to Ahch-to but couldn’t make it happen… then this idea came to me!) Hope you enjoy

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

ok, so I’ve created a ‘purist’ version. It is called "Last of the Jedi"for those who are super OCD about saga continuity… 😃

Here are the changes (everything else is the same as the final version of the Clean Cut):


  • New Crawl with slightly changed text ending with “Rey and Chewbacca race to find Master Skywalker…”
    and new “Last fo the Jedi” title
  • After the crawl, we see and ‘hear’ the starfield go into hyperspace and we see the falcon come toward us - with Rey and Chewy - leads into Jedi steps and Luke scene with Luke handing saber back to Rey and walking away


  • As Luke stares at the sunset, we cut to Rey staring out and hear Luke tell her “This is your fight now…”
  • Luke fades away restored

rendering now and then it will be on the Clean Cut website… enjoy! …and leave feedback please!

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

rocknroll41 said:

ForceGhostRecon said:

rocknroll41 said:

one thing just realized is that Rey’s line to Luke at the end of the first lesson (“I didn’t see you. Nothing from you. You’ve closed yourself off from The Force. Of course you have.”) doesn’t really work in this version since we see him using The Force to save Leia just a few scenes earlier.

Also, if Luke could use The Force all the way from the other side of the galaxy to save Leia, wouldn’t he have also done the same thing for other stuff in Force Awakens? Like stopping Starkiller’s laser from hitting The New Republic? Or preventing Kylo from being able to stab Han?

In any case, that continuity error doesn’t bother me too much since the moment itself of Luke saving Leia is still pretty awesome. The minor inconsistency was just something I noticed, is all.

I actually contemplated this when I was editing - and i justify leaving it in by this: In this cut, Luke IS cut off from the Force and has been for a while now. Leia’s almost being killed was the event that forced (pun intended) him to use the Force again. He had no choice… use the Force or let his sister die… and the Luke we all know from the OT is the Luke we saw in this edit save his sister. HOWEVER, he was still struggling after that scene… the next time we see him after he saves Leia is when he sneaks about the falcon to look around… you can tell there is inner turmoil. He tells R2 nothing can change his mind but it comes off as denial… and then R2 proceeds to show him Leia. This made perfect sense to me. R2 was reminding him what JUST happened and showing him the importance of his connection to the Force. The fact that Rey is unaware Luke saved Leia isn’t so far-fetched - she is strong in the Force but she isn’t Luke. 😃

Anyway, I hope that helps to understand where i was coming from with that.

Cool! Yeah, I see where you’re coming from.

Overall, I still think I consider the Fallen Knight version to be my personal “headcanon” version of the movie, since it lines up a little better with the continuity of the ST a little better (TFA ending intact and whatnot), but I enjoy the artistic nuances of your version much more (Luke saving Leia, Caretaker village scene, Holdo speech as a scene transitioner, color regrade, etc.). Something in between Fallen Knight and your version is the “perfect” version of this movie imo.

Either way, good job again on it! Really cool stuff.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to watch and provide feedback - I’m glad you enjoyed it!