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The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

oojason said:

Acbagel said:

The Edit is being released this Thursday on his YouTube channel. I have been following Ivan for a long time and have seen clips of his edit, many of his new scenes are quite good.

Well, some of it is, apparently…

(From the end of his ‘The Re-Edit is Done! Tune in on Thursday’ youtube video:-)

“I mean it’s still not completed… because I still er… need to shoot the fight. But as least, y’know… 90% of it - you’ll have. And later on I’ll release the same Edit - but with the fight. Erm… yeah. That’s it.”

Ummm well the fight was the only major undertaking and main selling-point of this edit. Everything else he’s offering can already be found in other existing edits to be honest (except for the Luke actor’s voiceovers)… anyway, so without the new fight scene, there really is no appeal… only hype. I think a lot of people just aren’t aware there are already good TLJ fixes out there already

A New Hope - Reimagined

BMadden said:

Is there any difference between the 3.0 that is on there now and the 3.0 that was posted a couple days ago?

Seems silly, but yes. When I rebuilt the prologue in HD, the audio levels for the new prologue were a little low (and some sound fx too loud) and it was missing two added sound fx. Nothing major, but this all fixed now and we can put a stamp on it!

I know there have been a lot of re-uploads, but I’ve basically been trying to keep the file updated throughout the process. You’re all probably thinking ‘this guy is gonna replace it again’ … lol but i’m not. This edit is done. Go get it and save it 😃

A New Hope - Reimagined

lantern51 said:

Awesome edit my man! Yours is more thought out than mine was! I think I rushed mine because I have another project I’m excited to do. I’m just going to tell people to watch yours…

Thank so much for the compliment!

3.0 is up on my site - this version is essentially the same cut but I rebuilt the prologue from a better quality source, so the entire edit is 1080 now.

Next step, can anyone burn this to a blu ray for me? pretty please.

A New Hope - Reimagined

StarkillerAG said:

This edit is amazing. It isn’t my go-to version, but I still like it. I only have 2 major problems:

-The new Falcon “manuever” clips completely butcher the music. You need to somehow extend the shot of the Falcon approaching the Star Destroyers, and remove the added shot right before the jump to light speed.

-You should put the “didn’t we just leave this party” scene in between the two halves of the duel, to remove Ben and Vader suddenly teleporting to a completely different area.


That’s weird you felt the music was butchered because I actually patched the soundtrack so there wouldn’t be any breaks - all i did was add sound fx. I worked and reworked these clips… it was tough but this is what i ended up with as working best.

For the duel, I had to put the break there for pacing… i think we can safely assume they are moving as they are fighting… I dont see it as a completely different area - I think we just feel that way because we’ve seen the complete original of SC.38 and ANH already. Think of this as if you’ve never seen it before and it just feels like they moved as they fought and then a door opened. 😃

A New Hope - Reimagined

benduwan said:

ok,i have take a look in this.
i think the r1 stuff is to much.too much dialog and to much actors.that should be shortend less than 5min.
you can cut this so the transmission don´t will be break (bevor the shield is closed) and the battle is only for defent the escape of the tantive.
the qulity at begin this scene (yavin) is in very bad shape.
in the movie are some jumps like one missing frame.not much.
the escape from tatooine is great but i don´t like your maneuver agains the star destroyer.
why he should fly behind them and then come back in front?
why he don´t go directly in hyperspace and take the risk to shot down?not logical for a smuggler…
so far,you do a good´re a talented should try to restore the deletet scenes…😃
thanks for the link.

Thanks for your feeedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m not sure why you think the Yavin scenes look like they’re in “bad shape” but the entire prologue is from the same source, so quality is consistent throughout the prologue. I am, however, actually rebuilding the prologue from a better source to get better resolution (this source was upscaled 720 - I’m rebuilding with a 1080 source now - coming soon).

Sorry you didn’t like the Falcon maneuver - I much prefer it over the original, where our favorite smuggler flies directly in front of the Star Destroyer and let’s it shoot at him immediately following his “i know a few maneuvers” whomp whomp

thanks for the feedback and compliments!

A New Hope - Reimagined

benduwan said:

ForceGhostRecon said:

ok, so there is a 2.0 for anyone interested. For those who already downloaded, please download a new updated copy. I rearranged the Falcon ‘maneuver’ clips (there are 3 short clips and the new order works better - more dynamic) and added a new shot of the Falcon escaping the Star Destroyer right before the hyperspace jump.

so many uploads in a short time…
maybe you should take more time for your edit to change some things.
i don´t be lucky for download one movie 3 times for a small change.
no offense at your work,but take more time for discusion and planing.upload more short clips for comments.
i´m afraid this would´n be the final version.
but thanks for your link.
will watch this soon and give feedback.
again,no offense and i will not be rude.only my pov.

lol I’m a bit of a perfectionist (and I move fast, which isn’t the best combo), so when I go back and watch, I’m always looking for ways to improve. In this case, I saw another last minute opportunity for improvement. I don’t think there will be any more changes on this one unless somebody spots a mistake I didn’t see. Of course, I don’t force anyone to download or re-download my edits, so there is no pressure. I created the site to make it easier for people to stay updated, so hopefully nobody feels inconvenienced by my process… I do this for the community, so bottom line, I hope you guys enjoy


A New Hope - Reimagined

NeverarGreat said:

I’ve watched the previous version of this edit, and although there’s a lot to like I don’t think the Scarif scenes work very well as a high-octane ‘prologue’ to the film. I think the problem comes down to the sequence being too long to avoid getting bogged down in a battle on multiple fronts.

So my suggestions:

Keep the ‘A Long Time Ago’ text before the Scarif scene, but lose the Solo-esque text. All the description we need comes in the crawl.

Keep the battle focused on only the ships above the shield - it would be simple to just cut the ships that got through and imply that the shield closed successfully before anything got through. It would also help to edit this footage for legibility, for example showing the massive TIE assault then immediately cut to Red 5 being overwhelmed, and showing the ships taking out the Star Destroyer’s shields and then cutting to the Y-wings knocking out its power.

For the end of the Scarif sequence, it feels strange to simply cut from the ship going to hyperspace to the opening crawl, since it implies that they made a clean getaway. There’s no ‘hook’ to draw the audience into asking what happens next. It also makes the Empire seem weak for getting completely bested in this battle. For this I think the way to end it is to keep Vader’s assault on the Rebel fleet as well as his boarding of the flagship. This way we introduce the plans as a physical item and hint at what they contain (due to the outline of the Death Star - I think it’s a mistake to show the real Death Star this early anyway). End the scene on the shot of Vader watching the fleeing Tantive IV, since even though it’s somewhat of a continuity issue with the next scene it establishes that Vader is personally hunting this ship. In fact, if you wanted to avoid this issue it would be simple to cut some of Leia’s expository bluffing and have Vader cut to the chase:
‘Darth Vader. Only you could be so bold. The Imperial Senate will not sit still for this.’
‘Don’t act so surprised your highness, you weren’t on any mercy mission this time.’
‘I’m a member of the Imperial Senate…’
‘You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. Take her away!’

Leia’s strategy should merely be to to use her influence as a senator to dissuade Vader since she knows a bluff is useless.

I think moving the Vader lightsaber action back to the prologue amps up the suspense when the ship is boarded in the next scene, and it’s a bit of a rug pull when Vader holds back and lets his troops do the work.

Anyway, just my 2 (or 20) cents.

Thanks for the feedback! always appreciated!

So my reasoning for working Vader into the intro of ANH has a few tiers. First, the ‘attach the end of RO with the beginning of ANH’ edits have been done to DEATH. and are all pretty much the same. I wanted to do something different in original with my edit - more of an interweaving approach rather than glue them together. I also did not want to introduce Vader in the prologue. Him letting the Rebels get away didn’t work for me. In this edit, yes, they close the door on him… and he comes in another door and chokes out their commander. 😃 The prologue is meant just to show the battle and the rebels acquiring the plans. It introduces us to the conflict in the galaxy… no main characters… just Rebels vs. the Empire. It ends with a Rebel victory…which is perfect (IMO) leading into the ANH crawl. It’s not meant to be a cliffhanger… just an introduction.

I also did not want to include the plans as a hard copy the Rebels play Hot Potato with… in this edit, it was a transmission as we hear Radus say (and Vader later) - we can assume Leia then put it onto a hard copy ‘disc’ in order to store in the droids. Hope this clears up my intent! and i hope you enjoyed it!

A New Hope - Reimagined

BMadden said:

I love what I’ve seen so far. My only suggestion would be an 8gb version like you did with Last Jedi for better video quality.

The link will be back up tomorrow - I’m really happy with the final cut - can’t wait for you guys to check it out. For the final, I have a 3+GB version and I also have a 12GB version. The problem with the 12GB version is how to host it… my google drive doesn’t have the space. I’ll try to figure something out to get the larger version out there to you guys.

A New Hope - Reimagined

guys. I suck…lol i’m notorious for saying it’s final and then adding changes. As of like 2 minutes ago, I’ve posted a newer version (yes, it’s actually labeled ‘final’). I added a few new fx shots to the Death Star battle this afternoon, so if you downloaded earlier today, download again and save this one 😃 you won’t be sorry!!!

Please check it out and leave feedback!!

and thanks Buzz! that’s awesome… i’m glad you enjoyed it!!