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A New Hope intro with integrated Rogue One Vader Scene

DigMod said:

The difference in filming style and the sound design don’t really allow for something like this. The shots in ANH are wide and long, RO is tight and short. Interesting take though, and unique among what I’ve seen.

I agree the filming-style differences were a bit hard to work with in this project and make it successfully mesh - and I actually rebuilt a lot of the audio, I appreciate the feedback!

A New Hope intro with integrated Rogue One Vader Scene

I put this together as a little experiment to see if it could work. The idea was to pretend (obviously) that the Vader scene didn’t happen at the end of Rogue One, but rather Vader was the first onto the Tantive after the ship was taken into custody.

So it goes:
-ANH intro
-Star Destroyer blast hits the Tantive
-We see rebels inside the Tantive running from explosion inside
-A rebel shuts down their main reactor (insert exposition by our fav droids)
-this causes the door to get stuck as the ship is being taken up into the star destroyer
-the rebels hear an explosion
-Vader carnage
-Rebel hits button to close the door
-the rebels prepare for second wave (stormtroopers and Vader again all ANH)

I’ve seen so many RO ending/ANH beginning mash-ups online, and they are all pretty similar, so I really just wanted to try something new. Let me know what you guys think!

“vintage” version

A New Hope: Reimagined - Simple Fanedit

DigMod said:

What did you use for the “upgrade”?

For the duel, I used the scene38 trailer footage. Only a few short clips have been released but that’s all I really wanted for my edit - in my opinion, the few short bursts makes sense considering aged Obiwan and Vader’s suit limitations - it also doesn’t take us too far away from the feel of the original. I think it flowed really well.

For the Death Star explosion, I repurposed some footage of Krypton exploding and added the sound effect.

For the TIE attack, I had a short CGI clip saved from a while ago that I had used in my EP3 edit (I can’t remember where I got it) and it fit perfectly for this. I actually like Adywan’s treatment better, but the quality didn’t match up for this edit.

And the overall edit was a regraded edit of ANH I had saved a while ago… it’s always been my favorite color graded version visually, but i felt like it needed a few ‘upgrades.’

This is basically to hold me over until ANH:R. 😃

A New Hope: Reimagined - Simple Fanedit

I have a very simple fanedit I made for myself but I’d like to share with anyone who is interested.

  • Regraded entire movie
  • Original Cantina characters
  • No Jabba scene
  • Blue (correct) training saber
  • Upgraded Obi-wan/Vader duel using reimagined scene38 footage - this came out GREAT!
  • Upgraded TIE attack during attack on death star
  • Upgraded Death Star explosion

PW: upgrade

the re-edited duel:

the re-edited TIE attack:

the re-edited Death star explosion:

PM if interested in the file.

The Last Jedi edit - The Fallen Knight

I just read about a new fanedit of The Last Jedi on Reddit by a user named “ClarkZuckerberg” - Does anyone have a download link to this edit? It sounds really good.

Just to give everyone a glimpse of the change list:

  • Cut Poe joking with Hux at the beginning
  • Cut Finn/Rose side arc altogether including Maz as it served no purpose and was just fat.
  • Rose thus turns into just another Resistance member like Connix.
  • Cut Poe/Holdo “fuel” arc as it also served no purpose and felt wasteful in it’s time. This includes cutting Leia being blown into space and subsequent “Carrie Poppins” scene. Thus the last we see of the Resistance until evacuating the small ships and Holdo sacrificing herself, is after Kylo decides NOT to shot and neither do the tie fighters (in this version) 😉 This leaves Finn/Rose with the resistance for the whole movie without leaving any continuity errors. Holdo role significantly changes from admiral to close friend of Leia who sacrifices herself for the Resistance.
  • Cutting Finn/Rose arc thus of course also cut DJ/Phasma. DJ felt out of place and again not necessary, and Phasma was once again a throwaway like in TFA. This cuts the movie down quite a bit and is mostly focused on Rey/Luke and Kylo/Snoke’s story, as it should have been, with a dash of Resistance escaping at the beginning and end for the movie to still make complete sense.
  • Cut Ach-To nuns, and removed Luke saying “what is that?”
  • Cut Luke/Rey joke bout “reaching out” and slapping on the hand
  • Cut Finn meta joking about how the first order “hates that ship” in the Crait battle
  • Cut Holdo/Leia awkward joking about “may the force be with you” and just let Holdo say it.
  • Cut Finn trying to crash into the battering ram and Rose saving him. They are presumed to turn back with the other ships when Poe tells them to as Finn does not argue otherwise. This also removes him dragging Rose back.
  • Had to zoom/scale the explosion to crop Rose and Finn out when the battering ram blasts the giant door open.
  • Removed broom boi ending as it felt like an epilogue which felt out of place for the middle movie of a trilogy, and especially in a Star Wars movie.
  • Added 2 wipes (diagonal and left-to-right) where needed and a custom end “close out” circle to fit the end of the movie

If anyone has a download link, please PM me. 😃

Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story

ysamjo said:

ForceGhostRecon said:

I appreciate all the feedback!

Watched it, overall very good! My detailed feedback:

  • It works surprisingly good to cut the whole of Episode II. It’s easier to be only in two timelines. Have you considered turning the short sequences taken from Phantom Menace to flashbacks?
  • Loved that Darth Maul has some added depth, thanks to the Fanfilm-Footage
  • Focusing on Anakin works for me
  • New Voice-Over when Vader awakes is better than the original
  • In comparison to other 3-to-1 edits, you had Grievous instead of Dooku as the villain. This works, but we loose a (imho) important scene for Anakin’s character development (when he kills Dooku).
  • The political conflict right at the start needs more explanation. Why are they fighting?
  • We don’t see how Yoda escapes the Order 66. At first I thought this was because you didn’t want all scenes where Yoda uses a lightsaber (a position I can relate to). But then you show him fighting Palpatine.

Thanks for the feedback - I understand what you’re saying about Dooku, but to add him back in would’ve meant adding back in too many scenes, which I felt would’ve taken the edit in another direction. General Grievous is reduced to just a General in this story. He’s significant, but not a main villain by any means.

I tried to make the political conflicts as secondary as possible. If you scroll up a comment or 2, you’ll see I had a ‘Clone Wars’ clip I was going to include, but it didn’t quite fit in with the pacing. Ultimately, I left it up to the exposition and remaining scenes to clue the viewer in.

As far as the Yoda scenes. I wanted to avoid showing him using the lightsaber until the duel with Palpatine. This was done intentionally to recreate the surprise element of the original ‘oh shit’ moment from AOTC when we all first saw his use his saber. I never liked the Yoda vs. Dooku duel, so for me, this was a much better moment to unveil yoda’s lightsaber usage.

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback - greatly appreciated! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story

I appreciate all the feedback! A few guys commented they’d like to see a bit more of the actual Clone Wars. This was a deleted scene from my edit. The intent was to give the viewer some insight into the Clone Wars and show the Jedi’s involvement in actual battles. Ultimately, between exposition and a few other scenes, I decided the edit showed enough without this extended scene, but here you go!

Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story

snooker said:

I watched it! I didn’t take notes so I don’t have a specific list of pros and cons, but whatever.

This is the most unique 3-in-1 that I have seen in that it isn’t a 3-in-1. It’s a decent edit of ROTS with 20 minutes of Phantom Menace replacing the opening space battle. There weren’t many stand out edits that I haven’t really seen before minus the Vader dialogue and Star Destroyer, but the goal of the edit was achieved - creating something similar in feel to Rogue One.

It was an enjoyable watch, overall I’d give it a light 7.5/10.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it

Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story

Hal 9000 said:

I don’t usually go for 3-in-1 prequel edits, but this one sounds interesting and pretty slim. Sending a PM now.

I promise this is VERY different from every other 3-in-1. I really tried to streamline it into a (quasi)new cohesive “star wars story” movie - try to watch it as if the prequels never existed and this standalone was all we ever got in terms of Anakin’s past. link sent - hope you enjoy

Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story


Ok, I’ve finally finished this edit. A concise story about the ‘Chosen One’ and his rise and fall to the Dark Side. All material taken from TPM and ROTS (and a small bit from a fanfilm) - one “a star wars story” movie to take the place of the prequels.

**NOT a 3-in-1. It’s a Vader standalone using 20 min of TPM (prologue) and EP3.

It starts with a Prologue - about 20 minutes of young Anakin’s story: Both the Jedi and the Sith sense a vergeance/disturbance in the Force and they are in a race to find the boy.

This is the story I always felt the prequels should’ve been… super simple. You’ll notice the first few scenes are the same things happening on the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force… they both feel it and are compelled to take action. This sets up a much more meaningful confrontation between the Jedi and Darth Maul.

The prologue is about 20 minutes and very fast-paced using the best and most useful parts of TPM imo. The goal was to create Anakin’s origin story in a short time that can be watched and understood by someone who has never seen Star Wars before; and for those who know the films well, it’s a fun quick abridged version of young Anakin’s backstory with a new spin. Oh, and Anakin barely speaks 😃 The lightsaber fight takes up about half of the prologue’s 20 min runtime. The rest of the movie, after the title card, picks up with a heavily edited EP3.

The arrangement:

  • Qui Gon tells the Jedi council he has encountered a vergeance in the Force.
  • They postulate it may be ‘the Chosen One’ and tell him to bring the boy to them.
  • Obi wan warns Qui Gon he senses something… elusive. Qui gon tells him to relax.
  • Palpatine tells Darth Maul there is a disturbance and that Anakin must not become a Jedi.
  • Qui Gon and Obi Wan travel to Tatooine to get the boy from his mother.
  • Darth Maul arrives on Tatooine shortly after and sends out probes to find them.
  • Maul confronts them on their way back and Qui Gon escapes with Anakin.
  • Qui Gon and Obi wan bring Anakin before the council and they test him.
  • The Jedi council concludes he will not be trained and assigns them a mission to accompany the Queen to Naboo.
  • Qui Gon tells Anakin he can’t train him but to shadow him and be mindful.
  • They travel to Naboo as the Queen’s bodyguards where there is a brief skirmish among locals. - While accompanying the Queen, Darth Maul appears and the Jedi confront him.
  • I added Duel of the Fates score to the Obi wan/Maul fight for increased intensity
  • Qui Gon gets killed and tells Obi Wan to train the boy.
  • Obi wan get permission from Yoda to train Anakin.
  • Qui Gon funeral

::Lord Vader title card::

  • Open with Obi-Wan and Anakin arriving on Coruscant after Dooku mission - exposition tells all we need to know about events prior
  • Cut Mace’s line about Grievous being a coward and always running and hiding.
  • Re-cut the “I’m Pregnant” scene
  • Transition directly to the balcony scene.
  • Trimmed balcony scene to remove corniness.
  • Anakin’s nightmare is black - no visuals.
  • Cut Anakin’s avoidance in talking to Padme on the lower balcony, trim dialog overall.
  • Transition to Anakin missing the briefing scene.
  • Transition from Obi-Wan informing Anakin he’s been summoned to Opera scene.
  • Cut out first half of the Opera scene.
  • Modify Palpatine dialog to remove both ‘Darth’ and ‘midichlorians’
  • Transition directly to Anakin talking to Yoda about his dreams of death.
  • Trim out dialog which makes it difficult to believe Yoda can’t see the underlying problem/threat in Anakin.
  • Transition to Palpatine’s office.
  • Trim Anakin’s hesitancy about promotion.
  • Transition to deleted scene of Yoda, Obi-Wan and Mace (slightly trimmed dialog)
  • Transition to Jedi Council informing Anakin he won’t be a Master
  • Tone down Anakins angry reaction
  • Re-cut reaction shots so that Obi-Wan gives Anakin a disapproving glare, and Anakin sees it.
  • Transition from Obi-Wan delivering Anakin’s assignment to Deleted Scene in Bail’s office (trim dialog)
  • Transition to Gunship carrying Yoda, Mace and Obi-Wan (trim dialog about not trusting Anakin)
  • Transition to Grievous/Palpatine sequence. Uncut.
  • Transition to Yoda on Kashyyk and Jedi Council meeting where Anakin reveals location of Grievous
  • Cut Ki-Adi Mundi stating that a Master with more experience is needed.
  • Cut Yoda almost getting hit.
  • Transition to deleted scene in Padme’s apartment. Trim dialog slightly.
  • Transition to Anakin seeing Obi-Wan off - trim dialog.
  • Transition to sounds of Anakin’s 2nd vision - Anakin senses the future - no visuals.
  • Trim dialog between Anakin and Padme about finding a new power to save her.
  • Transition to Obi-Wan departing Cody and his Star Destroyer
  • Transition to Deleted scene of Palpatine’s office and the petition of the 2000
  • Cut dialog about sensing betrayal in Padme
  • Cut to Obi-Wan arriving on Utapau
  • Trim dialog about warriors, now is the time, and is he bringing additional warriors
  • Replace lizard’s squawks with more threatening/less annoying creature-sounds (alla l8wrtr)
  • Cut out squealing Manga-Guard under fallen machinery
  • Re-sequenced dialog between Kenobi and Grievious
  • Cut Grievous taunting Kenobi when he is obviously losing.
  • Cut Obi-Wan’s over-telegraphing his Force-push
  • Cut out droid scream as Grievous runs him over.
  • Replace Lizard audio (alla L8wrtr)
  • Slightly trim dialog between Palpatine and Anakin after Anakin delivers update
  • Tighten Kenobi chasing Grievous, remove lizard audio
  • Cut end of Grievous’ death howl.
  • Slightly trim dialog between Mace and Anakin
  • Speed up Palpatine’s attack on Jedi Masters/trim out silly aspects of Mace/Palpatine fight.
  • Model Palpatine/Mace/Anakin sequence after L8wrtr/Kerr’s version
  • Heavily trim initial dialog between Anakin and Palpatine after Mace is thrown out the window
  • Cut “including your friend Obi-Wan Kenobi”
  • Replace Lizard audio as Kenobi approaches Cody, and is blasted at once Order 66 starts
  • Re-cut and re-score Order 66 - inter-cut Yoda sensing the deaths real-time and cut amount of time it takes Mundi’s and Sacura’s troops to fire on them.
  • Cut padawan’s dialog as Anakin enters the council chamber
  • Cut Bail’s “And so it is…”
  • Trim initial dialog between Padme and Anakin on her balcony.
  • Modify Yoda’s dialog on the Tantive IV
  • Cut R2 popping out of Anakin’s fighter
  • Cut Kenobi/Yoda assault on the Temple Guards
  • Trim Kenobi/Yoda dialog in Temple Hallway
  • Cut Yoda line about Clones in relation to not figuring out the re-calibration
  • Trim dialog between Yoda and Kenobi after watching security hologram
  • Cut Anakin’s line about seeing her ship
  • Trim dialog between Padme and Anakin, more focused, eliminate his hesitancy when he says he can overthrow the Emperor.
  • Add crunching sound as Anakin chokes/crushes Padme’s neck
  • Trim dialog between Kenobi and Anakin
  • Cut and re-sequence initial confrontation between Yoda and Palpatine. No Force-lightening, now throwing Palpatine into a chair, and first half of lightsaber fighting in the office.
  • Cut Anakin and Kenobi fighting on high-wire
  • Completely recut Yoda/Palpatine confrontation
  • Yoda gets up much quicker after being hit by force lightning
  • Yoda/Palpatine Saber duel rearranged
  • Cut Emperor’s reaction time as Yoda hurls a pod back at him
  • Re-cut final Force-lightening stand-off on floating pod. Yoda is overpowered blasted off the pod, falling to the Senate floor while Palpatine remains on the Pod.
  • Cut Anakin ‘lava surfing’ - he leaps right from giant crashing platform to the one Obi wan is on
  • Cut ‘Higher ground’ conclusion, mimic L8wrtr and Corgicar’s quick leap/cut
  • Cut Padme talking to Kenobi in the medical bed of the ship
  • Cut Palpatine and troops looking for Anakin and the order to get a medical capsule
  • Cut Padme’s dying from losing the will to live, she’s just dying.
  • Remove all Padme crying in pain and dialog,
  • THIS IS THE PAY OFF SCENE. Completely recut and rescored ‘Birth of Vader’ scene with new dialogue - Palpatine now says “Anakin… can you hear me?” to which Vader responds “Anakin Skywalker was weak… I destroyed him” (taken from Rebels) - I think this is much more of an emotional moment showing the extent to which Anakin’s mind has really gone off the deep end. Anakin is gone and Darth Vader has completely taken over at this point.
  • Recut and rescored Padme’s funeral - added funeral bells and “across the stars” theme
  • Replace Venator-class Star Destroyer with New VFX shot of TIE fighters and OT Star Destroyers to link up with RO and ANH and infer there were preparations behind the scenes for the Empire… in other words, Palpatine had everything ready for the takeover.
  • Added after-credits scene of young Krennic and Erso on Coruscant… to connect to RO

PM me for a download link.

Preview it here: