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The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

I appreciate all the positive feedback - I’m glad everyone seems to enjoy the cut!!

The gripe about the HD is because it was created and rendered in Camtasia (I’m making the move to Premiere) but the output is wonky in Camtasia - it creates huge unmanageable files, so I actually used handbrake to reduce the file size to make it manageable.

Nonetheless, I’m happy to hear people saying it made the movie more enjoyable to watch!

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

oojason said:

^ loving that artwork mate, and the two new additions to it 😃

Thanks! Part of this whole project was to change the way we see the film overall, which is why I created some of these posters and covers that are completely different from any of the marketing stuff they gave us. People don’t realize how much the marketing and packaging affect the way we view the film, but it’s significant for sure. In this case, I felt the marketing of the movie was terrible - everything was uncharacteristically RED… right down to the “Star Wars” logo. I know Rian Johnson loooooves to ‘subvert expectations’ but there is definitely a such thing as overkill. With my presentation of this version, I want the viewers to forget everything thing they’ve see in the official marketing of this movie and picture these posters and covers as the artwork for the Last Jedi (my cut).


The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

HKseriesDroid said:

HKseriesDroid said:

Cameron Samurai said:

Just viewed V3…yes! the switch from “Where’s Han” to Kylo to Luke again works much better.

I agree, this Is probably the best possible solution. However I feel that the Hux/Snoke conversation needs to be reinstated, because in the throne room in V3 It seems that Snoke Is pleased with Hux for real, losing the psychological game he plays with Kylo. I’m also a fan of Luke disappearing at the end (both for continuity and for his movie arc) but obviously it’s your edit, not mine. I must say, this edit is my favourite for TLJ, good job!!

The Hux/Snoke scene was a tough call and was a hard one to edit smoothly. I ended up using some footage of officers from an earlier scene i had cut, to complete the scene. I really didn’t like original ‘Snoke force-slamming Hux’ and completely demeaning his character. I quite like the way this version of the scene ends with nervous Hux after the rebels escape to hyperspace. I feel it creates some tension/suspense and also some SUBTLE humor with the inference Snoke isn’t going to be happy with Hux and Hux knows it… like 'oh shit." When the throne room scene comes around, you can see Snoke and Hux are finishing up their discussion (when Kylo walks in) and the viewer can assume Hux talked his way out of it by the way he looks at Kylo as he passes him - “tied on a string indeed…”

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

V3 is coming later today. New cuts:

  • Rebel girl’s “oh no” has been cut from the opening rebel escape scene.

  • Hux being slammed and dragged by Snoke has been cut

  • Trimmed excessive unrealistic amount of time ‘bomber girl’ takes to catch the detonator

  • Fixed Luke’s ‘where’s Han’ moment.
    In this version, Snoke is talking to Kylo and scene ends with “you’re just a child in a mask” - transition to scene of Rey barging in on Luke with Chewy… “wait, where’s Han?” line… cut to Kylo in the elevator alone… helmet smash… cut back to Luke…Rey’s “there’s no light left in Kylo Ren” line

anyone interested in this V3, PM me.

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

ifsarbaby said:

Well, I just finished my viewing of the Clean Cut Edition.

First, I want to pay a big kudo’s for the amount of effort and attention to detail in this edit, it is very well done. Second, I want to say that I enjoyed this edit immensely. I’ve given edit’s like this a go in the past, and it is always difficult to balance between cuts and maintainability of a solid story. ForceGhostREcon, you did a great job on this edit.

I will start by saying on record that Ep 8 was a big crap-sandwich that was so nonsensical that I could not suspend my disbelief. I hated it. What this edit has done is made a solid Star Wars movie, with a well thought out plot. I really enjoyed it. This is exactly the kind of edit I would do, and I am happy live vicariously through ForceGhostRecon.

Things I like:

  • Great intro to Rebels, Luke, and all characters.
  • Create cutting of the garbage dialog.
  • Consistent pacing with a focus on the Rey, Kylo, and Luke. It is clear to see how well the movie flows without the unnecessary side plots. The movie is no longer one big slow car chase scene.
  • Tighter final battle sequence.
  • No scenes with Rose in it. It’s so clear after watching this cut how much it distracts from the key elements in the movie.
  • No need to try to explain HOW they are being tracked through Hyperspace, but just dealing with the fact that they are! This worked better than I had wondered about.
  • Awesome ending with Luke, Leia, and Rey

Like others, I did notice a small bit of a jumping to launching escape transports (which we all know from Ep V could just hyperspace away!) and the intro of Holdo. Having said that, it did not take away from the movie, and I understand the tradeoffs made in editing. Clearly Holdo was brave and someone important - we don’t need to spoon-feed the audience backstories and explanations but rather let my imagination fill in the blank and Leia’s expression stand on it’s own. I have seen an edit where they cut out Snoke strangling Hux at the start, and I do think it flows better (even with the reference later on).

I could go on. But I want to end with a big thank you. 9.5/10. Very well done. I will be passing this on.

thanks for the feedback!

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

JustDC said:

*I would probably cut out Snoke dragging Hux to the floor, and end that scene with “Supreme Leader Snoke is making contact”
*There’s an awkward cut from Luke’s “Where’s Han” to the three of them sitting outside. Maybe add a scene in between to get rid of that slightly jarring transition?

Thanks to everyone for the feedback! The 2 instances noted in the quote above are something I’m working on. The transition on the “where’s Han?” scene was a tough one because there isn’t really anything i can place in between given the ordering of this cut - I’m still working on it and agree it would be great to have something to break it up.

The Hux being dragged across the floor scene was another thing i wanted to cut, but the “We’ve got them tied on a string” line is then referred back to by Snoke later on… so there’s a bit of a ripple effect that comes along with editing that scene. I’m still playing with that as well.

Keep the feedback coming - i appreciate it and I’m glad to see people enjoying this cut!

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

BleuAsh said:

I watched this last night and I was really impressed. I got a sense of the movie better and in a strange way I think I see the vision that Rian Johnson was going for. It opened me to some of the themes that were going on, that were always present but this enhanced them and put them better in the foreground. I am impressed with this edit. It is very close to how I might do it, very close. Well done!

The two snippets I might want to remove are really just trims of scenes you already trimmed. The plug a hole and a new leak crops up BB8 scene and then the fonz, hit it with BB8’s head to fix it. Just have him go down and be competent by fixing it right away. The other was the puppy dog eyes of the porg. Maybe, Chewie gets it with the four birds scene and no need to draw that out with multiple shots of the porg puppy dog eyes.

Oh and I thought of two more, overall Hux as a character is saved in this. There were two scenes though that I personally find jarring still in there. The one where Snoke from across the galaxy smashes Hux’s face on the ground. This has got to be humiliating for the leader of all the troops, at least Vader gave his men dignified deaths (and there was not galactic distances at work there). The other one is where Hux repeats the orders of Kylo in the floating shuttle. It is obnoxious. I realize you cut other instances of this and this is the remaining one, but I might be inclined to let that one go too.

This edit, while amazing, does not tackle the two big issues, from a star wars universe angle. The tracking system to track any ship through hyperspace and the hyperspace a ship into another ship. Since there is no canto bite in this, you may be able to edit scenes in such a way where the assumption that the First Order is tracking the cloaked hyper beacon (or whatever finn called it). This would mean that Leia had the bracelet to allow Rey to track back to the resistance fleet and the First Order was also using it to track the resistance fleet. When Chewie hyperspaced, then dropped Rey off in the coffin ship/pod at the First Order fleet, and then hyperspaced away, they did not use the tracking beacon to get there… It is not internally consistent…

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback - PM me if you’d like a link for V2! Glad you enjoyed it!

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

GOAL: To reboot The Last Jedi with existing footage to change the way we see the entire presentation package and make it feel as much like a focused classic Star Wars movie as possible. It’s a very simple Star Wars story - it follows Luke, Rey and Kylo, while the rebels run from the First Order. This version is the ONLY way I watch this movie, and I quite enjoy it like this actually.


This was a personal project but I will share if anyone is interested. I’ve edited The Last Jedi into what I consider a tolerable version, edited down to the basics and void of all cringe. The goal was to shave it down to the basics and make it more “Luke” focused and play out more like an OT style story. I really wanted to change the way we see this movie as drastically as possible while still maintaining continuity (with the exception of Rey’s new first encounter with Luke). I also really disliked the “red everything” marketing campaign, so this new movie poster is meant to change the overall tone.

Lots of changes and tolerable runtime! 😃

Change list:

  • Cut Rebel girl’s “oh no” in opening scene
  • Cut Poe ‘prank call’ with Hux at the beginning
  • Cut Snoke slamming and dragging Hux
  • Trimmed ridiculous exaggerated amount of time it takes rebel bomber girl to catch the detonator
  • Cut Finn/Rose side arc altogether
  • Added Finn and Poe deleted scene
  • Finn asks where Rey is and then we cut to the ending scene for TFA of Rey in hyperspace in the falcon and then her arrival on Ach-too - she then climbs the steps to the huts and knocks on the door of Luke’s hut after he slams the door. (this edit works perfectly with versions of TFA that cut out the ending Luke scene.(in this edit, Luke was never in his Jedi robes peering out over the sea - nor did Rey ever hand him the saber)
  • Chewy breaks in the door and Luke’s “how did you find me?” works perfectly here
  • Made Luke’s "Wait. Where’s Han?"line more dramatic with cut to Kylo smashing helmet and cut back to Rey telling Luke about Kylo Ren
  • Cut Poe/Holdo “fuel” arc
  • Inserted Ryan Glossemeyer’s “Luke saves Leia” scene. I think this was really well done and a powerful scene. Great way to give us more Luke and highlight the fact that he only uses the Force to save people at this point in his life. Luke saves Leia when she’s blasted into space… she comes back to the ship (with Luke’s help) and drops her homing beacon when placed on the strectcher - then cut to Rey’s homing beacon and Rey sleeping… works particularly well.
  • Cut DJ and Phasma side stories completely - these characters aren’t in this version of the movie
  • Added “Luke mourning Han” deleted scene
  • Cut Ach-Too caretakers altogether
  • Altered Luke and Rey’s dialogue inside the Force tree - no more awkward 'no one is from nowhere" exchange
  • Cut Luke/Rey joke bout “reaching out” and slapping on the hand
  • Cut Finn’s “they hate that ship” in the Crait battle
  • Cut Holdo/Leia awkward “may the force be with you” and just let Holdo say it.
  • Cut Snoke laying on the floor
  • Cut Finn trying to crash into the battering ram and Rose saving him
  • Zoom/scale the explosion to crop Rose and Finn out when the battering ram blasts the giant door open
  • Removed broom boy and slave children ending
  • Removed Finn/Rose at the end
  • Removed Poe/Rey meeting
  • Luke doesn’t fade away - he is last seen on his “meditation rock” looking at the sunset and then we see the island from a distance and the sun goes down behind it (interpret it as you wish)
  • Altered Rey’s conversation with Leia to omit “Luke is gone”
  • New iris transition to end movie with falcon scene

Runtime: 1hr 35min


What’s up with these people selling Revisited copies on ebay and other websites acting like they are selling the “custom cover art”?? It’s actually the cover art I designed personally (downloaded from my deviantart page) for the fans to enjoy, NOT for people to be profiting off of… shame shame.

The Destruction of the Jedi Temple

I don’t know how this would fit into an actual edit, but this is something I’ve wanted to edit together for a while now and finally did it. It’s actually like a prologue to the sequel trilogy, using the Jedi Academy clips of Luke and Ben the night Ben destroyed the Academy. I took pieces from the TLJ flashback clips and edited together what I thought were the best parts from each - I rebuilt the scene and added a force vision of Ben/Kylo’s future - musical cues now replace the original Luke voiceover so we can simply observe what happened vs. being told. Also, this makes it clear Ben shot first… like father, like son. 😃

Sorry, the actual post should be called “The Destruction of the Jedi Academy” (I didn’t know how to edit it once it was posted)

Hope you enjoy!
“The Destruction of the Jedi Academy - A Star Wars Short”