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What’s up with these people selling Revisited copies on ebay and other websites acting like they are selling the “custom cover art”?? It’s actually the cover art I designed personally (downloaded from my deviantart page) for the fans to enjoy, NOT for people to be profiting off of… shame shame.

The Destruction of the Jedi Temple

I don’t know how this would fit into an actual edit, but this is something I’ve wanted to edit together for a while now and finally did it. It’s actually like a prologue to the sequel trilogy, using the Jedi Academy clips of Luke and Ben the night Ben destroyed the Academy. I took pieces from the TLJ flashback clips and edited together what I thought were the best parts from each - I rebuilt the scene and added a force vision of Ben/Kylo’s future - musical cues now replace the original Luke voiceover so we can simply observe what happened vs. being told. Also, this makes it clear Ben shot first… like father, like son. 😃

Sorry, the actual post should be called “The Destruction of the Jedi Academy” (I didn’t know how to edit it once it was posted)

Hope you enjoy!
“The Destruction of the Jedi Academy - A Star Wars Short”


The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

NeverarGreat said:

adywan said:


No offense guys, but you were the ones who were insulting him and berating him behind his back, I’ve just gone through this thread after the link was posted on a Star Wars Reddit (SaltierthanCrait) thread, he isn’t forcing anyone to give him money, or pay for the edit, if people want to give him money in appreciation for the work then that is their prerogative.

If he loved doing the work so much he wouldn’t be asking for people to pay him so he can do it full time. He wants to be paid a wage for doing it and pay others in the process. That goes against everything fan editing is about . And the quickest way for Disney to crack down on fan edits and shut them all down. He is profiting from material he doesn’t own the copyright to.


I see the point here but people are more than willing to contribute to the project to see the outcome… people are especially interested in seeing improvements to this shit movie.

Ewoks with blasters

4throck said:

A quick test of Return of the Jedi + Battle for Endor footage (silent).

Ewoks now have some blasters and shoot at Storm Troopers.
The match is not perfect, but it’s better than them throwing sticks and stones 😃

There’s more footage where they use a cannon and a catapult with a grenade.
I’ll try to integrate that into a Walker destruction sequence.

Just seeing what could be done to fix that nonsense ground battle…

soooooo much better!

SOLO: A Star Wars Story: Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS &amp; MAGIC INSIDE **

natedeug said:

Honestly, I would love to see an edit that’s the exact same film, but with higher brightness and contrast. I’m sure this has been mentioned. But other than the lighting, I don’t have any real problems with the movie to speak of.

This is the first thing I did when I got the digital file. PM me for a link.

The Last Jedi (the watchable edit)

Sir Ridley said:

It’s an interesting idea to have Rey find Luke in the hut, I’d like to see how that works. If that can be done seamlessly it would get rid of the controversial saber toss and also make the transition from the TFA scene to the TLJ scene less obvious.

I think it’s a bit odd to have Luke survive, though. How are you going to deal with the continuity to episode IX where he isn’t alive anymore?

I actually only cut the shot of him fading away, so it’s pretty ambiguous. With that said, I did that purposely in case Episode 9 completely blows… in which case, I’ll just consider this the end for me.

The Last Jedi (the watchable edit)

RogueLeader said:

I think it does serve the function of visually showing that Luke has no intention of ever leaving that island.

I understand that’s how people interpret it, but the fact that he’s retreated to the “most un-findable place in the galaxy” does the trick in my opinion. I’m pretty sure if he wanted to leave the island, he’d find a way… even without his x-wing.

The Last Jedi (the watchable edit)

TV’s Frink said:

ForceGhostRecon said:

  • Cut X-wing in the water - makes no sense other than being a cool visual

At the risk of regretting posting in this thread, how does it make no sense?

You should’ve posted how you think it actually makes sense - I’d like to hear it.

In my opinion, it makes no sense. So he flew it to Ahch-to and then leaves it nearby underwater mostly intact, after he re-purposes an s-foil he used for the door to his hut… cool. but not really. In my opinion, superfluous, other than a ‘cool’ callback to the OT.

The Last Jedi (the watchable edit)

I just finished my edit of The Last Jedi. The goal was to cut out everything I felt was terrible… and that was a long list of things. The goal is to remove all the cringe and make it more simple and Star Wars-y.

List of changes:

  • Cut Poe prank call with Hux at the beginning
  • Cut Finn/Rose side arc altogether
  • Added the end of TFA with Rey arriving on Ahch-to - she now climbs the steps and finds the stone huts at the top, where she finds Luke hiding out in his hut. In turn, the edit now links up with TFA edits which cut the original Luke ending. I always thought it was stupid that she just happens to find Luke standing on a cliff in his sunday best for no reason, only to go back to his hut to change into his dark disheveled outfit. Laughable imho. I feel like this works much better, especially considering Luke’s “how did you find me?!” line when chewy breaks the door in.
  • Cut X-wing in the water - makes no sense other than being a cool visual
  • Added fade to black when Luke asks “where’s Han?” - iris opening transition to Rey telling Luke about Kylo and asking for his help
  • Added Finn and Poe deleted scene
  • Cut Poe/Holdo “fuel” arc
  • Kylo and other fighters never blast Leia into space (I’d love to do a v2 and add in Luke saving Leia - i forget the editor’s name but that treatment gave me goosebumps
  • Finn/Rose arc is gone. DJ/Phasma gone
  • Added “Luke mourns Han” deleted scene
  • Cut Ahch-To “nuns”/keepers, and removed Luke saying “what is that?”
  • Edited dialogue between Luke and Rey - removed 'nobody is from nowhere" bit
  • Cut Luke/Rey joke bout “reaching out” and slapping on the hand
  • Cut Finn’s “hates that ship” line in the Crait battle
  • Cut Holdo/Leia cringey exchange “may the force be with you” and just let Holdo say it.
  • Cut Snoke laying on the floor
  • Cut Finn’s suicide mission into canon - now they turn back with everyone else.
  • Removed Finn/Rose at the end
  • Luke doesn’t die
  • Cut out Rey mentioning Luke dying to Leia at the end
  • Removed kids at the end