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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

Harmy said:

Honestly, I’m not surprised he’s seen it - Simon Pegg is a good friend of his and he tweeted about it a couple of years ago. But I’m surprised he’d mention it in an interview.

And for J.J. to also question why the unaltered versions are not officially available too! 😃

Well done, Harmy.

The Star Wars <strong>Fan Films</strong> / Shorts thread

I enjoyed the “Tragedy Of The Chosen One” and would like to see more in the same style, and see how they progress and improve upon their fan films.


The “Star Wars - Origins” full fan film was released today: - 22 minutes, by Star Wars Origins Film.

There is also a good interview with the film maker (writer & director) here as well:

Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem [spoRv]

The Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem (Unrated) [spoRv] BD-25 RELEASED is a good place to start my friend 😃

There is an An Index Thread (and more) for Preservation of Other Properties… thread which list nearly all the projects, and some relevant discussions threads for that category, on this site.

The ‘How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries also has some helpful and useful information too 😃

a thread for <strong>fan-made</strong> Star Wars projects, trinkets, gadgets, gizmos, and endeavours

oojason said:

Colin Furze builds a metal landspeeder that drives…

(the guy has previously built AT-ACTs and TIEs etc - and some truly mad non-Star Wars stuff; bunkers, underground beach huts, bikes that shoot fireworks, rocket launchers, jet swings, homemade hoverbikes, jet powered scooters, remote control trash cans, etc) 😃

Fabricating a Metal Landspeeder that DRIVES’:-

'Together myself and eBay Uk are building our 3rd Star Wars creation, we’ve made a huge AT-ACT Playhouse, a FULL SIZE Tie Silencer and now to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder from the first film, A New Hope.

But out of Metal…This is no easy task.’

This is brilliant, I am very much looking forward to next video where he will drive it 😃

The future of - UPDATE: Please donate!

DominicCobb said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

imp-ardnfi said:

moviefreakedmind said:

Will the recent bans on certain types of conversations be lifted and will certain previously banned users like TV’s Frink be allowed to return?

SilverWook said:

Any donations made should not have conditions or strings attached.

Warbler said:

I assume that now Anchorhead and Silverwook are officially in charge.

silverwheel said:

Viva Silverwook and Anchorhead!

Or: The Admin is dead! Long live the Admins!

Have you looked at normal threads throughout the “old” OriginalTrilogy? They’re littered with “banned” symbols. History tells us that, in a change of power, one of the first things the new administration does is to free the prisoners of the old regime (who were mostly political dissidents, or otherwise “accused” before a “kangaroo court”). Even TV’s Frink, well known as a free-reigning trouble-maker (just look at his post history), also deserves that same clean slate.

Or: Down With Proposition #3,204

The second thing the new administration does is to strike down the myriad of old laws, which were a never-referenced excuse for arbitrary tyranny anyway, and replace them with brief basic principles.

So, I SECOND THE MOVE for amnesty, or jubilee, to remove ALL old banned status from the old OriginalTrilogy, for the new OriginalTrilogy. Regarding donations, there are always strings on donations, both plus AND minus, so that’s a pseudo-argument. Finally, I finish with a reminder, and good luck to us all:

It’s been over a year since the political dissidents in question were banned, and it’s been almost a year since the changing of the guard. If they were ever gonna be allowed back, it would’ve happened by now. Also, the mods have made it adamantly clear that it’s unlikely their bans will ever be lifted, even with Jay no longer calling the shots.

I continue to detest the verdict, and I believe it’s effectively killed Off-Topic, but them’s the breaks.

Frankly, I don’t think they care. Really the only reason this site still exists is the preservation section. They don’t give a shit if the rest of the forum is a ghost town or not.

I have lurked here for years, but only joined up of late, and I must disagree with this claim.

The moderation team have provided the About, Help, Welcome, How To, Site project links, Site Timeline, GL: Unreliable Narrator threads, and Indexes for nearly every forum on the site - with regular updates as well.

They help many users with queries and point them in the right direction - in all forums of the site.

And are firm with people here who look to cause hassle or trouble with others.

In this modern day fandom and internet attitude, the work they do here (it is unpaid, as volunteers, yes?) is no mean feat. And also maintain the the security and integrity of the site given the underground and delicate nature of what happens on here.

They also ‘stepped up’ (this is the correct saying?) when Jay felt it was time to ‘step down’ after many years of service here. They also manage the twitter and donations to keep the site running. I do not think there would be a site without them - so how they not “give a shit if the rest of the forum is a ghost town or not” (outside of the Preservation forum).

Words and actions.

They are people of action. People of words look to knock them down - without merit or reason.

Eight/nine years of effort and dedication from two of the moderation team - and you claim they do not give a shit if the forum becomes a ghost town! Why?


I apologize if my words offend, but this is how I feel when I read your post.

You may know more than me about the history of this place - but I think you are wrong to say that about this website and the moderation team.


13las said:

HelloGreedo is awesome. And I hate to be “that guy”, but I did put out a video on my YT channel that’s more comprehensive on the Disney+ changes.
Check it out if you have a sec:


Though you talk vey very quickly for a non-English person to understand - can there be subtitles / closed captions for your video, please? (It is not so much a problem as the video can be paused but subtitles would be a great addition!)

It is a series of very good videos otherwise - even the Prequel Trilogy video 😃

Have you thought of making your own thread on here to discuss your videos? To discuss how & why you did them - maybe plans for future channel content, etc?

Lego Star Wars The Resistance Rises DVD

Hi Matt1618 😃

I don’t think there are many - or any - Star Wars Lego preservations on here (I am sure somebody will correct me if I am wrong on this!)

Most Lego Star Wars series are available on dvd or blu ray and so have not been preserved.

Because the site rules here says you must own the retail release (physical disc or digital download / stream subscription etc) can you not rip the series from the Disney channel and put them onto a disc yourself?

Or a USB drive etc?

There may be public / private torrent sites that have already done this too?

Edit - would ‘Star Wars Lego’ sites be of assistance for this, to point you in the correct direction, etc?

Good luck my friend.

4K restoration on Star Wars

Rodney-2187 said:

I’d be very interested in some sort of poll or at least seeing what everyone would rate the 4K HDR Disney+ versions. For comparison maybe include a rating for other versions as well?

Do we have polls on here? I have seen older posts where polls have taken place on this site - but I do not know how to create one.

It would be quite fun and helpful to have.

YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars finds

SomethingStarWarsRelated said:

Star Wars R-Rated:

JEDIT: Just finished watching it…I actually found it kind of disappointing.

Yes - I was expecting a little more, if only becuase they appear to be a great set of guys and the previous videos on their channel are usually of a very high quality, insightful and funny too 😃

YouTube/Vimeo/etc. finds for Original Trilogy <strong>making-ofs, documentaries, promos</strong>, etc.

Star Wars A Conversation With The Masters - ESB 30 Years Later’:- - at the mranderson00001 youtube channel. (a 2011 release. 26 mins)


“George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Lawrence Kasdan and John Williams look back at The Empire Strikes Back 30 years later.”


YouTube/Vimeo/etc. finds for Original Trilogy <strong>making-ofs, documentaries, promos</strong>, etc.

Industrial Light & Magic - Traditional Matte Paintings’?:- - at the Thomas Thiemeyer youtube channel. (26 mins)

About (from the video description):-

“Some rare video clips of the matte paintings done for the original Star Wars trilogy and other films. Traditional movie tricks. A topic that still fascinates me. Here I have collected some, sometimes quite rare, video clips for classic matte painting in Star Wars films.”

^ Does anyone know what documentary it is from - or mainly from? I don’t know much about it apart from it is a fascinating watch on how some of the effects were achieved for our beloved films.

Worst Ideas in Star Wars/Good Ideas that went Horribly Wrong

Making changes to the films outside the scope of fixing technical issues or mistakes.

Other changes - grand revisionist ‘visions’ claimed by man in charge of the studio and director of only one film… have tainted them, especially in not making availaible the unaltered theatrical originals…

(I think I may be preaching to the choir? 😃)