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YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars finds

A fascinating video - ‘Behind the Scenes of Star Wars: The Original Trilogy ILM Special Effects Makers’:-

a 1 hour documentary focusing on the people at ILM doing the special effects for the OT movies. Try not to let the length of it put you off, the video flies through the time and leaves you wanting to know more! 😃

The Jolly Death Star Herald (post positive news articles in here)

‘Common cold stopped by experimental approach’:-

'Scientists think they have found a way to stop the common cold and closely related viruses which can cause paralysis.

Instead of trying to attack them directly, the researchers targeted an essential protein inside our cells which the viruses need to replicate.

The approach gave “complete protection” in experiments on mice and human lung cells.

However, the US-based researchers are not ready for trials in people.’

^ there is more in the article 😃

Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

I saw this and thought it may be interesting to some here…

a breakdown of character’s screen time for TFA (I do not know if it accurate or not - I imagine it is) - ‘Star Wars Force Awakens Screen Time’:-

May also be interesting for those who like to see graphs or bars move around the screen with some chilled synth music in the background for five minutes 😉

a <strong>News</strong> thread for all things Technology &amp; Internet related...

YouTube advertises big brands alongside fake cancer cure videos’:-

‘YouTube’s algorithm promotes fake cancer cures in a number of languages and the site runs adverts for major brands and universities next to misleading videos, a BBC investigation has found.’

‘Searching YouTube across 10 languages, the BBC found more than 80 videos containing health misinformation - mainly bogus cancer cures. Ten of the videos found had more than a million views. Many were accompanied by adverts.’

^ more information and other links are within the link.


I will aim to find some more positive news on the subject of the internet and technology next time 😃

All Links Are Dead - Harmy's SW Despecialized Edition v2.7 MKV (Towne32) ULOZ.TO

Jasmer said:

Update: Bluto posted a guide for Usenet here! Thanks!

This is just what I have been looking for! (I am not very technical, though willing to try and learn). Thankyou Bluto for taking the time to put togther such a helpful guide. This site is amazing.

The Big List of Changes to the Star Wars films

I am learing so much from reading through all these links! Thank you so much. It will take me a long time but I am enjoying doing so - from these links from some years ago (a welcome reminder to some of the design layouts and styles on the internet back then too!) to the latest changes in doubleofive’s tremendous thread with more links and content.

Strong Female characters in the Star Wars universe

I was not sure where to put this - I hope it is in the right place? (ish)

‘Celebrating the Women Who Built Modern Fandom, Star Wars Fangirl Docu-Series ‘Looking for Leia’ Previews Episodes to Acclaim’:-

more information on this can be viewed at

I hope it does very well and is well received.