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Most pointless SE change?


It is even shot differently to the other cmaera angles and distances in the film:- - by SparkySywer 😃

^ it is like ‘let us have a close up of Greedo’s mouth so everybody will notice the difference and maybe more likely to pay for Disney+!’ with no thought to how to it affects the scene or story. This is the 5th version for this scene now… Lucas has to be trolling fans - maybe he was annoyed with us fans over the furore with the changes and colour for the 2011 blu rays? (he did this 4K version around 2012?)


As ooj sais elsewhere it is surprising there has not been much information on these new and further changes on the official sites and social media sites.

Last movie seen

BB-Rey said:

Andrei Rublev. It’s truly an incredible film. Words can’t give it the due it deserves.

The 1966 version? (I am not sure if they have remade this - like so many others?)

It is a film I have been meaning to view for a long time, yet have never quite got around to it. I think I really must rectify this as many people say good things about Tarkovsky’s film.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Valheru_84 said:

If the recently updated plot leaks are true then TROS will somehow actually be worse than TLJ, at least insofar as the writing of the story and characters.

Can’t wait for TROS to release to DVD, watch it once out of morbid curiousity and then try to forget the ST altogether for the rest of my life…

I think there is more chance that people who won’t / will not like TROS, and some indeed seem to have made their minds up on IX before seeing it, will be endlessly posting about it everywhere.

Much like they have for TLJ or other new Star Wars films they don’t like.

Closed minds - closed hearts. Fandom seems to be more about hating on things these days, and letting others know endlessly about it. I can’t see many of the ST bashers forgetting about it just becuase the ST are coming to an end. Hate begets hate.

The Scifi Films and Television of 2019

^ I remember the 1980’s version with fond memories, a really good concept let down by the budget and likely weekly grind of making a lot of episodes back-to-back for tv in that era.

It did have some shonky acting at times too 😉


Has anyone here seen or can recommend ‘I Am Mother’?

It looks quite alluring - though I hope it is not in the vain of an expensive Sy-Fy channel ‘movie of the month’ type film…

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

HanDuet said:

Downloads are ONLINE again for Harmy’s Star Wars Trilogy Despecialized Editions!

TUIG updated to v6.0.

This major revision of the guide (and supplemental references) replaced all obsolete content, provides access to to active download sources, and includes many other improvements. Thanks for everyone’s patience; it took a lot of research, conversations, and coordination to make this happen! Enjoy, and please send me a PM with any feedback.

Status updates about TUIG are posted on my Facebook page:

Thanks to SnooPac for significant help making this all work, and to Harmy for his ongoing willingness to provide me quick feedback as I prepare and publish these “official” guide updates.

Wow! 😃

Thankyou very much for this HanDuet, and for all your hard work on TUIG, it is very much appreciated!

The Big List of Changes to the Star Wars films

MonkeyLizard10 said:

mykyta-R4 said:

MonkeyLizard10 said:

In ESB when Han says “Then I’ll see you in hell.” that line used to be “Then I’ll see you in HELLLLL!!!” with the “hell” part really screamed and loud, later on they seemed to mute that down a lot.

Is this true, a fact?

Well at the least it is true that I heard it in theater way back with the “hell” sounding a lot louder. I suppose there is always some chance it could just be that some theaters had speakers that had some sort of spikes that matched his voice and the way he said that and it made it sound more boosted, although that seems far less likely and reasonable of an explanation than that they just dampened it down a bit to not stress a semi-swear word as much or something.

This seems a little anecdotal to be included as a change here? Maybe it is more likely to be an issue with the theater you were viewing the film at, with nobody else apparently having this experience?

My little town cinema struggled with some TLJ scenes - there was pixelation during key scenes with explosions. At the larger cinemas there were no such pixelation problems.

a <strong>News</strong> thread for all things Technology &amp; Internet related...

‘Blizzard bosses reduce gamer’s ban and release prize money’:

It appears too little too late to be of any honest intention from Blizzard, the damage has already been done, to what signifcance, who knows?


Is there a reason why not many people post in here? I thought a tech news thread would be more popular on a sci-fi site like this?