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Do the Star Wars movies contain evidence that Lucas makes it up as he goes?

Haarspalter said:

unamochilla2 said:

deepanddark20 said:

The fact that Lucas decided at the last minute to kill off Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was making Star Wars gives you a window into the way he writes.

 Wasn't that actually Marcia's idea to kill off Ben?

Yes, that was her idea to kill Obi-Wan in order to raise the stakes.

She influenced Lucas in many positive ways. Here's a quote from Hamill:

You can see a huge difference in the films that he [Lucas] does now and the films that he did when he was married. I know for a fact that Marcia Lucas was responsible for convincing him to keep that little 'kiss for luck' before Carrie [Fisher] and I swing across the chasm in the first film: 'Oh, I don't like it, people laugh in the previews,' and she said, 'George, they're laughing because it's so sweet and unexpected'-- and her influence was such that if she wanted to keep it, it was in. When the little mouse robot comes up when Harrison and I are delivering Chewbacca to the prison and he roars at it and it screams, sort of, and runs away, George wanted to cut that and Marcia insisted that he keep it.

 That does not sound like the same man who invented Jar Jar stepping in poop.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

nightstalkerpoet said:

Anyone think there's a chance we'll see a return of Alec Guinness as Obi Wans ghost? Considering they are creating a whole scene of Philip Seymour Hoffman in the last hunger games, I'd imagine it could be quite possible.

It makes more sense for Ewan McGregor to play ghost Kenobi, and I honestly wouldn't mind. Ewan is one of the few things to like about the prequels.

Understanding the Prequels (and the entire SW story)

moviefreakedmind said:

I can't believe there are people out there who still care about figuring out what happened in the prequels

Yep. There's a whole generation of 'em.

A family friend was recently telling me her 8 year-old son is a huge Star Wars fan. (She mentioned he loved Jar Jar - Gulp!) She said he has lots of questions about the movies, and she doesn't know enough to answer them: things like what happens, what it means, motivations, etc.

Being the chief Star Wars nerd in my social circle, I offered to have him over to have a movie marathon with my kids and talk it out. To be honest, I'm glad they haven't taken me up on my offer yet.

Discussion: What was (Or still is) your single favourite Star Wars toy?

SilverWook said:

Some toy collecting magazine hung the name "monkey leia" on that hideous thing. I can only imagine what Carrie must have thought! Leia looks rather mannish.

Maybe Kenner used a reference photo of Princess Vespa's stunt double by mistake?

The whole POTF line was popping steroids, except for the droids. Although a buffed out Threepio and Artoo would have been hilarious.

 Let me reopen the wound for you:

The horror

Inf Wanted: Does a Six track mix with mono changes exist?

hairy_hen said:

Which do people prefer: the 70mm with some things added to it, or the '97 SE mix de-crappified? 

Go with whichever one will be easier for you. Not to doubt your skills, but since this is the mono mix we're talking about here, my expectations for a highly polished result are not that high. I know I will love whatever you put out.

As to which of the changes to include, I say do as many as you can. In general, I'd prefer the dialog changes over the sound effect changes. I would imagine some changes will just be too hard and not worth it (like removing the intercom effect from the pilots during the Death Star attack).

Do you want us to vote on a list of exact changes?

Inf Wanted: Does a Six track mix with mono changes exist?

hairy_hen said:

Because of this, any such thing would have to focus primarily on including sound effects from the mono mix, rather than dialog.

Adywan managed to integrate quite a bit of mono mix dialog into the 5.1 mix for Star Wars Revisited. Some of the things he added are:

  • Alarm on Blockage Runner
  • Aunt Beru's voice
  • "Alright, check that side of the street. It's secure. Move on to the next one."
  • "Blast it Wedge, where are you?"

Now, I'm not an audio expert, but these were pretty seamless to me. Would it be possible to cannibalize Adywan's mix?

And, yes, HH, I am trying to convince you to take this on. :D