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Info Wanted: Special Edition Screenshot Request

Does anyone out there have the French TB or German GKar versions (or maybe even HD recordings themselves) of the Special Editions? I’m looking for two specific screenshots from the Empire Strikes Back.

These are the two images I’m looking for, which are screen captures from the full-screen versions of the 2004 DVDs:
Link to Big Version
Link to Big Version

Unfortunately the colors are over-saturated, and if you open the larger versions you can see the letters are really blurry. I’m hoping the Special Editions are a little clearer.

If you’re curious, I’m working on the font for these screens. And no, it’s not aurebesh.


Idea & Info: the IMAX film 'Special Effects'
I saw "Special Effects" at our local IMAX theater back in 1996 or something like that. The opening sequence from Star Wars was amazingly cool.

IMAX film is square, not rectangular, so I don't think it would work well with any OT restoration projects in the widescreen format. The footage would be great to have though.

The sequence was reframed, with different effects, for the IMAX version. From
"Actually, the special effects sequence during the Star Wars segment of the film was created by Industrial Light & Magic, part of George Lucas' family, especially for the IMAX movie."

Here's a site with some small screenshots from "Special Effects" :

I can't find any bigger images, but I bet they would make great desktop wallpaper.

Edit: Fixed first link.
DVD: Return of the Ewok and Other Little Films (Released)
Originally posted by: Hoichi, the Earless
Well I figured i'd lump this question in here as this thread deals with all obscurities for the most part, but in regards to the Holiday Special I came across this statement lately:

"Along with the TV special,the 1980 CHRISTMAS IN THE STARS-THE STAR WARS CHRISTMAS ALBUM is not to be missed. Put together by Meco(of the Star Wars Disco hit fame) featured R2D2 and Anthony Daniels as 3-CPO and an early career vocal by Jon Bongiovi,it's a hoot on a near equal scale of the TV special("What Do You Get a Wookie for Christmas When He Already Has a Comb?"-priceless). It was originally released on Robert Stigwood's RSO label(of GREASE and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER fame)and was rereleased on CD in the '90s on Rhino(though currently out of print)."

Anyone own or heard about this at all? A rip of this I think would be an awesome bonus to any DVD version of the HS...

I've got this on CD. As others have said, it's pretty damn weird. You'll want to listen to it once, but never again, just like the Holiday Special.
***The "Darth Editous" Episode IV DVD Info and Feedback Thread*** - a partially "de-specialed" DVD
Originally posted by: Darth Editous
I hope you'll be able to get the NTSC version, because you'll have to reencode the video and resample/reencode the audio otherwise, and although it's all digital I'd prefer it if everyone got "same generation" copies.

Darth Editous, did you make this NTSC version you speak of?