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Info: TROS Edit Opinions Poll - RESULTS & ANALYSIS

Goddamn, I hate getting preachy, it’s not fun for anyone. But I know that being a woman or other non straight white cis male, and trying to just enjoy fun things, and having to see oppressive trash like this so frequently must be way more fucking invalidating and frustrating. Just fuck off and let us enjoy thinking about magic laser knights and pew pew spaceships together.

Info: TROS Edit Opinions Poll - RESULTS & ANALYSIS

Hal, your argument’s made in perfectly good faith, so please take this the same. The fact that Imperial/FO troops have historically been primarily male and implicitly (or explicitly only in the EU) prejudiced organisations is valid. Just as a valid opposition to Holdo having purple hair, is that there was an observed soft rule in early SW design that Imperials would use unnatural colours and rebels would use natural ones.

But there’s still a couple of issues. Firstly but least importantly, that it’s not a hard rule that Disney are breaking by having female roles like this, because it hasn’t been made explicit in core media that these organisations have these prejudices. And it’s not like even with an established rule, that a writer couldn’t introduce the change with a throwaway line. (Especially in Star Wars… If Palpatine can “somehow” return, the First Order can “somehow” have included more women in its ranks.)

But mostly, it’s that adherence to canon or implicit soft rules isn’t the motivation of that poster and other similar posters. I’ll need to make generalised assumptions about people now, but it feels very safe to say that quotes like “Kathleen Kennedy mandated…” or “whammen whammen whammen” or “admiral gender studies” indicate that such posters are formally or informally a part of the broader movement which seeks to continue to suppress accurate and equal female representation. Or, to put it more succinctly, it’s not about Star Wars at all, it’s about women.

And this is where we get subjective, but the world needs better female representation. It needs women growing up to believe they are valid, and strong, and deserving of all the opportunities and privileges and securities men have. It needs men to accept, support, and celebrate that. I’m not going to justify that statement because nobody wants a feminist rant right now, but my point here is that, while your argument about canon is valid, the real-world gain of representation is far greater than the minor impact on inexplicit soft canon. So I think that needs to be the determining factor here - it’s certainly why I personally didn’t consider the option for my poll. End of main response.

As an aside, I wish I could credit Disney for this, but again, motivation is key. I believe that Kathleen Kennedy / other writers / Disney are moving towards being progressive, but I believe they’re capitalist first. KK/OW/D may have minor progressive leanings (I believe KK takes genuine pride in representation of diversity), but I believe that the real reason that Disney and other large companies are shifting progressive is because that’s the way the markets are shifting right now. It’s only relatively recently that entertainment media, especially movies, have realised that women can be just as passionate and engaged (and marketable) fans as men, once the representation is there. For example, I love that Forces of Destiny has a strong female focus, because that representation is still the greater good, but I know that behind the scenes for Disney it’s an investment in growing their market share.

I believe this is why there is broad backlash from typical anti-progressive communities too - for those for whom a progressive world is seen as a threat, they see this change in representation and they want to create a backlash, because backlash can hit these companies in their bottom line - they’re speaking in capitalism, because that’s what these companies respond to. This is also why I think it’s likely that Disney would never lean too hard into explicitly showing “the baddies” as particularly prejudiced - because being told “racism is what baddies do”, or “sexism is what baddies do”, or similar, is still something that risks a money-damaging public backlash from the kind of people who oppose this culture shift.

Info: TROS Edit Opinions Poll - RESULTS & ANALYSIS

raphdude said:

Interesting poll! I’m sorry I missed out on it. Just curious, are you considering an option of undoing some of the female first order trooper voices/screams and making them male? I have a feeling Kathleen Kennedy sat there in the editing room and said, “Make that one a whammen, whammen, whammen here, put a whammen there, whammen soldier, whammen soldier, wabbit season, wabbit season!” Whoops!

I did not, and will not, consider asking about whether women should have the roles they have in this movie, or any other Star Wars movie, or for any other subject about which I might make a poll in my life. Decreasing the prominence of roles which represent the breadth and potential of female existence is not something I think is necessary or valid or, frankly, human. Thank you for your interest in the poll, I’m sorry to have missed your input. I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere for help pursuing that idea, and insofar as I can make the request of you, I’d appreciate if you kept such lines of thought out of this thread.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [DRAFT AVAILABLE]

These clips are amazing.

Love the lightsaber discussion on the balcony, though I struggle to comprehend the first line.

Also, the slightly awkward “You’re beautiful because I’m so in love with you” scene could be cut to remove some clumsiness:
Anakin: “You’re so beautiful”
Padme: “So love has blinded you?”
Anakin: [Smiles with the wide, humorous smile and dismissive head shake before he originally says “No, no, it’s because I’m so in love with you”, but instead we just cut to-]
Padme: “It’s probably true.”
Anakin: [Gives the chuckle he gives before he originally says “That’s not exactly what I meant”]

This way it’s a genuine moment from Anakin, followed by a flirtatious but affectionate tease from Padme, which Anakin responds to with effectively “well you got me there!”

Info: TROS Edit Opinions Poll - RESULTS & ANALYSIS

Here’s another thought, kind of unrelated to the above. I didn’t ask in my poll about the Leia and Luke training flashback. Traditionally Star Wars hasn’t had flashbacks, only visions, yet if anyone deserves it it’s Leia. But I was thinking of a better home for it - how about when she’s in space in TLJ, passed out, just as her fingers start to twitch?

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)

He’d go into Exile because he’s turned from his dark path, and survived, yet he knows the galaxy can’t forgive him for the terrible things he’s done. And what better place for the exile of a penitent man than the planet where his grandfather was enslaved? And what better place for a Ben to go into exile than a Tattooine, like the man he’s named after?

Info: TROS Edit Opinions Poll - RESULTS & ANALYSIS

Delpheas said:

Having Palpatine have no plan for Rey would be nice because it would show him falling into the same trap the Jedi are guilty of, letting their arrogance and belief in their own power prevent them from seeing what is on the horizon.

Yeah, exactly. The Jedi didn’t see the darkness before them, and Palpatine never saw the light. He had so many plans and contingencies and forethought, he was just waiting on the death of Luke fucking Skywalker. But he couldn’t predict/perceive that thirty years into the future, a new lightside warrior would rise, backed by the Skywalker legacy. (Possibly this also implies, that he also couldn’t predict force ghosts). This particular combination of Rey backed by his great rivals is his Thermal Exhaust Port, the one thing he didn’t account for as a weakness.

Leia dying on Naboo is a great idea, as it allows her to end where her mother started. Make this movie rhyme with the others as much as possible. It is the last after all.

And any version that is meant to include Padme surviving RotS and dying while Leia is a young child, should absolutely consider giving Leia the pendent.

Yeah at first I was much more into Pasaana as Jedha than Ajan Kloss as Naboo, but I’ve really fallen for this now. It’s not only Padme’s home, but Palpatine’s too. And having Leia die here, in the act of redeeming her son, feels super right. I’d love for her to be buried with the pendant that her father made for her mother when he was just a boy.

Ben in exile is a great idea, and one that could probably be executed, but without dialogue between him and Rey where he says something like "I’m staying here. It is my penance.’ It could be quite a head scratcher.

I imagined this one something like:
“Rey who?”
[Rey looks to her right, to see Kylo standing quietly in the distance, watching. Maybe he nods. We take a beat.]
[Leia and Luke’s ghosts appear, one to either side of Kylo. They’ll watch over him, and all three implicitly support Rey too.]
“Rey Skywalker.”
[Back to her new family on the ship, off to other adventures]

Info: TROS Edit Opinions Poll - RESULTS & ANALYSIS

RogueLeader said:

Eddie, since you poured so much time into this, were there certain things you would like to discuss based off the analysis. Honestly we could talk about the Finn/Poe ideas on the main TROS thread.

I’d like people to talk about whatever springs out to them as worthy of discussion, ideally.

For me personally it’s the stuff in bold which I think is new, or particularly interesting. But to pick a couple:

  • Kylo in exile on Tattooine
  • Leia with Padme’s pendant
  • Having Palatine have no plan whatsoever for Rey
Info: TROS Edit Opinions Poll - RESULTS & ANALYSIS

NeverarGreat said:

Is there a way that we can see all of the options for the questions? I ask only because many of the questions look identical due to them being cut off.

Not easily. However I’ve combed through every one of them and called out any which add anything substantial or novel that the higher voted items didn’t include. Essentially you could ignore every image and just read my bullets, and you’d still get 99% of the detail of the results.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

Ebkas said:

EddieDean said:

  • Voiceover is cut from some of her lines on TLJ during her training: “Who am I? Violence. Peace. Cold. Warmth. Death. Life. Dark. Light. I am balance.”
  • Falcon shoots off into hyperspace against the twin suns.

On first glance I misread this as “I am hyperspace”.

“Who am I? Violence. Peace. Cold. Warmth. Death. Life. Dark. Light. I am hyperspace.”

[Rey shoots off into space using the hyperspace effect, leaving the force ghosts and her friends on the Falcon bewildered]

[Cut to credits]

Info: TROS Edit Opinions Poll - RESULTS &amp; ANALYSIS

OK babes, let’s get analytical!

Strap in and stay hydrated, because this is going to be a big one!

Firstly, huge thanks to everyone who participated in the survey! We got way more responses than I expected, so thanks for giving us such a fertile dataset from which to pull analysis. Responses started to plateau in the high 50s about 48 hours in, then it hit the auspicious number of 66 responses, so I knew I had to stop there.

A couple of notes - please read these before commenting

  • Most importantly, this is not a mandate. Just because we collectively produced this, does not mean that any faneditor is obliged to follow the majority rule. While this was a democratic exercise, fanediting (like filmmaking) is not a democracy. Let’s all check our expectations here - none of us are ‘owed’ a ‘community cut’.
  • What this is, is a fun exercise, and an optional resource. It might generate some interesting discussion, interesting ideas, or help guide an editor who chooses to be interested in community consensus.
  • It’s also not a perfect survey. 66 responses is amazing, but it’s still relatively light. I’m sure I missed a couple of questions which would have been good, and I’m sure I missed a couple of options which should have been selectable, and I didn’t ask every question objectively (I do not apologise! ❤️) But for this reason, we mustn’t treat this as gospel.
  • I will, however, for convenience, use language below that implies this is a mandate, just to save myself from having to write “but do whatever you want” after each bit of analysis.
  • I’m going to reorder some of the questions, just to pull together sensible themes.
  • I’ll try to be objective in the analysis, though I might include some subjective opinions in some places. Take these as the beginnings of discussion. I’ll put subjective stuff, and new lines of consideration, in bold.
  • You may disagree with some of my analysis. You’re welcome to call me out! I do apologise!
  • When you reply to this post, PLEASE DON’T QUOTE THIS POST, FOR GOD’S SAKE! If you have to, just refer to questions or section titles or something. You can use two asterisks (**) before and after text to make it bold.

Analysis time!

The core galactic conflict: Palpatine, the First Order, and the huge hidden fleet

enter image description here

  • An overwhelming majority for Palpatine’s return
  • A very strong majority for him being a clone, using the idea of the Palpatine tanks and/or “more than a clone, less than a man” by way of explanation.

enter image description here

  • We also had strong support (68%) for green smoke around the life support system, with the majority of those votes being because it tied in to Nightsister-style resurrection.

enter image description here

  • This one looks like there’s less consensus but we can split out some elements here to find the majority choices.
  • 65% picked a ‘hint at in a previous movie’ answer.
  • 56% picked a ‘keep the reveal early’ answer versus only 24% for ‘move it later’.
  • Which lines up with the largest segment - Hint at it in the previous movies, and reveal it early in this one.

enter image description here

  • Majority for Palpatine being every voice in Kylo’s head
  • BUT by mistake I didn’t include an option specifically not to add a vision or mention this though (sorry, I should have), so we shouldn’t necessarily take this as “don’t include visions which support this”.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming support for keeping the fleet…

enter image description here

  • …and strong support to incorporate the takeover of the First Order remnant…

enter image description here

  • … but also strong support to have the Imperial style fleet not created on Exegol, which means we need to explain that it’s an Imperial remnant/contingency fleet (which honestly would probably work fine in the crawl)…

enter image description here

  • … but the Imperial fleet are overwhelmingly not equipped with Death Star lasers.
  • (As a note, that probably means having the battering ram in TLJ not being ‘miniaturised Death Star tech’)

enter image description here

  • The above results, plus the slight preference to have them manned by First Order/Sith style troopers therefore works.
  • We need to account for the fact that they’re old models manned by modern troopers though - maybe by saving showing them manned - or even active? - until the First Order are incorporated.
  • Though it’d be nice to see a bit more of a hodgepodge, maybe? Cultists also on the bridges, the odd clone voice under armour? The odd old-style Stormtrooper or Imperial uniform?

Galactic conflict summary:

  • Palpatine’s return is hinted at in the previous movies
  • Palpatine survived through clone backups (and implied Nightsister magic)
  • Palpatine’s been behind everything and this is all his plan - he had a backup Imperial fleet (without Death Star lasers), backup clones of himself for his spirit to reinhabit, was in control of Snoke (and implicitly behind the First Order’s rise which he always planned to add to his own forces), and he’s been manipulating Kylo Ren as his agent.
  • So that’s Palpatine’s plan and the threat - the First Order have weakened the Galaxy, and Palpatine’s simply got a huge fleet behind him in a weaker Galaxy when he returns. (Plus, he’s implicitly monstrous and thus threatening because he apparently won’t stay dead.)

The core emotional conflict: Rey’s Identity

enter image description here

  • Strong majority for Rey Nobody.
  • The ‘Why is Rey so powerful?’ results (covered later) also only had 20% of people say her power was to do with her being a Palpatine, so it seems like collectively we’re very happy with the idea that we don’t need her to be a Palpatine in order to be powerful.

enter image description here

  • Huge majority for changing what the movie presented. Ochi did not kill her parents.
  • 51% want to leave her story exactly as TLJ did
  • 40% like the ‘Rey’s anger’ angle, which I think is amazing support for an idea birthed right here on these forums.
  • I’d call those two options close enough that leaving Rey’s parents as deadbeats who left her should be the default attempt. But that if an editor finds they need the additional wrinkle in order to make it work, that ‘Rey’s anger’ would be well supported.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming preference to simplify Palpatine’s plan in terms of what he wants from Rey.
  • Three other sets of responses back this up nicely: (1) We strongly want her not to be a Palpatine. (2) We strongly want her emotional arc to be about finding her belonging as a Skywalker legacy carrier and with her new adopted family (I cover that later). (3) Palpatine’s plan was simply to be back on the scene with a strong fleet at a time the Galaxy is weak.
  • So, do we even need Rey to factor into his plans at all? Seems like it can be as simple as him wanting to kill her since she’s a strong Force user, then when she faces him, opportunistically going for the consume/kill.
  • This would also tie nicely in with him choosing to reveal himself after Luke’s death, believing him to be the last Jedi, and therefore the only real force wielding threat.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming majority to channel other Jedi
  • Overwhelming majority to actually see the ghosts supporting her
  • Very strong majority that it’s Luke, Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-wan.
  • As a note here, I think this also works well with Palpatine not having a plan for Rey. This whole scenario was the one thing he didn’t foresee.

enter image description here

  • Lots of different opinions here.
  • There is a strong majority (62%+) for showing force ghosts on Tattooine.
  • There’s also an over 50% majority for Kylo appearing on Tattooine in some fashion - either as a force ghost (if dead) or in person (if alive).
  • I didn’t have a question for it but we should also account for the relatively new idea of having her new family come with her.

enter image description here

  • No great consensus on the identity she chooses for herself, swinging slightly towards ‘Rey Skywalker’, though a majority think the question should be asked and answered.

enter image description here

  • Her epilogue is definitely Tattooine, but she leaves it on the Falcon flying past twin suns to new adventures.

Rey’s identity summary:

  • Rey is a nobody, whose deadbeat parents sold her for drinking money
  • Preferably they died in poverty as in TLJ, but if we need an extra wrinkle her killing them as they tried to escape is the next most preferred.
  • Palpatine had no plan for her other than ‘kill her’.
  • She defeats Palpatine with the visible support of the ghosts of Luke, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda, which gives us nice closure for the series’ primary jedi, plus allows for Luke and Anakin to be chosen ones/bring balance.
  • She returns to Tattooine to bury Luke’s and Leia’s sabers, and when asked ‘Rey Who?’, she looks and sees Luke and Leia (as currently), but also Kylo Ren (either in ghost form or alive).
  • No great consensus on the question of how she answers ‘Rey Who?’, but taking some of the above answers all together makes ‘Rey Skywalker’ the more viable option, I reckon.
  • I didn’t ask about having her new family come with her, but it feels like there’s good support for them coming with her.
  • She doesn’t stay here - the last scene is her flying off in the Falcon past the twin suns.

The other emotional conflict: Kylo’s journey, Rey/Kylo, and the Dyad

enter image description here

  • This suprised me - overwhelming support for the Dyad concept.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming opposition to Rey being powerful because she’s a Palpatine.
  • Rey’s powerful, in part, because she’s part of the Dyad.
  • I think that, in this case (and the above question), we should lean into the Dyad even more. That should definitely include shared visions/implied power or knowledge transfer/passive skill gain in other movies, too. Maybe we have other characters (if not these two), or even the jedi texts mention or hint at it? I’d certainly like both Kylo Ren and Rey to have a vision of the black/white buddha fountain thing from TLJ, too.

enter image description here

  • We’ve a strong majority for accepting Force healing, with 40% of those who wanted force healing saying it’s a Dyad-only thing or to not include the snake heal (so I’m putting this question here).
  • I was suprised by this, because while there is a precedent for Force healing in the videogames (and now Baby Yoda), there’s very little elsewhere to support it, and you would surely expect that other Jedi, of which there were loads, would heal each other all the time. I find this far easier to justify if the Dyad concept means a shared life force, or something. We could achieve this by just cutting out the snake heal, and adding other imagery (flashes, the black/white buddha thing, etc) to the healing scenes.

enter image description here
enter image description here

  • These last two combine into a slight preference for changing Leia’s death so that it’s about her helping Kylo reject the dark via the Han memory, rather than her distracting him so Rey can stab him.
  • I think this works nicely, because her arc in these movies has largely been the loss of her son to darkness, so it makes it sweet that her final act is to help turn him back, at the cost of her life.

enter image description here

  • Strong support to keep the Knights of Ren…

enter image description here

  • …and overwhelming support for the teleport-a-lightsaber scene.

enter image description here

  • Split board on this one. Very very slim majority for them not kissing.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming support to have Kylo heal Rey.
  • Another split board on Kylo’s survival. Very slim majority (from the other answers) that Kylo survives.

Rey and Kylo Summary

  • Rey and Kylo are drawn to each other because they’re a Dyad in the force, and this is in part why Rey’s naturally powerful
  • Force healing exists, so Rey can heal Kylo after stabbing him (though I didn’t ask if she should).
  • Leia gives her life to enable the memory of Han, so her last act is helping her son reject the dark.
  • They fight the Knights of Ren, including the Teleport-a-lightsaber scene
  • At the end, Kylo heals Rey
  • No consensus on the kiss
  • No consensus on Kylo’s survival
  • …but he should appear on Tattooine - either alive or as a force ghost.
  • These results made me consider that having Kylo survive but go into exile on Tattooine when Rey leaves works very well. This way he’s redeemed, but without being absolved and forgiven of all his crimes. He’s left on the painful planet of his grandfather and uncle, and unlike Rey being left in such a horrid place, it kind of makes sense that he might choose exile there as a form of penance. Bonus: We end up with a Ben in exile on Tattooine, just like ‘Ben’ Kenobi before him.

Planet and Colour Changes

enter image description here

  • No consensus on Exegol, with the majority being ‘get rid of the blue tint’.

enter image description here

  • Majority for leaving Pasaana as it is, followed by support for making it Jedha.

enter image description here

  • Majority for making Ajan Kloss into Naboo, which is cute, as it’s where Leia dies, followed by just leaving it.
  • Holy shit, can we have her die on Naboo with Padme’s wooden pendant that Anakin made in her hands, instead of the medal?! Oh no wait, that was buried with Padme. Then again, in Hal’s edits, Padme survived…

enter image description here

  • Split board on whether the Death Star wreckage has clearly fallen on the forest moon of Endor, even though that’s what it was in orbit of when it exploded, you weirdos.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming support for some Coruscant scenes!
  • Maybe this works up front, in alignment with the recent idea to shift the First Order discussing the hidden fleet up earlier than the Palpatine reveal. This way we open with the First Order on Coruscant, which would implicitly show the balance of power has swung strongly in their favour.

enter image description here

  • Majority vote for blue, though a lot of comments mentioned crackly/broken blue like Kylos, which I wish I put in here as an option.
  • Crackly blue could work well for a few reasons: (1) Payoff of the broken lightsaber in TLJ. (2) Implies she’s a little broken/unsure now, leaning into the darkness she’s been flirting with. (3) It echoes Kylo’s nicely. (4) GREAT visual when the Force teleport happens but we now have Kylo with a crackling blue saber - implying he’s broken (as he was before with the red), but now leaning towards the light! (5) It’s even Anakin’s saber, so it’s like he’s wielding Vader’s original blade like he always wanted, but in a broken form! (6) Better pays off the decision for Rey to rebuild her own saber as gold when she finally accepts her identity and her arc completes.

enter image description here

  • Strong support for keeping Rey’s new lightsaber gold at the end.

enter image description here

  • Split board on blue vs gold lightning. Slight tending towards keeping it blue.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming support to have Leia’s saber purple.

Lesser Plot Stuff

enter image description here

  • Strongest support for keeping Mustafar, with a majority for making that more obvious (e.g. the establishing shots from Rogue One, or real world lava fields)

enter image description here

  • Get rid of the skipping though.

enter image description here

  • Lando stays.
  • I should have asked about his pretty clumsy reentrance during the final battle though, that’s still up in the air.

enter image description here

  • Very strong support for having the existence of stormtrooper jetpacks not be a suprise.

enter image description here

  • Majority here for Finn’s force sensitivity (though that’ll be hard to make work), followed by nothing at all.
  • People really don’t want it to be a love thing, or left as an open mystery box.

enter image description here

  • Tone it down, Finn.

enter image description here

  • Strong support for changing how the dagger works, though uncertainty as to how.
  • Dealer’s choice as to whether it works in a different way versus not being included at all.
  • Personally I’d just go for a vision or something, like the wayfinder room’s door opening, when Rey holds it near the wreckage.

enter image description here

  • Interesting! Most people would rather have C-3PO stay erased.
  • This could add some opportunities for changing how the dagger works, if we give C-3PO a more radical reaction to reading it.

enter image description here

  • Strong support to keep Chewie apparently killed but later revealed to be alive
  • I didn’t ask about delaying the Chewie reveal, which seems to have good support elsewhere on the forums though.

enter image description here

  • Strong support for Poe’s bad boy past.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming support for Babu Frik.
  • Whuh-heyyyy!

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming support for Hux as spy, though split board on whether or not to delay the kill.

enter image description here

  • Overwhelming support (when you ignore my joke option) to have Charlie shut up about lightspeed ramming.
  • This is fine, because in poppasketti’s edit of TLJ we have the computer targeting visual which makes it clear it’s fairly lucky.
  • You all, everybody.

enter image description here

  • Strong support for horses on a Star Destroyer.

enter image description here

  • Majority for finding some alternative for the First Order fleet taking off slowly.
  • How about, they just are taking off slowly? I mean, they’ve been in drydock for 30 years and the First Order troops are only just starting to man them.

enter image description here

  • No consensus on whether or not Palpatine can lightning a fleet

enter image description here

  • We don’t need to know what’s going on between Lando and that girl.

enter image description here

  • Strongest consensus of any question that Chewie can’t just get a medal out of nowhere.
  • Only one guy longs for the heady days of late 90s internet forum debate
  • Only one person took offence to me being a prick about it, so that’s nice.
  • Exact split on leaving it out, versus making it clear Leia had Han’s
  • Though note my idea to have Leia die on Naboo with Padme’s wooden necklace that Anakin made, which is the best idea anyone’s ever had.

Bonus: On Finn’s Story

enter image description here

  • Oh, Finn.
  • Lots of ‘other’ comments discussing mainly his relationship with Jannah and being a part of Stormtrooper rebellion. If only we had any options here.
  • Props to the answer “a good question, for another time.”

Bonus: On Snoke

enter image description here

  • Strong preference to not mention that Palpatine “made Snoke”.
  • This is good, because earlier in the analysis you’ll see strong support for using the tanks for Palpatine bodies, so that’s nice and clean.
  • At least 50% wanted better hinting in the prior movies though.
  • Looks like we’re probably not answering the question of Snoke in this movie.
  • The Palpatine’s return question also had one suggestion that Snoke was a secret apprentice possibly involved in Palpatine’s resurrection.
  • One suggestion was failed Palpatine clones, perhaps with one Snoke in the Palpatine tank?
  • We also had a ‘Have some Snokes attending to Palpatine’s life support’.
  • We also have the suggestion from another thread that we imply his ties to Palpatine via a vision of Snoke (perhaps when Kylo touches the mask) against the Mustafar background, which I personally love.

Should have asked: On what Rey should say before she channels all the Jedi

  • I really should have asked this question. There’s massive support for the channeling of ghosts that we actually see, but that shouldn’t be read as support for “…and I am all the Jedi.” This certainly warrants more discussion.

Should have asked: Does Palpatine consume the Dyad?

  • Pros: New, extra evil power for Palpatine
  • Cons: Possibly unnecessary. I think the above supports ‘he’ll kill rival force users but Rey’s not part of his plan at all’, in which case a fight should do.

I also forgot to ask about

  • A celebration scene at the end
  • Feel free to suggest more in the comments and I’ll add them here


Thank you all so much for your input. The questions took about two hours to write, and this analysis took about five hours to complete, and it was great fun the whole time. You’re a super community! ❤️


Use (**) before and after your text if you want to make bold text to highlight what you’re talking about.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

I like the ‘Rey as balance’ theme, which I feel like the trilogy was kind of setting up, then didn’t exactly deliver on.

What if we end with a voiceover, as follows:

  • Pre-ending, we play up as much inner darkness (to save my friends) as possible
  • Rey visits Tattooine
  • We see her friends have come on the Falcon with her. She has a new family. (They stay on board)
  • Rey buries the lightsabers, ignites her own. It’s gold. Something new.
  • “Who are you?”
  • Voiceover begins, as we see her look away to sees the spirits of her adoptive family (Luke and Leia) and an implicitly redeemed Kylo Ren, then she re-boards the falcon
  • Voiceover is cut from some of her lines on TLJ during her training: “Who am I? Violence. Peace. Cold. Warmth. Death. Life. Dark. Light. I am balance.”
  • Falcon shoots off into hyperspace against the twin suns.
  • Final VO line, either “I am Rey” or “I am the Force”.
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Knight of Kalee said:

It could have been so much better if Pasaana was Jedha fromt the beginning. At surface level they look exactly the same since they reutilized shooting locations (guess it’s a Disney thing, because I recognized the cliffs of Jedha in Aladdin too).

So this actually reminds me of a few fun facts/stories!

Firstly, it’s not so much that it’s a Disney thing, as that Wadi Rum in Jordan is a popular filming location in general. Jordan is one of the most westernised countries in the middle east, with good infrastructure, and the Wadi Rum desert is quite accessible and with a lot of lovely hotels nearby. So it’s a good natural choice for an alien-looking landscape on Earth.

Now for the stories!

I’ve actually been to Wadi Rum, and Jordan. (Fun fact - the Dead Sea is as amazingly floaty as everyone says, you can’t quite imagine it, but the one thing that’s universal about floating in the Dead Sea but that nobody talks about is that all that salt really stings your butthole.)

The Wadi Rum desert is absolutely as incredible as it looks on film. Absolutely majestic landscape, but I also had one of the most horrifying times of my life there. We were camping out in the desert in some little lean-to shacks, without electricity or plumbing (since it’s illegal to develop on the desert, in order to preserve it). I was, ironically enough given why I’m telling this story, sleeping in a bed with a Mickey Mouse duvet (that’s all they had). But the food had disagreed with me.

So I woke up in the night knowing I needed to make it to the toilet block quickly, but also aware that the cooler night is when the desert bugs are more active. And there’s no electricity. So there’s me, walking across this informal compound by candlelight under the stars, jumping at shadows, desperately trying to hold in the shits. Eventually I make it to the toilet block, get seated, shit my guts out, and then I have to wipe my arse and just put my toilet paper in a basket next to me, because you’re not allowed to flush stuff into the desert.

It gets worse. So there’s me, feeling pretty rotten on a natty toilet by candlelight in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, when I hear a helicopter. Weird. The noise makes me raise my eyes to the top of the doorframe, and I see it’s not a helicopter, it’s a hornet, more than an inch long, and it’s come to check me out. I’ve got my pants round my ankles, and no way am I making any movements. There’s no escaping. But since I’m operating by candlelight, there’s a real chance that my candle will burn out, leaving me to navigate out of this situation by starlight alone. The hornet is helicoptering around the cubicle, which draws my eyes even higher, which makes me notice the most evil looking spider I’ve ever seen was hanging over the cubicle door the whole time. It’s shiny black and about an inch and a half across, with sharp, well-defined legs that end with about half an inch of white spike. It looks designed to look evil.

Suffice to say, if I hadn’t already shit myself that certainly would have done the job. Eventually the hornet left, and I slowly dressed up and got out by the last of my candlelight. I helped myself to a coke, since that was the other option and I didn’t trust the water, so I stayed awake through the rest of the night absolutely harrowed by that experience.

Still, a lovely place and a great holiday and I’d recommend Jordan to anyone.

I’ve also, by chance, been to Luke’s house too. Family did a Tunisia trip around 2012 and one of the tours from our hotel was the Star Wars one. So I got to see the “scum and villainy” view, Mos Eisley exterior set (which still stands), Luke’s house exterior (which is someone’s real house), and Luke’s house interior (which is someone’s real house but different from the exterior), where I got to eat at his dining table under that white and brown patterned ceiling.