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The Mandalorian : Radical Redux Fan Edit Ideas - <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong>

Personally I think it’s been flawless so far, but by way of parodying criticism of the recent movies:

Too many self-serving winks to the audience that make the galaxy seem smaller, so:

  • Remove background aliens we’ve seen elsewhere
  • Remove jawas
  • Remove baby yoda

Not enough links to existing content, so:

  • Add more background aliens from other SW media
  • Re-dub IG-11’s introduction so he claims to be IG-88
  • Put yoda’s force ghost in the background when baby yoda uses the force
  • Add dialogue to make it explicit that the Mandalorian is Boba’s son/clone and change his ship to the Slave I
  • Replace the egg-rhino with the reek from Episode II

Mandalorian character needs tweaks:

  • No dialogue
  • All dialogue should be redubbed by someone with Temuera Morrison’s accent
  • Also recolour armour to make him explicitly Boba Fett
  • Mandalorians should be lone wolves and not accept help so don’t have him meet Kuiil (the Ugnaught)

Other necessary changes for my personal enjoyment:

  • Werner Herzog’s character should be replaced by Thrawn
  • Set it during the OT
  • Set it during the PT
  • Replace Carl Weathers’ dialogue with new dialogue cut from his appearances in Arrested Development. Baby, I got a stew goin’.
  • Add John Williams score
OT Edits to Fit the PT (A Resource Thread, Hopefully)

I really like these. It’s not sacrilege to people like me, who grew up with the OT but would still prefer to be able to think of every episode as part of a whole.

It’d be my preference that any such edits used Adywan’s as a base (at least for ESB for now), given the huge progress he’s made in polishing them up to the best possible standard -though I don’t know how possible that is for editors.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (RELEASED!)

What would be an appropriate recolouring? I imagine technical limitations will be the major decision maker there, but being ignorant of what those might look like I’d vote for black, with hints of green, effectively applying the colour scheme of the Death Trooper armour from Rogue One to Phasma’s armour. Looks like we’re not going to see black troopers in the sequel trilogy, so it’d make this new trooper distinct as a clearly important trooper while still being consistent with other imperial schemes.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

BleuAsh said:

I really like what you have done here. I do think a jarring wake up right after she holds the lightsaber out and luke spins to see her is critical to bring it all together, it can just be a zoom in with her eyes snapping open. Then R2 can “wake” and then Rey can be in that meeting with the map because she already is awake and the following scene will establish how she will get there to Ahch-to.

I agree, missing a wakeup was just a touch jarring, I think it would be a necessary bookend to that scene. A little more dreamy visual effect could be good too, I think it was just a little too subtle.

Star Wars Episode I: Cloak Of Deception (Finished!)

Sir Ridley said:

DZ-330 said:

I’d love for SirRidley to make a version of the crawls with the actual titles if possible. Would be cool to have both versions for those who prefer the original titles.

I’ll consider it! Others have asked for that as well. I doubt Hal would make a separate edition of the films just to change a few words, but maybe he could have the crawls with original titles as separate downloads that could be edited into the films by those who want them.

I respect Hal’s right to title his own films how he rights, but selfishly I’d love to be able to trick my daughter into thinking that Hal’s are the versions as originally released.

Clone Wars Cinematic Universe

As a big follower of Smudger’s, a fan of the Clone Wars content (fat trimmed), and of the MCU style approach as a focusing lens for an anthology-style show, allow me to say:


This is absolutely a great idea and I’ll help in any way I can. The Clone Wars deserves to be moviefied, fat trimmed, and refocused.

Colour correction isn’t a bad idea either.


It is kind of amazing. I don’t begrudge Ady at all, since it’s his meticulous dedication that’s making the absolute gold standard for fanedits, but the timescales here (enough to generate nostalgia) are nuts. I’m sure there’re a handful of us that check these threads not far off daily, and yet, for all we know, we’re looking at another decade or so until we see Eps 4 and 6. And yet we’re all along for the ride, because we know Ady is going to deliver something incredible for the amount of time spent.

Clone Wars Movie Series

I’m just echoing what’s already been suggested, +1ing that idea.

I’m about to have the time and setup to start pursuing a PC-based hobby, and I had thought about getting into fanediting, having been a big consumer for a decade or so. And I’ve been a fan of Smudger’s Clone Wars edits for that long too, advocating them for friends and making guides on what he’s done and where it fits. I can’t promise the community that I’d get to making any edits myself, but I would certainly love to help keep the momentum up on these at the very least, in Smudger’s stead.