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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (SPOILERS)

StarkillerAG said:

EddieDean said:

Whoah! How the hell did you pull together that audio?

The audio was like that in the original movie. Rey calls on the spirits of every Jedi to help defeat Palpatine. Whoever edited that just added subtle still images to match the voices.

Huh! I’ve only watched it the once, so I’d forgotten how dense the sound was.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (V3 RELEASED!)

Good notes all round, guys. It’s been hinted at in every movie after ANH, so fine to expand on it in the finale without needing Leia Poppins.

As a side note, I doubt that the Leia knowing it was Luke in ESB was originally intended to be her being force sensitive, since she only became his sister (and also the ‘there is another’) in one of the drafts of ROTJ, but retroactively it totally works.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

idir_hh said:

krausfadr said:

idir_hh said:

Rey’s natural inclination towards the darkside and its Ramifications on her character and the plot need to be adressed. I always thought it would be interesting if we found out that she killed her parents the same way she “killed” chewie, maybe she was born with the darkside and her parents hated her for it, they decide to sell her to unkarr and leave the planet but in her rage she force electrocutes the ship, when she becomes so traumatised that she locks those memories away, in TROS we see her true nature unravel as the film progresses until we reach the climax where she must make the ultimate choice.

That’s a good idea too. Rey killed her parents. We see Rey’s visions of her friends dying. First Kylo tells her he buried her parents bodies on Jakku. She interprets this as he murdered them. He later reveals she’s the one who killed her parents. We then see Rey’s future visions again of her friends dying but this time see her as a Sith. In other words she will be responsible for their deaths.

Maybe the action of killing Chewie triggers a vision of her doing the same thing to her parents.

It’d sync especially nicely with the shot we see of them flying away. Technically near-impossible maybe, but it’d be great to see her pull their shuttle out of the sky (with lightning) in the same way she tries to grab the shuttle Chewie’s in.

[HELP WANTED] Uploading Smudger's Clone Wars Edits

Having checked the rules I believe this is an allowed post, though please don’t hesitate to remove it if I’ve missed something.

Hi folks,

There’ve been a few requests recently to make Smudger’s five Clone Wars edits available. The 1080p versions, which I have, are each about 10GB, so I can’t manage them with my Google Drive.

Can anyone advise on how I can upload them for free to somewhere so that I can share them (keeping them private and only available on request)? I can’t commit to regular monitoring of PMs so I’d prefer if someone who wants them can take ownership of hosting them.

Star Wars: <em>Prologue &amp; Epilogue</em>

RL, I think you’ve absolutely picked the best themes that you could craft into an epilogue. Good luck with that. I wonder, if you’re going to go that route then, that you could explicitly make ‘Luke handing the mantle to Rey’ your anchor more explicitly by even opening with the scene from the end of TFA with Rey approaching Luke, then an ‘X weeks earlier’ cut back to TFA, as unconventional as that is for Star Wars.

We see the Emperor die and the Empire fall (in ROTJ), then in EPILOGUE we zoom right into Luke. Here he is, a hermit being approached by an unknown, who offers him his own lightsaber. We skip back and learn she’s similar to him in a lot of ways. She gets wrapped up in the story, acquires that lightsaber, tracks Luke down with the mentality that he’s the hero who needs to be brought back into the fray. We’re back to the present. He throws the lightsaber away - ‘I’m not your hero’, and begins to train her instead. We’ve now had the torch passed to Rey (or, implicitly, rejected as being passed back to Luke!).

I presume we end on Luke’s death and Broom Boi - but what single act are we treating as Rey’s signature victory, that’ll demonstrate that the torch is well and truly passed?