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For Your Eyes Only: A Fan Edit (Released)

4/1/20 UPDATE

version 3.4

PM for details on where to get it.

The 12th James Bond film is a favorite of mine. After the silly Moonraker, the film makers decided it was time to return to a more serious tone, with a traditional spy plot. The film mostly succeeds, but there a few missteps that have always bothered me. My goal is to make FYEO a more “classic” Bond film.
The big idea is to tighten the film, and replace the Bill Conti score with classic John Barry music from other Bond films.

the editing of scenes was a big process, but the music replacement is by far the biggest undertaking. There a too many changes to list them ALL. the trims and changes number in the thousands. The music editing and placement is extensive. Hardcore fans are sure to recognize some music from other films, but a casual fan might assume the music was scored especially for this film. It just… sounds like James Bond music. 😃 Its all timed to work perfectly with dramatic moments within the film. I’m quite proud of the work Ive done. academy review

“For your Eyes Only’ is one of my top-5 Bond movies, it’s one of the few that does a near-perfect balancing act between serious and fun (plus Melina is the strongest and best ever Bond girl ever IMO). It has a few moments of silliness though and while I do love the Bill Conti synth score (he has done some beautiful scores), I have always wondered what a more traditional Bond score would be like. nostromo777 has made the dreams of everybody who has wanted a fanedit of FYEO, come true. The re-scoring is better than even my wildest dreams. I thought I’d miss some moments but even beautiful pieces of scoring from Conti such as when Melina’s theme plays (after her parents are murdered) are replaced with a Barry passage so similar in tone and feel that I was amazed. The moment when Bond says “You left this with Ferrara I believe” and then you add a slow arrangement of the Bond theme, was so, so cool (I had to rewind and enjoy that moment quite a few times!). Where did you find that new piece of beautiful piano for the end scene, genius! At many points, I found myself forgetting that the score had been replaced (which I mean as a compliment) because you replaced it with pieces so natural to the scenes… …one of my all-time favourite edits” -TM2YC, admin


there a too many changes to list them ALL. the trims and changes number in the thousands. here is a broad overview.

UA/MGM LOGO. replaced with 1981 UA logo
Original pre-credits opening with graveside scene and helicoptor removed. new opening is the sinking of St Georges,murder of the Havelocs
opening title/song re-synced and pitch corrected with the original album version Sheena Easton’s song
toned down MI6 chief of staff’s disdain for 007
identigraph scene dramatically shortened
motorcycle attack on Melina removed
hockey player attack removed
submarine attack removed
Bond and Melina’s afternoon shopping removed
Margaret Thatcher removed

in addition to the above major alterations, there are these changes that alter the timing and feel of the movie

nearly every scene in the movie has tightened editing, multiple rear projection shots removed during ski chase, multiple "underwater" effects removed
some new explosion sound effects, new underwater sound effects
color timing changed on a scene-by-scene basis to make it feel more “cinematic”
replace Conti score with Barry score
gun barrel effect added: when transitioning from the gun barrel  opening to the first shot of the st. Georges, an optical iris effect cas been added
 Bill Conti's on screen credit during the opening credits has been digitally removed and replace with John Barry's.
 Pre-movie and post movie credits added to reflect my edit work

The film’s original running time is 127 mins.
New running time is 99 minutes.
editing using Adobe premiere, audio sourced from the original soundtracks

Technical Details:
5.1 640kbps

Info: Back to the Future - without DNR & EE

FrankT said:

Oh yeah, I definitely see that! I’m surprised, you’d think they’d have more control of this sort of thing! Although admittedly the BD picture is a little clearer.

Some people will never see eye to eye on DNR and EE. Some see it as an acceptable improvement, which makes an older movie look new again. Others view it as unnecessary revisionism, that robs movies of their original look and texture.

FrankT, if you really compare the two, I think youll see that the image in not “clearer”. It’s more something, but “clearer” is not the adjective I would use. It would be one thing if a layer of crud was removed, revealing details that had been masked… but that’s not what happened here. They simply sharpened/softened the image. Think of it like this: someone took a drawing that was originally done using pencil, and traced over it using a sharpie. The sharpie is easier to see, but the original texture is now gone.

Info: Back to the Future - without DNR & EE

jedimasterobiwan said:

FrankT said:

Help me out here, I honestly have trouble seeing what’s wrong with the picture. Could someone point an example out to me or something?

here the dcp image has the right amount of grain where the blu ray makes faces look waxy etc.

Look at the lights in this shot. Perfect example of how the EE and DNR is adding garbage that isnt supposed to be there.

Info: Custom Made 'Pearl Harbor' - Full Trailer

Is it the same as this one?

Hanz Zimmer's "Journey To The Line" from the Thing Red Line souundtrack.

If so, this was released on DVD. I t was on a promotional DVD for "Total movie" magazine, which also contained the "Troops"  Star Wars/Cops spoof.

If youre looking for a copy of the DVD, PM me. I can help.

QUANTUM LEAP - NTSC Music Preservation Project.

Flexicon9 said:

Anyone have the season 2 finale episode "M.I.A." where Al and Beth dance to "Georgia On My Mind" recorded from broadcast television or streaming intact?  This episode alone is worth it.

 yes,  as i mentioned a couple posts ago, I have all the broadcast versions recorded from SciFi.  they have original music, but are also the edited syndicated versions.  the plan is to eventually sync the correct audio to the DVDs.

Info: Lord of the Rings Trilogy - on 35mm - for sale on ebay; anyone interested?

Spaced Ranger said:

CatBus said:

... I'm not sure it's at all clear that projection prints like these would provide noticeably more detail--perhaps even less.

 Could this really be true?

 Yes. Remeber, the Blu Rays, even with their issues, are sourced directly from the original source element, and each frame is scanned with care.  Most of the issues with the bluray occur after that point, as people mess with the image.

By comparison, a 35mm general release print is usually scanned and printed from something other than the original elements.  Theys are often created under rushed circumstances;  trying to deliver thousands of prints to thousands of theaters to make release date. For release prints, Time and cost are more important that quality.   In pristine qualiity, its not a given that 35mm release print will contain more detail than a bluray.  After arriving at a theater, they degrade further  as they are handled by staff, moved, spliced, rewound, and played over and over, becoming more damaged with every step. 

Info Wanted: Batman (60s tv series) - has any preserved them?

Asaki said:

... judging from the screencaps they've shown, not sure if having it on BD will be much of a picture upgrade.

 Where have they shown screen caps?

you seriously think BluRay wont be a noticable improvement over the TVLand rips or VHS versions on Myspleen?

If youre referring to the images in the amazon link, those are just stock images, and not representative of the upcoming discs.

Info: Alien DC Project ... an UPDATE. (Released)

SilverWook said:

Something with the look of the "Mother" interface would be cool.

Are you preserving the DTheater bumper? I've never seen oneThere's a rip of the DTheater version of "True Lies" floating around.  It has the DTheater Bumper. 

There's a DTheater/DVHS rip of "True Lies" floating around that has the bumpter.

Id really like to see the DTheater version of Alien.  Best of luck getting this done.

Help Wanted: Alien Resurrection HD - anyone capping these on HDNet this July...

If the HDnet broadcast offers something that the BluRay doesnt, great!

But regarding your comment about something having to "be wrong" in order to share; this forum is about fan edits, and conserving things that arent available on DVD/BluRay.  If theres nothing wrong with a BD presentation of a particular film, then asking for a HD cap would not be in the spirit of the forum.

Info: Any Godzilla fans out there?

Jetrell Fo said:

Echo3 said:

sorry about that Jetrell.  Try again. Im not sure if the same "XVid junk" you mention, but they certainly look better than DVD.

RE: destroy all monsters. yes, I see that its discussed. That why I added it to my list.  Was there something else you were pointing out about it?  Im not sure where to get ahold of it.

Sorry, I'm just not a fan of xVid and compression in general. 

I believe I got a hold of my DAM @ TPB.   

 I found DAM, thanks.  

re: Xvid.   Ill take a compressed 720p file over uncompressed 480p. ;)

The xVid versions appear to captured from HDTV broadcast.  They look pretty similar to broadcast HD quality to me.  I can send you screencaps if you like.

Info: Any Godzilla fans out there?

Best versions available of each "americanized" Godzilla film in the showa era, in order. I have them all :-)

consider the "A" option to be the best version of the US cuts.

(note: the japanese versions are all available in HD.  Google is your friend.)

1. Godzilla

a. the Criterion Bluray

b. the Classic Media release (alternate special features)

2. Godzilla Raids Again

a. the US and Japanese reconstructions on myspleen

b. the Classic Media DVD

3. King King Vs Godzilla

a. The Official Universal release. Blu/DVD

b. The reconstruction of the longer japanese version on myspleen

c. The VHS rip of the even longer Japanese version on myspleen

4. Mothra Vs Godzilla

a. The AIP reconstruction on Myspleen

b. The Classic media release

5. Ghidorah The 3 Headed Monster

a.  U.S. Theatrical Reconstruction on myspleen

b. The Classic Media DVD

6. Monster Zero

a.The Classic Media DVD

7. Ebirah

a. The Kraken BluRay

b. alternate TV version, reconstruction using Titra dub (coming soon to myspleen, hopefully)

c. work in progress TV version on MySpleen

8. Son of Godzilla

a. The OOP sony DVD

9. Destroy All monsters

a. The color and contrast corrected fan edit of the tokyo shock bluray

b. the OOP tokyo shock bluray

c. International Reconstruction DVD on MySpleen

10. All monsters Attack

a. The Classic Media DVD

11. Godzilla Vs the smog monster

a. Kraken BluRay

12. Godzilla vs Gigan

a. kraken Bluray

13. Godzilla Vs Megalon

a. The tokyo shock Special edition, which was recalled/never released due to Toho's objections over special features

b. the movie only tokyo shock DVD

14. Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla

a. The OOP Sony DVD

15. Terror of MechaGodzilla

a. The Classic Media DVD