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Info: Any Godzilla fans out there?

Flexicon9 said:

Space, is this DVD the best one out there for Monster Zero?

It's only $4 bucks anyway!

 there have only been 3 official releases of this title, AFAIK. yes, the one you link is the overall the best.

edit: the Japanese hd broadcast of the Japanese version has the best image quality of any release. Kubota on my spleen plans on using this source material to reconstruct the US edit. 

 1.classic media master collection (above). This one contains both the US and Japanese cuts.  The commentary tracks are worth the price alone.  The image quality is good, but nowhere near the quality of OOP Sony titles like Gigan.  According to most sources, this release is as good as it can be considering the source material they had to work with.

2. The Simitar release.  Proper aspect ratio throughout the film, but presented in low res non anamorphic.  side b is 4x3. quality is mediocre

3. part of classic media's Boxed set "godzilla collection".  I believe this version is presented only in 4x3.

Info: Any Godzilla fans out there?

Jetrell Fo said:

I just snagged and watched this ..... very nice indeed.


Godzilla - Destroy All Monsters 1080p (1968)

Has the new restoration print.

Has the original video levels and color that matches the telecine. Not the video levels found on the out of print Blu-ray. (That is a good thing)


Original Aspect ratio





Has the Audio Options that are found on the out of print Blu-ray

New English Dub

Original English Dub

Original Japaneses Audio track.

New Commentary track


Subtitles are in English.


Size 25.5GB MKV H.264


Average 37mbits Video Encode

 I haven't heard of this. Is this the recent official release or a fan edit?

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

my 2 cents...

I dont watch any of my movies on disc anymore.  I have my entire library of DVDs and Blu's ripped to hard drives, and use XBMC to play them back.  menus and chapters dont have much appeal to me.

Sometimes I forget that there are still people that want fancy cases and menus.  :)

I love fancy cover art, thats why I use XBMC.  Each movie can have any cover art you could dream of assigned to it.

That said, Im eagerly awaiting 2.5, and love that there is an effort to produce all the extras, like menus.

Info: Which HD-DVD is better than Blu-Ray?

Look like the BD has more detail and less compression.  Good to know!


Anyone compared "shawn of the dead"?


I already have the HDDVD of the thing, but based on the discussions in this thread, Ill be picking up Apollo 13 and the XBOX drive as well. 

My HD DVD player is sitting at my dads house being used as his regular DVD player, and My HDVDs have been sitting in the garage.

I bought an HD DVD player a few years back and bought Grand Prix, Forbidden Planet and The Thing.  Three of my favorite movies, which at the time were not on Blu. 

The Great Escape - Non DNR/Teal and Orange Preservation (* unfinished project *)

opinions seem to vary greatly on this disc.

Well respected restoration expert finds the bluray transfer enjoyable.

Short of a spendy ground up restoration, this may never meet everyones satisfaction.

DVDmike, I encourage you to continue your work, as I find the Bluray to be a bit too drab.


I really wish the Bluray had used the much wider 2.66 framing that the 1998 DVD used.


1998 DVD


Help: Looking for... a 1995 THX laserdisc preservation

Just to clarify my error, it was the 2006 releases that had the bonus LD transfers.

everything youre looking for has been preserved, and there are dedicated threads here on the OT.  I dont have the time to look it all up for you.


I do recall "project Blu" being cleaned up HD upscales of the 2006 DVDs, and "TR47" being straight rips of the LDs without cleanup work.


There are  many fan edits and preservations out there, with various differences and sound mixes. You just need to look.


Edit: ok so i do have time . Did you notice the project index thread?

TR47  is what you want

The bonus features and interviews you want are also mentioned in that thread. 

Help: Looking for... a 1995 THX laserdisc preservation

Those have been officially released. The bonus discs on the 2004 DVDs 2006 DVDs contain the 1993 transfers, which were used for both the 1993 definitive laserdiscs, and the 1995 faces set.   They have Letterbox video and Dolby 2.0 audio.  There are fan versions that have attempted to improve the video and audio quality, but if you're looking for 1995 quality, the official DVDs are the closest thing.



Superman I-III extended TV cuts & Info - Where have the Preservations gone? (Released)

Moth3r said:

Try IsoPuzzle. Some sectors may be readable on one drive but not the other, and vice versa. If you're lucky you may be able to recover the full disc image.


wow!  I think that worked.   Ill know for sure soon.


I know people were looking for the uncompressed DVD versions of this,  but because it based off vhs recording from TV, i dont think that compressing it with handbrake for easier sharing will hurt the quality visibly.