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The "Is it in HD somewhere because I can't find it" thread.

SwissArmyTin said:

Has Flight of the Navigator been released in HD anywhere outside of Europe yet? I know they got a Blu-Ray release from Second Sight…also, how is that transfer? I’ve heard their (region-locked) release of the Super Mario Bros. Movie was superb.

Flight of the Navigator [Blu-ray]

The Thing (1982) [spoRv] *BD-25 RELEASED*

Lacerated said:

Colson said:

The TV cut honestly looks pretty rough, but I imagine that’s as good as it will ever look

I watched the TV cut and it’s different than the mkv that I saw. The mkv has a channel logo throughout and audio on one channel. I only watched the beginning of it as I got bogged down on doing A/B comparison with the movie cut before writing down the minute differences with time codes. I’ll have to watch it again and see if it’s the same cut as provided on the BD extras.

Regarding the broadcast TV cut on the BD set, that’s probably the version I saw on a major TV channel. I’m guessing Universal probably has broadcast quality tape somewhere, but probably due to budgetary reasons it was not used and we got a VHS recording instead.

The mkv source is from me. i recorded on TBS in the early 2000’s. It was broadcast in mono, but i didnt realize that the encode i did moved the mono sound to one channel. Nothing is absent in the sound you are hearing, its just all moved to one channel.

Raiders of the Lost Ark HDTV 35mm LPP regrade

RayRogers said:

DrDre said:

RayRogers said:

Will this be a BD25 or BD50?

The current plan is to do the initial release as a 30-40 GB mkv, so a bluray version will be BD50.

Guess you’re using H264 and not H265 which is the vastly better codec including halving the filesize. I’d rather wait for the BD anyway.

H265 is better at reducing file size, but H264 is overall considered a better codec for maintaining image quality.

Short Circuit 2 (35mm print) (* unfinished project *)

Avatar_Emil_Borg said:

OMG! Is that a open Matte print I see? The Blu-ray has a aspect ratio of 1.85:1, so your print at least has the benefit of extra picture information.

this is an old topic, but extra picture isnt always a “benefit”. The filmmakers never intended for that area to be seen. Its obvious even in these shots. Lens vignetting is visible, and there is odd framing for the actors.

regardless, this is a cool thing to see.

Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster - US version HD reconstruction (Released)

You are my hero. I have been craving HD versions of those US versions. I tried to do my own HD restoration of Zero, but had major problems with frame dropping/ judder.

check out a sample here Of Astro-monster (1965).m4v?dl=0

I was also very distracted by a problem with the japanese HD copy. It has a problem with every edit in the film print they used.

Warning, once you see it, it cant be unseen, as it plagues the entire movie. Look at the bottom of the frame.

For Your Eyes Only: A Fan Edit (Released)

Just a quick mention that Im still working on this. This summer marks the 35th anniversary of For Your Eyes Only being released to theaters.

Here is great article with a few Bond fans discussing the films legacy.

This qoute sums up my feeling on the film, and why I started this project.

“For Your Eyes Only enjoys a reasonably enthusiastic following among Bond fans. It’s certainly not top-of-the-pack but its attributes have aged well while its weaker elements don’t seem any worse than they did in 1981. The movie greatly misses a John Barry score and a bit of judicious editing could have made it much better by trimming some of the embarrassing gags, but in the end, it has held up well — and provided fans with what many think is Moore’s best interpretation of Bond.”