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Boba Fett in Force unleashed II sounds like Jango Fett.

SilverWook said:

The logic of Boba's own voice coming out of that helmet is at odds with the ability to blend into the crowd while out of the armor. Fett has gone incognito in the few EU novels I've read. It defeats the whole purpose of concealing his face.

Yet another reason I laugh at those completist losers who think the EU is compatible with Lucas' craptastic saga.

Luke VS the Emperor- What if Vader hadn't been there?

skyjedi2005 said:

You can thank Dark Empire for putting Ideas in Lucas head.  Palpatine's clone with a lightsaber outclasses Luke Skywalker in a duel.

 IMO the idea of Palpatine using a lightsaber was portrayed in DE better than it was in the PT. The reborn Palpatine only used the lightsaber because he got off on the idea of defeating a Jedi with a Jedi's weapon and not because he relied on one. Not so with Palps in the PT; Lucas just gave him a lightsaber to make the fantards orgasm.

Reboot the EU

hairy_hen said:

Yeah, I have to agree, as mediocre as some of the 90's era stuff was, it was still only based on the original trilogy, and the writers didn't have to deal with feeling like they had to tie it all into the prequel garbage, or retcon the hell out of the existing stories when the continuity started to go to hell.  Not to mention the filth of the New Jedi Order and later things had yet to happen, so the name of Star Wars EU hadn't yet been sullied to anywhere near the degree that it has now.

 And this is exactly the reason why I can't stand the current EU. Prequelisms - everywhere. It doesn't matter if the story takes place in the distant past or into the far future, if it's warranted or not, there has to be a reference to something spawned from the PT.

Does every Sith have to dress like a Goth and carry a red lightsaber? Does every Jedi have to dress like a desert hermit? Do children have to be called "younglings"? No, absolutely not. But 100.99% of all the EU writers are sycophants who can't - won't - let us forget about that godforsaken PT.

If only the fantards would wisen up and stop lapping up this BS. Then - and perhaps only then - this madness would come to an end ... or at least be played down.