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Star Wars movie elimination game!

SW 50/50

ANH +1,0000,00000

ANH SE 97 -1,0000,00000

ANH SE 04 -1,0000,00000

HS (Holiday Special) 60/40

TESB +1,0000,00002

TESB SE 97 -1,0000,00002

TESB SE 05 -1,0000,00002½

ROTJ +9999

ROTJ SE 97 -9999

ROTJ SE 04 -666

COC:AEA (Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure) 05/05

SB (Spaceballs) 40/30

MS:TDOJ-S (Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn) -949

SH:AITFZ (Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone) -848

SG (Stargate) +1,000,000

TPM +0

AOTC -6,00000,00000000,1

ROTS ------94,7493237563,36582362,56483894,683863 (with interest)





star wars Bantam Books VS Random House Spoilers

red5-626 said:

So reading has never been that much fun for me I love Stories but reading no I even gave a text to speech program on my computer to read long documents. I can read when I have to but as for reading novels I am still so slow they suck. The words get in my way.

An audio book you turn it on close your eyes and watch the movie on the inside of your eyelids. A Book you have to look at words all the time.

It's weird how someone can come to such different conclusions on some things.

I myself loathe audiobooks - I can't immerse myself into the world being described, and my mind just wanders, the reading becoming background noise to me. I've only been able to "read" two audiobooks, and that was by forcing myself to pay attention - to close my eyes as tightly as possible and turn the volume up as much as was necessary to drown out any outside sounds.

Good ol' fashioned books are far less daunting for me. I can get into them with a minimum of fuss and read them at my own pace. 

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

hairy_hen said:

I always liked Leia with a red lightsaber too--it helps go against that whole 'every bad guy has red and every good guy has blue or green' thing.

Yes indeed. I've always found that to be one of the (old) EU's strong points - moving beyond the films' rather simplistic colour symbology. Blue & green can symbolize darkness and evil just as much as red can, and red can symbolize the complete opposite.

Many people hate the Dark Empire miniseries, and I fully understand the reason why, but when I see Palpatine go up a red saber-weilding Luke with a blue blade I can't help but smile.