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All Things Star Trek

DuracellEnergizer said:

Handman said:

They could never make Discovery if they were beholden to the aesthetic of the 60s

Why? I love the 60s aesthetic! It’d get me to watch this show, anyway.

I assume the-powers-that-be want the show to appeal to demographics beyond the hardcore Trekkies who like retro kitsch.

Most people would’ve been satisfied if they recreated this:

with some modern “movie” sensibilities. Not as unnecessarily shiny-white as JJ Abrams did, but that’s the idea. You can make it look like the same in universe time period without making it look like low budget '60s TV again. The Cage didn’t even have the excessively colorful lighting the series would have so the original look of the sets translate really well to a more realistic look.

All Things Star Trek

I think The Voyage Home is special, but the idea that The Search for Spock isn’t fantastic is beyond me. The theft and Destruction of the Enterprise, the death of David, the outcome of Genesis. What’s not to love?

And as I’ve kept saying, The Final Frontier is a great movie underneath a bunch of silly baggage that can easily be edited out. Nothing is really missing from the film, it just needs to be trimmed of the out of place humor.

The Motion Picture is missing something, so even when the fat is trimmed it won’t be on quite the same level as the others.

4K83 Released

How can multi-project coordination happen if there’s only one project going on? How many new theatrical ROTJ projects have to pop up for you guys to buy it as the new standard? You can bet Harmy will use it since Hairy-hen and Schorman have updated their audio tracks, so I don’t get where all these other projects are supposed to come from for it to be worth changing foreign audio.