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Star Wars Prequels/Original Trilogy: The Complete Scores (Released)
I found it!
Apparently it's a known bootleg:

Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (Alfred Newman. 1954) (00:27)
2. Star Wars Main Title (01:47)
3. Jango and Zam / Zam the Assassin / The Chase Through Coruscant (11:12)
4. Growing Up (00:43)
5. Departing Coruscant (01:49)
6. Forbidden Love / Yoda and the Younglings (03:59)
7. Arrival at Kamino / Clone Army Revealed (03:38)
8. The Meadow Picnic (02:37)
9. Kamino Storm (01:26)
10. Anakin and Padme (04:01)
11. Dark Mysteries (01:46)
12. Jango's Escape / Return to Tatooine (03:52)
13. Bounty Hunter's Pursuit (01:32)
14. The Lars Homestead / Search Montage (07:01)
15. The Tusken Camp / Bringing Mother Home (05:58)
16. Count Dooku's Offer (01:08)
17. Going to Rescue Obi-Wan (01:33)
18. On the Conveyor Belt (03:08)

Disc/Cassette 2

1. Love Pledge / The Arena (07:04)
2. This Party is Over / Jedi Rescues (00:33)
3. Jedi vs. Droids / Stolen Chariot / The Battle Continues (02:20)
4. Count Dooku and Boba React / C3PO Down / Aggressive Negotiations (01:12)
5. This is Such a Drag! / Surrounded (01:03)
6. Imminent Execution / Send in the Clones (01:36)
7. Boba Mourns (00:14)
8. Republic Gunships / Spider Walkers (01:23)
9. The Ultimate Weapon (01:00)
10. Wheel Tank (00:17)
11. The Conspirators Escape (00:33)
12. Going After Count Dooku (01:33)
13. Lord Tyrannus Returns / Finale / End Credits (11:13)
14. Across The Stars (05:38)
(Concert Version)
15. Across The Stars Medley (04:36)
(Video Clip)
16. Across The Stars Medley (04:59)
(No FX)

Total Duration: 01:42:51
Star Wars Prequels/Original Trilogy: The Complete Scores (Released)
I waited with downloading some of your edits (I only got ESB) because you said you were redoing them... looks like that's taking a little longer than planned.
I wanted to grab them now, but the site is down. Any chance of it coming back up?

BTW: I once got a 2CD AOTC soundtrack from the newsgroups (loooong time ago), but it came without tags/nfo. Does anyone know of this (or possibly other) edits? The tracks are in a weird order and I was hoping someone had the tracknames (CD1 has 18 tracks, CD2 has 16).
Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: Moth3r
DarthBo, please click the link in my sig and read the rules. Ta.
OMG, so sorry, I was so busy trying to specify what release I meant that I completely forgot about that rule.
But you're right, I do need a cover. I was thinking something along the lines of the 1994 widescreen UK VHS release (style 'C' poster - link).

I found that vhs cover, color corrected it a bit and made a dvd cover. I just noticed that the resolution isn't as high as most covers here...
It's the first time I made a cover, so I just got the resolution from a google search... but I think it'll be good enough.
So if none of the more experienced artists here make one, you can find my cover here.

and one based on the fullscreen vhs here.

Both are generic StarWars covers, I didn't take the time to edit them with new text etc, I just removed VHS etc references.
Info & Ideas: ESB and ROTJ Wishlist
Originally posted by: Killbot
Honestly, I’d rather see Fett cut out of the movie entirely than to go out like such a bitch.

I was thinking the same thing. Boba Fett is supposed to be the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy, but when we see him in ROTJ... he's more like jarjar in a suit: incredibly clumsy. So as you said: something should be done to make his character more believable or he should just be cut from the film.
Info & Ideas: ESB and ROTJ Wishlist
Originally posted by: vbangle
What ever it is that you are smoking maybe you should consider stoping it cold turkey. NOTHING is worst than Jarjar. LOL
OK, I may have exaggerated a little bit there (ok, a lot)
Second the scene you speak of needed to be shown with that way; the emotional reunion of good friends that have come through years of struggle to be where they are now. Not only are they about to emabark on the last great battle to try to finally defeat the empire but the scene also shows the connection Leia has with Luke who is now a little uneasy with her and she picks up on that although she doesn't know why yet....

OK, I had another look at that scene (it had been quite a while since I saw ROTJ anyway) and well, i'll admit the scene wasn't as bad as I remembered it. It does indeed have its purpose with the whole Luke-Leia connection. But rewatching it helped me pinpoint the part I hate so much: when Han is looking for one more member and Luke appears and says "I'll join too" (or sth like that) an awful cheesy heroic tune starts playing in the background.
Don't tell me there's a need for that music? It has a "Look at me, I'm a jedi, I'm special, but I'll still help you!" air to it (while ironically he'll only endanger the mission by alerting Vader of their presence). A real jedi shouldn't act that way...
I for one hope this scene is left just the way it is.

Yeah well, it's just something that always bothered me, I don't expect everyone to agree.
Info & Ideas: ESB and ROTJ Wishlist
The worst scene in the entire saga (yes, worse than jarjar) has to be that awful reunion scene on the rebel fleet in ROTJ. Please, shorten/cut that one. You know, the moment Luke shows up and decides to join Han and Leia... everyone starts smiling and hugging and laughing... *shivers* it's just like watching a bloody soap opera. It always felt out of place and very un-Star Wars to me.
I never got why they were so emotional anyway: they saw each other on Tatooine right? Luke went to visit Yoda after that, but as Yoda died not much after Luke arrived, it seems hard to believe Luke would stay there a few extra weeks before joining up with his friends again.
As this is a nitpicking edit (which I absolutely love btw), I thought I'd nitpick a bit as well (*hopes he doesn't get flamed for not saying positive things*)
I was going through the 'official screenshot pack' and saw this 'broken' tie fighter wing in image 34

It looks like the x-wing was layered above the tie, no?

I'm also not very sure what to think of the new planet below the death star and the new Death Star displays...
But looking at all the other amazing things you've done, I'm sure you'll pull it off just fine