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Is there a fan edit combining elements of the OT and SE?

I've seen Harmy's despecialized editions and they are freaking amazing. I was just wondering if there are any fan edits of Star Wars out there that still contain some of the more innocuous changes from the SE, but do not have any unique alterations of their own, such as rearranged scenes, brand new effects, audio, music edits, etc.

Just to get an idea of what I'm talking about, here's a list of some of the changes I'd be okay with being left in:

The SE aliens added to the Cantina scene.

The perspective change to the prison hallway.

Extra Stormtroopers and the TIE fighter when Han rounds that corner in the Death Star.

Luke and Biggs reunion scene.

CGI fighters taking off from the rebel base.

Y-Wings don't disappear before completely leaving the frame.

I'm not asking anyone to whip up a fan edit based on my recommendations, just wondering if something similar exists.

So....did Grievous know that Palpatine was Sidious?

The only way I can get this to make sense in my head is if Grievous sent him a quick communication in the escape pod, briefly summarizing what just happened, and the scene where he's talking to Sidious's hologram is their follow-up conversation.  If that scene is literally supposed to be the first time he's contacted Sidious since his ship was destroyed, then it seems to suggest that he knew all along, which makes the whole abduction seem pretty pointless.

I can just picture Grievous capturing Palpatine and Palpatine's whispering at him, "It's me, you nitwit! I'm working both sides!"

I think this is probably one of the most poorly written parts of the whole PT.

So....did Grievous know that Palpatine was Sidious?

I've always been puzzled by this as the movie doesn't make it very clear. Grievous seems to be pretty close to Dooku in terms of power and influence over the separatist army, plus he's undergone some Sith training, so it seems somewhat likely that he was in on the secret. Dooku definitely knows, since he was Palpatine's apprentice, and we've seen them on screen together meeting face to face. (One could argue that Nute Gunray should have put 2 and 2 together, but since his only interactions with Sidious were through a low-quality holographic image, I'll let that slide). Furthermore, immediately after escaping from the Jedi, Grievous contacts Sidious and says "But the loss of Count Dooku!" which could imply that he thinks Sidious knows that Dooku has been killed, indicating that he knows Sidious had been in the room when it happened.

However, if he does know, then I really don't understand why he would capture him. Was it all a ruse to lure Anakin to his ship, so he and the two Sith lords could try to tempt and corrupt him? How could they know that Anakin and Obi-Wan would be sent to rescue Palpatine? How did they know they wouldn't be killed before they even got to the ship? Maybe Palpatine predicted that would happen, kinda like he predicted that Luke would confront Vader on Endor? I can't think of a real good reason why they would fake a capture, so I'm kinda leaning towards Grievous didn't know and just happened to kidnap his own boss without realizing it....which still kind of strikes me as pretty bad writing.