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What's the justification/in-universe explanation for this Darth Vader SE change?

Special Edition defenders assemble!

“I have no doubt this boy is the offspring of Anakin Skywalker.”
“How is that possible?”
“Search your feelings Lord Vader, you will know it to be true.”

Yes, many Star Wars fans hate this line, but I cannot for the life of me wrap my head over these two things:

  1. What is the justification for such a bizarrely specific dialogue alteration? As we know the 2004 SE’s changes largely served the purpose of bridging continuity between the PT and the OT, (an endeavour done poorly and quite in bad taste in my and clearly countless others’ opinion) since the emperor has been altered to his ROTS appearance, you would think that a dialogue change between him and Darth Vader would reflect that film’s events, but does it?
    Palpatine tells Vader at the end of ROTS that he killed Padme, implying that her unborn child would have been killed as well, so if Luke’s birth was a truth that Palpatine had been concealing, why would he respond to Vader’s confusion about Luke’s existence by basically saying, “Well duh, how could you not have known?”
    Was Vader discovering the birth of his children part of his ridiculously convoluted plan that the prequels established?
    Before you say anything about Palpatine not actually knowing the twins were born at the end of ROTS, I know, I’m basing this argument on the assumption that in the SE, he learnt of Luke’s existence sometime before ESB.
    Which leads me to address another blinding issue with this dialogue change, why does Vader act like a a clueless idiot and why would they make his line create a direct plot-hole with the opening of the film?
    The opening crawl establishes that Vader is obsessed with finding young Skywalker, and in Vader’s first scene he refers to Luke BY NAME: “and I’m sure Skywalker is with them” so unless by the time ESB is set Darth Vader has forgotten that his name used to be Skywalker, him saying “how is that possible?” to Palpatine is one of the most bafflingly stupid changes you could make to the Vader/Luke storyline in ESB.
    (And don’t give me that shit that he was just playing dumb to hide his defiance of his master or whatever, because not only is that tonally confusing to Vader’s ESB character, but it is NOT evident that this is the case in the SE version of the film.

  2. What could possibly be the in-universe explanation for this confusing mess in the context of the ‘definitive SE canon’ or whatever Lucasfilm considers it? (I’m planning a topic on such an issue in the coming days buy the way)
    Looking back at the questions I raised in my first paragraph, how is all of this contradicting, vague retconning and flimsy loopholes explained in post film saga material and/or in-universe? (Not that it really would matter to anybody on this forum, but it’s probably worth discussing)

Bonus points if you’re a SE defender and have some convoluted argument IN FAVOUR of this SE change! 😦

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Neerb said:

Do we know for sure that the hair is still happening? Last update I recall, ~80 pages and two months ago, was this post by jonh which seemed to basically say that he can’t do it all and has done all he can:

As far as I know, the hair is still happening. Jonh applied a haircut and some subtle weight loss to Luke in basically every single shot it needed to be. When he said that he’s done all that he can, he was referring to one or two shots were the camera movement made it impossible to apply a mask. Specifically during the line, “A thousand generations…”

Somebody, (I think it might have been DominicCobb???) Addressed several small masking errors and provided screenshots to show where some minor fixes needed to be made. Jonh acknowledged the screenshots and said he’ll work on it. That’s the last we’ve heard on the matter.

Worst Edit Ideas

Anakin Starkiller said:

It ish a pewiod of civiw waw.
webew spaceships, stwiking
fwom a hidden base, have won
theiw fiwst victowy against
da eviw Gawactic Empiwe.

Duwing da battwe, webew
spies managed to steaw secwet
pwans to da Empiwe’s
uwtimate weapon, da def
staw, an awmowed space
station with enough powew to
destwoy an entiwe pwanet.

Puwsued by da Empiwe’s
sinistew agents, pwincess
weia waces home aboawd hew
stawship, custodian of da
stowen pwans that can save
hew peopwe and westowe
fweedom to da gawaxy.…

Quite a return.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

Here’s a full mockup of the Ach-To sequence, featuring a regrade by NeverArGreat:

I actually really, really like this! 😃

My only suggestions would maybe be that the colours of the very first shot of the island are a little funky looking and could probably match the following shots a little better. I also think the moment inside of Luke’s hut should by made a little more distinctly nighttime since at the moment it looks a little too ‘day-to-night’ if you get that reference. 😉

Slightly off-topic but Hal, have you experimented with a slightly more intense setting to the de-blued Luke ghost? I remember back when the LUT by Skenera was provided, you decided on going for like a 75% setting? I think??? I’d be interested to see what a 100% setting would look like with this new day cycle grading applied. 🤔

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

poppasketti said:
pw: fanedit

It’s not perfect, and you can definitely see the seams, but I think if you add the new puppets it should cover up pretty well. I can also provide a tracked foreground plate of the stage so you can place the puppets behind it.

Impressive, most impressive.
Fantastic work as always Poppasketti!
You say it’s not perfect, but I honestly cannot see a single thing wrong with what you’ve got there. I reckon that since the cloth material is rippling so much, it kinda hides any potential roughness to the removal.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

RogueLeader said:

Another alternative for the puppets, it would be funny if there was a puppet Kylo that took a swing at puppet Luke, but the puppet went below stage, then popped back up behind Kylo. Then we see kids laughing.

Basically, we see Luke taking the wind out of the First Order’s sails, making the next generation less afraid of the First Order. And since the First Order rules by fear, then their authority will fall apart. I think it all ties back to the themes we’re trying to hit pretty well.

I love this! 😄 RogueLeader, how do you come up with your ideas? 😉

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Movies Remastered said:

That’s actually a really great idea. I think someone took a run at it before?

What story can be hinted at within 24 frames though? It’s hard to create Luke disappearing or light sabers etc. A gorilla walker would be easy but it’s tricky for it to be clear enough it’s Luke.

If we could pull this off, it would be like the defining moment of this edit. The money shot.

Urgh… Now I really want to try and do it!