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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

RogueLeader said:

Another alternative for the puppets, it would be funny if there was a puppet Kylo that took a swing at puppet Luke, but the puppet went below stage, then popped back up behind Kylo. Then we see kids laughing.

Basically, we see Luke taking the wind out of the First Order’s sails, making the next generation less afraid of the First Order. And since the First Order rules by fear, then their authority will fall apart. I think it all ties back to the themes we’re trying to hit pretty well.

I love this! 😄 RogueLeader, how do you come up with your ideas? 😉

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Movies Remastered said:

That’s actually a really great idea. I think someone took a run at it before?

What story can be hinted at within 24 frames though? It’s hard to create Luke disappearing or light sabers etc. A gorilla walker would be easy but it’s tricky for it to be clear enough it’s Luke.

If we could pull this off, it would be like the defining moment of this edit. The money shot.

Urgh… Now I really want to try and do it!

The Clone Wars: Refocused - A new holistic approach inspired by the Mandalorian [TEN EPISODES RELEASED (+watchlist for the remainder)]

EddieDean said:

Regrettably Chase Adams has told me he’s going to be unable to produce animated concept art due to personal commitments, which is a shame.

Sorry EddieDean, but I think you misunderstood. I’ll still be producing the animations, I’ll just have to start churning them out at a slower rate. I can release several episodes in groups between every of the few edits you do. I just won’t be able to keep up with doing one at a time for each episode.

"Champions of the Force"; Holly's Attack of the Clones edit (Work In Progress)

snooker said:

I created several clean plates throughout the shot and motion tracked them between each other, then rotoscoped that little gremlin out! It works really well in motion and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

So sorry for the massive bump, but out of curiosity, (and desperation 😄) would you ever in the future consider making this footage available for other editors? (Once you’ve finished it of course, and are completely comfortable with sharing)

Still so hyped to have you back with us snooker! 👍