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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Possessed said:

The same way you would with people you know, minus sharing intimate details about yourself.

Yeah, but that’s automatic. I don’t know how I do that either.

Mrebo said:

Making efforts to socialize feels like a great burden to me and chatting up strangers is unthinkable. I sort of envy those of you who want to make the effort to socialize.

Yep, this. Yet here I am…

Star Wars - What is wrong and what is right... Goodbye Magenta

MrPib said:

Now that we have 4k77, with reel-level correction, isn’t this all moot?

Eh, yes and no. There’s variation between prints, and as an IB Technicolor print, it has a unique green shift of its own. Plus it seems like Ronster is trying to recreate a particular home video look he remembers, which is an entirely different issue from original print colors.


Tantive3+1 said:

trimboNZ said:

Update via Facebook a couple of days ago:

Sorry for the lack of any updates. April/ May is always a busy time for me. Start of some good weather and loads of work to do outside and on the house. Family birthdays and everything that goes with that. So i never usually can manage to do much work on projects.

Saying that, i haven’t fully pushed Revisited to one side. I’ve still been working on ANH grading. That is now about 95% complete. Lots of planning for the pilot shoot also. Work has commenced on the sculpting for the pilots helmets and the chest piece. The red overalls are all completed, so the costumes are coming along nicely. Then it’s onto building the cockpit, which will be happening next month.

And i see Facebook have changed their settings for groups yet again. Seems now that many will only see highlights of any updates here in their newsfeeds and not every post. So, if you want to keep up with everything thats about to be happening, then make sure you have your settings set up to see all posts, not highlights , for this page.

So June is when everything will be getting back to normal…

Watch this space…

You should finish with what you want to do for ANH:RHD before you move on to ROTJ:R.

He should do what he thinks is best for his own project.

4k77 - shot by shot color grading

It also bears repeating that 4K77 waa graded by reel, not by shot, so any differences from one shot to another within the same reel is exactly what is on the print itself. So if shot 10 of reel 1 looks perfect, but shot 32 of the same reel is extremely green, that’s just how it is on the print.

For more consistent colors, you’ll have to wait for shot-by-shot regrades of 4K77, which Dr. Dre and at least one other person are working on. But they’ll take a while.

Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD (AVCHD DVD9 &amp; NTSC DVD5 available!!! SEE FIRST POST!!!)

Yep. In fact, IIRC Jedi is the only one of the OT for which the community already has scans of every frame (4K77 still has some missing frames filled in with 97SE and Blu-Ray frames), and it’s in significantly better condition than the SW and ESB prints that have been scanned (though the new ESB print Poita has acquired is in fantastic condition as well).

Last song you listened to.

darthrush said:

ChainsawAsh said:

Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack (early demo)

And now I don’t know if this or the Vitamin String Quartet cover used in Westworld is my favorite version.

I guess it’s technically just Thom Yorke and a guitar, not Radiohead as a whole, but whatever.

I’ll have to listen to all of these today since this is one of the most beautiful songs ever made in my opinion.

There’s another demo with just Yorke and a piano that’s also excellent. This one might actually be Yorke’s best-ever vocal performance of the song, but the piano is kinda rough.

Last web series/tv show seen

The new episode of The Expanse from this week, S03E07, “Delta-V.”

I adore the show, but still don’t like the current awkward structure of one book per 1.5 seasons. It made S02E05 and S03E06 feel like season finales because…well…they’re book endings. Putting them smack in the middle of the season is awkward structurally, because everything comes to a climax, then it all hits the brakes the next week.

In season 2 it wasn’t so bad, because they did some rewriting to compress the in-story time gap between books 1 and 2 so there is essentially no time gap between S02E05 and S02E06. But with season 3, they kind of did the opposite - they kept the time gap that exists between books, but on top of that they skipped over more things than the start of book 3 did. So characters who aren’t separated just yet at the start of book 3 are suddenly separated in S03E07, there’s a documentary crew roaming around one of the ships with little to no buildup or explanation, and the large shift in the political landscape of the system is only thinly sketched out in expositionary dialogue.

Now, that doesn’t mean it was a bad episode, but if you’re just watching the show without having read the books, it could feel rather jarring.

Having said that, this might actually be a good thing, because they’re just blazing through book 3 and that book is already more fast-paced and streamlined compared to the first two, so it seems likely that they’re actually going to end season 3 with the end of book 3, and not Midway through like they did with the first two books. Which means the structure of the show going forward might be “fixed” after the season ends.

TL;DR - the episode is an awkwardly-placed “season premiere” midway through a season which might throw people off, but it’s the start of the best book so far and it seems like episodes 7-13 are going to cover all of it, potentially fixing the pacing issue for season 4+.

The Music Festival Thread

Finally back home. Had a blast myself, but it appears that the heat this year combined with the ever-more-divided crowd (the festival has incorporated more and more EDM over the years, so the ratio of inexperienced young ravers and older hippies is closer to 50:50 than it ever has been) led to a lot of problems for others.

It was also weird because a lot of people I’m used to seeing weren’t there this year. But still, I enjoyed myself, even if it wasn’t my favorite year.

Bands I saw in order of how awesome their sets were:

  1. moe.
  2. EOTO
  3. Lettuce
  4. Tipper
  5. Future Rock
  6. The Werks
  7. STS9
  8. Cypress Hill
  9. Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
  10. Phil Lesh
  11. Aqueous
  12. Kung Fu
  13. Umphrey’s McGee
  14. Beats Antique

Worst Set All Weekend Award goes to Led Zeppelin 2, possibly the cringiest tribute band I’ve ever seen.

Sets I’m upset that I missed due to the heat or scheduling:

  • Keller Williams
  • Yonder Mountain String Band
  • John Medeski’s Mad Skillet
  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
  • Keys & Krates
  • STS9 late night Barn set
  • Victor Wooten Trio
  • Sun Stereo Battles the Pink Robots