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A simple ANH and RotJ idea

The DS1 had many design/engineering challenges that took nearly 20 years to overcome.

When they built DS2, they could do it in a fraction of the time because they knew what hurdles to expect and how to overcome them.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this idea (and generally dislike the two death stars in the OT for story/repetitive reasons), but the “Why’d DS2 take so much less time to make?” argument has never really held water for me. DS1 was the prototype, of course the “production” version (DS2) could be made much more quickly.

I want to download the Despecialized Editions, but...

Number 1 piece of advice I have for that particular issue:

Never ever ever visit a torrent tracker site without an ad blocker enabled. The malware you’re talking about is almost certainly from a malicious “ad” masquerading as a download button.

Get uBlock Origin and leave it on any time you’re visiting a site that offers legally-dubious content. Because those kind of sites aren’t going to be doing much vetting of who they’re selling their ad space to as long as the checks clear.

Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy

DominicCobb said:

I’ve said it before, but it’s clear the biggest reason some fans were mad about TLJ was due to its being an episode (i.e. they didn’t like how existing characters were handled, were unhappy with how the saga was progressing). Given the fact that Rian is working basically from scratch, it’s highly unlikely that if he made his new film in the exact same style/tone as TLJ (which I doubt he would do anyway) that fans would be up in arms against it. I don’t think it’d be at all surprising if many fans who hated TLJ ended up loving his trilogy, as it’s likely he’ll be expanding the canon in interesting ways.

As for the general audiences, that’s definitely the big question mark. How willing and curious are they to invest in a totally random Star Wars saga, and so soon after the main saga has just had a new trilogy?

Yep, all of this.

I want to download the Despecialized Editions, but...

Other than the cost of materials, it should be free. It’s a fan made restoration and as such should never be sold or bought for profit.

What you’ll be looking at is a Blu-Ray burner, which can be had for around $100 for an external USB one, or around $50-60 for an internal one that goes in your PC case’s disc drive bay.

Then you’ll need blank Blu-Ray media to write the files to a disc. I recommend Verbatim brand, price depends on if you go for a large spindle of discs, if you go for printable (plain white surface) discs or not, and if you go single layer (25GB) or dual layer (50GB).

Finally, you’re going to need the files themselves! If you’re burning to disc, I recommend NJVC’s set, which has both single- and dual-layer options, complete with menus and such. There’s a thread with details about it in this very forum.

For burning to the disc, the free software imgburn will be all you’ll need to get the downloaded file burned to your blank disc.

And that’s it!

Now, alternatively, you can just download the MKV video file versions, put them on a flash drive, and plug the flash drive into your Blu-Ray player (or possibly even just your TV), which should have no trouble playing the standalone files.

The last option is to get the ~8GB AVCHD versions, which can be burned to a DVD+R DL (dual layer DVD) with a standard DVD burner. This still results in an HD disc that can only be played on BR players, but it isn’t universally compatible and the quality is ever so slightly reduced compared to the full size MKV releases.

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any questions either here or in a private message if you’re confused or have any issues with any part of the process.


Well, first off, the only “six track” mix on there is the 5.1 - the rest are all stereo and mono.

Second, there’s no 1.6 for either DNR or no DNR. There’s a 1.4 no-DNR that has a new color grade courtesy of Sanjuro, and both it and the DNR Blu-Ray ISO have a new scan of the opening crawl.

Third, MySpleen invites are closed and have been for a long time. There’s been rumblings that they’ll open up invites again but nothing official.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

pleasehello said:

I mean, that’s my inclination. The alternative is that the performance is just weak and I don’t see John Williams allowing that. But if you listen to the opening hit followed by the staccato trombones (just the first few seconds) in one of prequel soundtracks compared to the sequel soundtracks, it’s as if someone took all the attack out of the brass instruments on the latter. They sound muffled almost as if the high-end was cut out. And the trombone staccati notes are barely audible.

If you listen to the two soundtracks one after the other, the difference is night and day. The first time I watched TFA on blu ray, I thought there was something wrong with my sound system.

Hell, I noticed in the theater for TFA and almost got up to complain that there was something wrong with the sound.

Was very disappointed to hear that it was the same for TLJ two years later…