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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

I can buy, and I have a “Libre” drive for ripping, but not nearly enough storage space, so I’d need to buy that too. But I’d need to know how to rip UHD properly so’s not to screw anything up. And I have no idea at all about HDR workflows.

So in a pinch, with coaching about the ripping process, I could mail a bunch of drives (along with the original discs, of course). I doubt I could find another way to transfer that much data that would work for me.

I’m hoping you get a better offer, but that’s what I can do!

Info Wanted: The DIFFERENT STAR WARS versions - which is best?

So, in terms of color, I’d rank it:

  1. 4K83 1.6
  2. 97SE
  3. Despecialized 2.5
  4. Earlier non-DrDre 4K83 releases
  5. GOUT
  6. Other Special Editions

All Special Editions later than the 97SE have huge color shifts and aren’t close at all. Harmy’s only so high on the list because he did such a good job undoing the damage of the 2011SE, but the colors on the Blu-rays were trash and there’s only so much you can correct. The only benefits of the OCN for Harmy was that it gave Despecialized much more fine detail and better contrast than any print-based preservation could ever have – but that fine detail and contrast did come at a cost.

I personally still prefer DeEd due to the detail and contrast that gives it the look of a modern respectful HD home video release. But that’s not how it was in theatres. Boosted contrast and lost fine detail came with the optical duplication process that produced projection prints, and that’s just how it looked. 4K83 reproduces that look, if that’s what you’re after (although the contrast boost in 4K83 isn’t bad at all, due to the special unicorn print they found, and ROTJ likely had more boosted contrast theatrically).

Basing things on the OCN is great for home video, especially when people don’t muck up the colors as badly as they did with Star Wars, but it’s not faithful to that projection print look. IMO it’s better, but that’s a matter of taste.

4K83 reel by reel color grading

ShiftyEyes said:

DrDre, I see the images you have in your shot by shot color correction of 4K83 thread are much more colorful and vibrant than your reel by reel color correction. Just curious what the differences are and with regards to accuracy/methodology.

He talks about it briefly here:

And I hope he never corrects his typo about people watching ROTJ “on the bog screen”, because it just cracks me up to imagine people watching it while sitting on the toilet.

<strong>Return Of The Jedi</strong> - a General <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> thread

My reactions at the time to Jedi were:

I didn’t mind Jabba’s palace in general – I didn’t really notice how bad some of the puppets were until I re-watched it later.

I didn’t mind the second Death Star. Not just because of the trap element, but again, I was ten, so I would tolerate a lot of recycled material (and phoned-in performances…).

The Leia-as-sister bit seemed more WTF than Vader-as-father, except without the equivalent emotional/character development payoff.

The Ewoks felt somewhere between stupid and pandering (and I was ten, so I wasn’t picky).

But mostly I was sad that Star Wars was over after only three movies. It didn’t really occur to me at the time how badly things could go if they kept making more of them. I was certain George Lucas could have still made more great Star Wars movies after Jedi, so they way it ended the saga so decisively was probably the biggest blow. Again, not-cynical-enough ten year old.

International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)

And here’s the “best news” I referred to earlier – we now have a complete set of Catalan dubs.

So what’s so special about this? Isn’t it just another dub? No, not in my opinion. Not at all.

I don’t often wax poetical about dubs – I’m a subtitle guy myself – but I’ve found they fall into certain categories, at least in terms of audio quality. There’s your high quality dubs from Laserdisc or DVD of the unaltered trilogy. German, French, Japanese, and so on. Great sound quality, no Special Edition nonsense, the way Star Wars dubs ought to be. But there are only a certain number of these, and the list never grows. Then there’s your variable-quality captures of TV dubs – at best, never nearly as good as your high quality dubs, and at worst, pretty bad. Then there’s your Despecialized dubs from DVD and Blu-ray, which can have good audio quality, but you get the Special Edition material, which puts them dead last in my estimation.

And then there’s the Catalan dubs. Star Wars and Empire are made-for-TV dubs, Jedi is a theatrical dub, but all three were TV broadcasts, and that’s how we have them. In terms of translation quality, I have no idea how they rate. But in terms of overall audio quality, these equal the Laserdisc tier in my opinion. Mono, but top-notch mono. And no, they don’t use the mono mix, they’re just a mono fold-down of stereo mixes.

They’re not perfect, of course. There is some tape damage at the beginning of the first reel of Jedi that I was sadly unable to correct. The lip sync comes and goes but is usually pretty solid. And there’s some crazy made-for-TV business – I don’t know all of the sound effects that Lucasfilm made for these films and rejected, or only included in certain releases, but I have the distinct impression that some sound effects were added by the dubbing studio or TV station. And they are occasionally quite weird. In Star Wars, in the shootout immediately following Obi-Wan’s death, there’s… I dunno… EXTRA laser blasts. But not really extra Star Wars laser blasts, extra laser blasts made by some guys whacking a metal cable to achieve something one cut above yelling “pew! pew!”. And in the mission briefing, there’s extra robot noises. Are they from the robot next to R2? Or from the projection screen? I have no idea. But whatever they are supposed to be, they are now preserved in very high quality, and these strange moments are the rare exceptions to an overall excellent presentation.

So, if you or someone you know speaks Catalan, this is great news, because Catalan just jumped the queue to become a top-tier language for the whole trilogy. If you’re curious about some of these unusual dubs we’ve been collecting, but are put off by that lo-fi VHS sound, this is the one you want to try. Either way, you can PM me for links to the dubs or download them from the usual places.

And to top it off, Laozi has offered to produce full Catalan subtitles, which will be included in the next version of Project Threepio. These subtitles are still a work in progress, as he’s taking extra time to ensure the best translation from the English.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

emanswfan said:

I’ve been watching other new 4K HDR transfers of classic movies on Disney+ and almost all of them look infinitely better than the original trilogy. For a movie shot on film, it’s depressing how the 4K version of the original Santa Claus movie with Tim Allen has better use of HDR and left more grain in tact than these transfers of the original trilogy. A silly 90’s family comedy has a better transfer than these legendary movies??? What the heck?

Manos: Hands of Fate has a better transfer than Star Wars.

I think the overall problem is that if it’s a “classic” or “big seller” title, it gets extra attention. A new color grade a la The French Connection, re-inserting some deleted scenes like Cinema Paradiso, or moar Maclunkey like Star Wars. I suppose the logic is: why would anyone re-buy this title a fourth or fifth time if it wasn’t radically different from any version they’ve ever seen before? Which is just a corollary to: Why would anyone buy a movie they’d already seen?

But if you have a niche/meh catalog title, they just hand it off to the intern, who runs it through the scanner and puts the result on the disk. Thus, Shakes the Clown seems to get more respect than Amadeus, when in fact it’s the lack of respect that saved it.

Like Kevin Smith said: in Hollywood, you fail upward.

There should be a proper release of the 1977 Star Wars at this point

At some point it becomes a personal canon question. Some people like the mono mix, some people like multi-channel. All of the original mixes are authentic, so it just boils down to which one you like best, as it would be with video variants (70mm, alternate credits, cloudy composite, and so on), regardless of which ones may have technically made it to the theatre first.

I think I personally didn’t feel any disturbance in the Force until the 93 changes, but they were something I was grudgingly willing to endure at the time. The 97 changes were several bridges too far from the get-go and would never be acceptable, and the later versions were just continuations of the 97 freakshow. Now that we have so many great fan-created options, I wouldn’t settle for the 81, 85, or 93 revisions at all. My tolerance for fiddling has definitely decreased since finding this site.

Empire Strikes back 35mm restoration feedback thread (POUT) (a WIP)

Ah, thanks. Yes, activity date indicates he’s safe and sound, if not actually posting anything. The print? I dunno, there were giant fires not too long ago causing a lot of losses. But I’m relieved to see he’s personally still kicking around. And if this project is still going on, even better.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

Rodney-2187 said:

Star Wars will be around longer than any of us.

The quest for the best version of Star Wars will be too.

These new 4K UHD discs are just another rung on the endless ladder. Collect as much of that ladder as you can while you’re here.

For many here, the best official release of Star Wars has been gathering dust for about 25 years, and has yet to be surpassed, even by the new 4K discs. The 4K discs represent new raw material for fan preservations, nothing more. I don’t see any scenario under which I would actually watch them, although I may buy them as required by the rules of fan edit ownership, should a worthy fan edit arise.