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Unpopular Opinion Thread

Spartacus01 said:

I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I’ll expose it regardless.

I don’t think that the less relatability of the PT characters is due to the way the characters are written, but simply to the acting. For example, I live in Italy, and the Italian dubbing is much more dynamic than the original acting. It’s less flat, and as a result the characters seem more human. In fact, I have never had any problem empathizing with the PT characters, precisely because the Italian dubbing is more dynamic and human, and therefore it conveys different sensations than the original acting, to the point that many of the lines that are considered cringe in the English-speaking world sound perfectly natural in the Italian dubbing.

To prove my point, here there are some scenes from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in my native language:

Padmé confronting Anakin on Mustafar (ROTS)

“You were the Chosen One!” (ROTS)

Anakin meeting Padmé for the first time (TPM)

Anakin meeting Padmé again (AOTC)

The elevator scene (AOTC)

Anakin and Padmé talking on the grass (AOTC)

As you can see, the acting is much more dynamic here than in the original version.

I can sort of understand why George Lucas chose a flatter, less emphatic type of acting, but it affected the films in the long run.

I do not think that is an unpopular opinion, but it certainly an interesting one.

Personally, I think it is similar in other language dubs too. The non-English versions that I have seen usually have more energy and flow to them, in delivery of the lines, and also in conversation with their counterparts in scenes. It flows more naturally than the original English language delivery. Almost like a fan editor may choose or prefer when trying to bring more emotion, energy, more intensity to some PT scenes.

Although I do not think it was something George chose to for the PT (‘flatter, less emphatic type of acting’), I think it was part of his lack of direction or care to attention for dialogue heavy scenes. I think it is something he or his highly skilled editing team in the OT fixed in post/in the edit. In the Prequels that editing team (and ‘the heart’ or emotion from Marcia) was not there, and it could not be fixed, with many scenes appearing stilted, stiff or just plain flat. Maybe more “Do it again one more time. But faster, more intense” from George on set was needed?

It would be interesting exercise to see English voice actors (or impersonators), maybe even the original PT actors redubbing the PT now, but with more emotion, flow and energy, to see if that improves the PT films overall, and how much by.

Heir to the Empire Trilogy. A General Discussion

I’m a little apprehensive on how they are going to redo, or riff on, Heir To The Empire for the end of the Mandoverse and ‘climactic story event’ that will probably be Dave Filoni’s New Republic theatrical film.

Riffing on the EU is something they seem to do quite a bit since the Prequel films, to varying degrees, but this feels like a big step re-treading and re-working something so big, loved and respected from the books.

I can see myself having to separating the two HTTEs, in my own head-canon, if they screw this up.

High Republic setting general discussion

I am a little surprised there hasn’t been more on-screen content for the High Republic, be it some episodes in ‘Visions’ or in ‘Tales Of The Jedi’, or as other have suggested on here, its own ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ style animated series?

So far, it is ‘The Acolyte’ series, and ‘Eclipse’ game, both still to be released. And the ‘Young Jedi Adventures’ animated series for younger children. Which is a bit lacking overall, for promoting awareness and interest for such a promising and vast publishing project.

<em><strong>ANDOR</strong></em> - Disney+ Series - A General Discussion Thread

Disney’s “For Your Consideration” website for Andor:-

Unfortunately there are no scripts and concept art on that website. Maybe the Andor website that Tony Gilroy talked about creating, and putting up the scripts and concept art, will be on a different site? Or perhaps will be added later?

<strong>The Mandalorian</strong> - a general discussion thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

StarkillerAG said:

I also hope they never make a season 4, though: not because I hate Kathleen Kennedy and want her to fail, but because I feel like Mando has exhausted pretty much all its storytelling capabilities by this point. Both Book of Boba and season 3 felt like they were stalling for time, in order to stretch a story that could have ended in one season into two. I sincerely hope they don’t stretch it out even further.

The same for me. It feels like a season 4 of Mandalorian would just be background for overlapping with Ahsoka and Skeleton Crew, with a probably return of the Boba Fett character. So it will be all nicely setup for the “climactic future event” in the Filoni New Republic film.

Right now, in my “head-canon”, The Mandalorian finished at the end of season 2. There was no BoBF or Mando seasons 3 & 4.

Return Of The Jedi's 40th anniversary

Emre1601 said:

A “Return of the Jedi at 40” section in now up on the official website:

There is nothing new on there yet, apart from a quiz.

So far it is just old interviews with Denis Muren, or George & Leonard Maltin, clips from the film, old deleted scenes from the blu ray, ROTJ themed recipes, and old ROTJ articles.

There still isn’t much in the way of new content. Even the 3 “new interviews”

Ben Burtt and Randy Thom:
Dennis Muren & Phil Tippett:
Thomas G. Smith:

appeared to be the same familiar stories and quotes

There doesn’t appear to be much effort put into them making anything new and worthwhile for ROTJ’s 40th anniversary. Also, a 3 minute “Celebrating 40 Years of Return of the Jedi - Star Wars Show” video which basically tells us to go on social media to find more about a “40th Reunion” party? Meh. 😦

I learnt to stop anticipating much effort or quality from Lucasfilm many years ago, it save me from being too disappointed. With a few obvious exceptions with the likes of Andor, Visions, early Mandalorian, and Bad Batch.

I watched Despecialzied 2.5 on the actual anniversary, and had a blast.

<em><strong>Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge</strong></em> (Disney Theme Park)

Disney Considered Re-Theming The Star Wars Hotel To The Mandalorian In An Attempt To Save It - at SlashFilm

They could rebrand it as anything Star Wars related, but many people just can’t afford that kind of money for a short hotel stay. Or if they can, they’d probably spend it on something that gives them more “bang for their buck”.

Unless they lower the prices for it, this looks like it will remain a short term failure.