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How much of a show can you watch without a break?

Now I don’t mean in one sitting, but rather, how long can you go watching a show regularly before you get bored of it. Not that you don’t come back to it later, but rather that you need to put it down in the first place. And for the sake of this discussion, that means waiting for a new season is a break (although the fact that you’re still craving more is worth an acknowledgement).

I lost interest in Naruto after 97 episodes (will revisit someday).

When I finished 97th and final episode of Code Lyoko, I felt like it was just right. I had my fill, but enjoyed every minute of it.

I remember seeking out similar shows to fill the void of Mystery Incorporated after its 52 episode run.

Avatar had me hooked 'til the end with 91 episodes, leaving me eager to jump straight into Legend of Korra (which I quickly realized I didn’t like much).

After 106 episodes of William Hartnell Doctor Who, I just needed a break. I definitely got through over (the equivalent of - as the episodes are double lenght) a hundred of the modern series (there were 6 at the time) and was still craving more, but that was years prior and unrelated.

I happily made my way through all (at the time) 125 episodes of TCW, and will need to rewatch it at some point, given the new season. I don’t recall being in desperate need for more Clone Wars, but I was annoyed at being cancelled prematurely.

Conclusion? I guess the ideal amount is around 100.

Really? I’m just overthinking this for my own projects.

The Unpopular Film, TV, Music, Art, Books, Comics, Games, & Technology Opinion Thread (for all you contrarians!)

As a kid I would sometimes catch the Simpsons on TV. I didn’t love it, but it was perfectly serviceable. Then I kept hearing online when I got older that people thought it was bad now and was better in the earlier scenes. One day I watched the very first episode in order to test that. The one where they find the dog on Christmas or something. The quality was exactly the same. Only the animation had changed. If it were written today, I wouldn’t have noticed the difference.

Conclusion: The Simpsons hasn’t gotten any worse since it started.

Granted, in retrospect, the sample size is to small to provide an accurate judgement, but like I said, I don’t care for sitcoms, so I can’t be bothered sitting through more of it. It was mildly amusing then and is mildly amusing now.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

DominicCobb said:

omnimuffin said:

I don’t have any problem with the concept; all of the Knights wear thick enough clothing that you wouldn’t be able to tell any more than you could tell Enfys Nest was a woman. My problem is that Sollony ain’t one of the Knights of Ren we see in the flashback or in any of the supporting material. She comes out of nowhere.

How do we know that? We don’t have the script.

You’re both wrong. Sollony could be any one of the knights we’ve already seen, and we do have a script (though maybe not the exact draft you’re looking for). It was leaked and confirmed as real by Trevorrow himself, remember?

Anyway, I think this article makes a very good point: it’s not the ending that messes everything up, it’s the pointlessly meandering middle. Nothing of consequence happens until the finale, which on its own is actually fairly solid IMO, if uninspired.

The Unpopular Film, TV, Music, Art, Books, Comics, Games, &amp; Technology Opinion Thread (for all you contrarians!)

The Last Jedi’s comedy is perfectly consistent with The Force Awakens. While people were calling at the film’s excessive humor, I’d already called it out two years prior, yet no one listened. I mean, does the leaf gag really feel that much different than “Who’s in charge now, Phasma”?

There was also something else I wanted to say was perfectly consistent with its predecessor despite what people say, but I forgot what it was.

Worst Edit Ideas

The Sarlacc pit talks!

With an “oy bruv” accent no less!

FWIW, the male vocalist in Jedi Rocks is a Yuzzum, a species native to Endor, so it would actually make sense for him to show up there.

Jabba the Hutt now farts at random intervals.

Wouldn’t be out of character with the several burps the film already has as well as the infamous TPM scene.