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I just asked out a girl on a whim and she’s freaking out but in a good way. We’d been chatting for hours with her friend. I didn’t wanna do it until the end, so I did it as they were gonna leave. She says she’ll get back to me on the answer, and she visibly overwhelmed. It didn’t seem dismissive or anything, I genuinely think she wants time to think it over. She said she’d rarely been asked out before, so that’s why she was so shocked. Felt really good honestly.

If you could change one thing about every movie, what would it be?

Padme would survive but Anakin would think she died.

That just feels like being faithful to the OT for faithfulness’s own sake. Retcons are worthwhile if they make overall story is better.

TFA - Nothing

That has to be a hot take, right?

TRoS - I hate the title.

Well I hated the title of TLJ, but thought TRoS was a perfect title.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

SparkySywer said:

What if Palpatine in TRoS is just a personification of the dark side, and not Palpatine himself? It takes the corporeal form of Palpatine just because of the galaxy’s shared trauma of this one dude.

Yeah, that’s a pretty obvious way to get rid of Palpatine surviving, and one I recall being discussed in the past. Shouldn’t be too hard with lines like “All the Sith live in me” or whatever it was.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

My side of the story is this: I was banned for insisting I am not gay for being attracted to someone who is physically female. They said I dated a boy because they identified as a boy but the truth is way more complicated than that. Both of us understood that at the time but everyone else refused to and just called me gay, and so now they dug up that old fossil of an argument and framed it as me attacking their woke religion. I use their pronouns and their names and everything but they’re never happy. Ffs I have to draw the line somewhere, and that somewhere is where it stops being about letting them exist and starts being about not letting me exist. I have never misgendered anyone (at least not on purpose, accidents happen) or tried to attack their gender identity, but they keep attacking me. When I was dating this person we were both trying to make the impossible work since I wanted to date a girl and they wanted to a boy. We eventually broke up over it, which was the smart thing to do, but the point remains that I respected his identity but I was never in love with a boy.

Now what remains to be seen is if you guys get mad at me over the same thing and ban me so I can go wallow in misery alone instead of actually providing moral support to soul in dire need. I’m taking a great risk by telling you the whole truth and not just easily defensible fragments of it. Don’t make me regret it by banning me. You guys mean so much to me. And unlike that server you don’t have a track record of continuously bullying me. You’re respectful people.