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Query: STAR TREK Feature Films Laserdisc original cinematic audio tracks Preservation. 35mm too?

The majority of the STAR TREK Feature Films do retain their original cinematic audio tracks on the 2-Disc DVD releases albiet in Dolby Digital 2.0 for the majority of TOS films and most assuredly 5.1 regarding TNG films. Would really like to have the PCM 2.0 and possibly PCM (possibly higher bitrate Dolby Digital) 5.1 tracks from these films from the Laserdiscs or the 35mm prints available for download and preservation. The recent 4K UHD disc and Blu-ray disc remastered releases of The Motion Picture, II: The Wrath of Khan, III: The Search for Spock, and IV: The Voyage Home omits the original cinematic English audio tracks for 7.1 instead.

STAR TREK VI: The Undiscovered Country would be the most trickiest since the original DVD release was still the Special Home Video Version which was sourced from the Laserdisc. The optical audio track from the 35mm film would have the original cinematic audio and original cinema cut of the film. That’d be an entirely different preservation project.
Not entirely certain as to what else to type except it’s been nice seeing the 35mm print preservations of The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home. Would be a nice project, perhaps also a massive undertaking, to preserve films The Final Frontier through Nemesis via the 35mm prints. Anything to escape the dreadful DNR and inferior sources of the 2009 BD releases of those.

I have absolutely no way to make my own preservations regarding these two formats. Don’t have any Laserdisc or film scanning equipment.

Star Trek: The Original Series preservation (a WIP)

JadedSkywalker said:

Where resolution is concerned i think 2K is the sweet spot they’ve decided on for Star Trek television and 4K for the films. Although only the Kelvin films and The Wrath of Khan have 4k masters, and Deep Space Nine And Voyager haven’t been scanned in 2k yet. Enterprise is close enough with 1080P filmout tapes.

I cannot see them going back and doing TOS again in 4K.

Has anyone listened to the analog audio off the US discs yet, analog audio can be quite good.

I’m tempted to get some of the episodes on Laserdisc just to listen to them.

The recent 4K and BD releases of the remastered The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, and The Voyage Home all appear to be stellar. Future sets along with The Motion Picture - The Director’s Edition remastered in 4K are more than eventual and the latter is currently being worked upon.

The Roddenberry Vault BD release uses AVC instead of VC-1 which was used on the TOS BD Season sets. The former only has episodes culled from Seasons 1 and 2, none from 3. Would have been nice to see further volumes but perhaps Paramount nixed the idea. The aforementioned Roddenberry Vault has far better compression for the episodes included compared to the Season sets. All of the episodes in both the Season Sets on BD and The Roddenberry Vault are the original broadcast versions and not syndicated as many prior releases were. Of course it has the revised/“updated” effects via seamless branching.
The Dolby Digital Mono tracks on both BD releases are unfortunately low bitrate instead of PCM, which is most likely on Laserdisc. The Season Sets on BD are unfortunately presented in broadcast order instead of production order.

Star Trek The Motion Picture - Special Longer Version - 720p HD restoration/reconstruction/fanedit Version 1.0 (Released)

Is there any chance for a non-degrained version? I loathe Digital Noise Reduction.
Wonder if there’s any possibility for another version of this with the 1983 TV aka Special Longer Version scenes to be upscaled with the newer remastered Blu-ray disc of The Motion Picture compared to the antiquated and irrelevancy of the 2009 BD.