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Adding Subtitles & Menus to DVD's of Harmy's Despecialized?


Hi! I just recently joined after starting my download of the Harmy Despecialized Editions. I even paid Mega for one month of Premium to get rid of the download cap haha.

I love the quality of the MKV files, but I am slightly concerned about burning to disc. I intend to make somewhat presentable physical copies for my family. I’ve already purchased DVD’s and DVD cases which should be arriving soon, and I intend to buy some ink for my printer to print out some of the amazing DVD covers the people here have come up with.

I downloaded the NTSC DVD5 files for ANH Despecialized, but after doing a test burn to a DVD-RW, I noticed the lack of any sort of menu, only 1 audio track, and no subtitles. This is rather disappointing - other than that the DVD quality is perfectly fine. So, I was wondering if there was a simple way to at least integrate subtitles and a DVD menu of some kind alongside the existing VIDEO_TS folder available. Or, maybe it would be easier to make my own DVD files from the MKV source, selecting what audio and subtitle tracks I’d like to include? I have Handbrake, but I don’t know if it’s any good at that.

And so many people have provided templates for posters, DVD covers, Blu-Ray covers, has anybody provided menus that you can easily implement with some sort of authoring software? Is is possible maybe to rip the menus from the official DVD’s and retool them into the Despecialized cut?

Sorry for all the questions, haha. I’m still somewhat new to this. I’ve burned DVD’s before but I’ve never been concerned about making it presentable before.


I think there are a few threads on making menus for blu rays further on in this section of the site? It may be the same or similar for DVDs also?

It may be easier to put the films onto USB drives for your friends and family: rather than burning discs, making menus, printing out artwork, buying cases and so on?

ooj has a great USB cover and case thread for ideas and inspiration, and there may be other similar ideas in the ‘Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art’ forum, if you go with the USB drives?

But respect to you if you choose to go down the more tradtional route 😃

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