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Theater Performance Preservations

puzosep said:

Help please!

Get these stuff from Usenet: “ReUp: obi-have.kenobi.Star.Wars.vhs.pal.1977.bootleg.4x3.letterboxed.mpg” with uploaded jan 17 in ‘alt.binaries.starwars’ group members. Its Part03 RAR file is missing and/or file size mismatch! (yEnc: 273MB size vs. 503MB, article not found) I love have missing correct RAR file.

UPDATE: Checked any RAR files with Quickpar. Part10 and PArt12 RAR-file, (incomplete 172/173 blocks available.) Correct PAR2 files, not available for repairing?


I just tried it. At least I’m pretty sure I’m trying the same one.
And I got all of parts 03, 10, and 12 no problem. I’m downloading the rest now, but will have to let it go overnight.
I’d suggest redownloading them? If it still doesn’t work, send me a PM.

NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

Likewise_ said:

Followed the Ultimate Introductory Guide, but all the links to the MKV’s were dead. After that I followed the guide to get the NJVC Blu-Ray images, but all those mega links were dead as well. Now, I’m at my wit’s end. If someone could send me working links for all three Despecialized Editions, I would be eternally greatful. I’d prefer MKV, but if the Blu-Ray set is the only working method right now, I can make that work. Thanks in advance.

I just tried the ultimate introductory guide for the mkv, and the links (hint: section 3, step 7) worked.
Well, that’s an overstatement.
I just tried 1 file from one version of one movie and it worked. But I assume the rest are fine 😃.
What problem did you have?

For the njvc discs, I think those links are down. But you can pm me if you need help getting those.