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Make Star Wars great again. finding the right one.(noob)

There’s a bunch of different versions.
Main one on the site is probably Harmy’s Despecialized (SW 2.7 (with help from towne32), ESB 2.0, ROTJ 2.5). There’s threads detailing those.
Those 3 have been made into nice Blurays by NJVC, there’s a big thread on that. And a thread about distributing those from solkap.

Then there’s the new 4k77 for SW. There’s a thread on that.
There’s the Silver Screen Edition of SW. And a Grindhouse of ESB (and the Dreamastered colour correction of that). And I think a ROTJ Grindhouse as well?
Thread’s on all of those too, I imagine.

Probably some other versions I’ve missed.

So maybe a first step is to go look at all those threads and decide which version(s) you want?

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

Thinking outside the box here.
This might be a bad idea.

How about…hrm, not flooding, but putting on a few Ebay ads ourselves. Title it (them?) something along the lines of “Absolutely Free Despecialized Star Wars Set” and in the description explain how to get it free.
That way if anyone ever goes to Ebay to search for where they can buy a set, this result shows up.

Not sure how Ebay works, but it would be nice if we could make the auction without accepting any money. But chances are we’d have to make it with at least a $0.01 ‘buy it now’ option??