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Movies/TV officially released for free (YouTube, Vimeo, etc. finds)
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12-Jul-2021, 8:51 AM
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13-Jul-2021, 5:24 AM
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Sometimes, especially with older films or cult classics, the company that owns a movie or TV show decides to post them online for free. And sometimes a single episode of a show might be posted online to entice people to buy a full DVD or Blu-ray box set. This thread aims to make a collection of all of these officially posted movies and TV shows.

I also made a similar thread for films that are available online because they have fallen into the public domain;
Public Domain Movies (YouTube, Vimeo, etc. finds)

Make sure that the video is officially released! Do not post films uploaded by random users that simply haven’t been taken down by YouTube, Vimeo, etc. yet.
Keep the thumbnail small, please. Either find a small image or simply post the YouTube thumbnail (like this). Alternatively you can PM ZkinandBonez and I’ll make one for you.
• Any additional information about the film would be appreciated, such as links to the film’s IMDb or Wikipedia page.
• Please post any relevant technical information like the runtime, video resolution, and in the case of non-English films please point out if subtitles are available (DON’T post movies if they do not have subtitles).
• Only post videos containing just the movie. i.e. no added intros, outros, mirrored videos, cropped videos, tweaked audio, etc. This means that the uploader, who does not own the film, is trying to trick the YouTube algorithm.

A Chronological INDEX… (click on ‘Expand’ to see the Index)

Solaris (1972 - Russian, sci-fi, drama, mystery)
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974 - horror, adventure)
Office Romance (1977 - Russian, comedy)
Stalker (1979 - Russian, drama, sci-fi, avant-garde)

Secret Agent (aka Danger Man): S1E1 - “View From The Villa” (1960 - action, crime)
The Saint: S1E1 - “The Talented Husband” (1962 - action, crime)
The Saint: S1E2 - “The Fellow Traveler” (1963 - action, crime) scroll down
The Prisoner: S1E1 - “Arrival” (1967 - sci-fi, mystery, avant-garde)
Space: 1999: S1E1 - “Breakaway” (1975 - sci-fi)

NOTE: If one of the videos should be deleted from YouTube/Vimeo/etc. please PM ZkinandBonez so that the link can either be replaced or labelled as defunct. Alternatively PM oojason or one of the other mods.