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The random YouTube / Vimeo etc video finds thread for the Original Trilogy
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19-Jan-2020, 8:28 PM
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4-Feb-2020, 8:18 AM
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Given Ripplin’s wondrous YouTube/Vimeo/etc… Star Wars finds thread is in the newly formed ‘The Expanded Universe & General Star Wars Discussion’ forum, it may be good idea to have a thread dedicated for online videos on or around the Original Trilogy.

ZkinandBonez has an awesome YouTube/Vimeo/etc. finds for Original Trilogy making-ofs, documentaries, promos, etc. thread for posting up making-ofs, documentaries, promos, etc for the three classic films - but for anything else online video-wise on the OT, post 'em up in here for us all to watch…



Obi-Wan Remembers The Truth’:- : at the Shahan Reviews youtube channel. (1 minute long)

^ Jedit: ooj said it may be worth kicking the thread off with a boss video or two - so why not start with a short clip of Alec Guinness’ masterful and nuanced acting.



'Star Wars Defined: The Carbon Freeze:- : at the Moose Films youtube channel. (6 minutes long)

^ it is just one video of many from the ’Star Wars Defined’ video playlist. A network of YouTubers have come together to form a project that celebrates Star Wars; where anyone can put forward a video to talk about their love and appreciation of Star Wars in a single YouTube Playlist - “choosing scenes, moments or journeys they believe define Star Wars, to further spread love for the series” - from any and all of The Galaxy Far Far Away…