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Yoda talking in OT vs PT, way different
You know a point was brought up which i had never even considered. Everyone remembers Yoda as having this ridculous backwards speech in ESB but if you actually watch the training scenes, its hardly present at all. Then in the PT Yoda actually has ridiculous backwards speech. Are people just remembering things wrong? Well, partially, but here is the explanation:

Yoda DOES indeed speak with ridiculous inverted grammar in ESB--when he is prentending to be a crazy local!

"Away put your weapon, I mean you no harm"
"Help you i can, yes"
"Take you to him, I will"
"ah, father, powerful jedi was he"

Then Yoda reveals that he is in fact a wise and powerful jedi master.

"I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience."
"Much anger in him, like his father"
"A jedi must have the most depest committment. The most serious mind. This one, a long time have i watched, all his life as looked away, to the future, to the horizon, never his mind on where he was, what he was doing."
"That place is strong with the darkside, and you must go."

His speech is pretty normal, with only the odd, MINOR inversions, such as "told you i did, reckless is he", which is about as extreme as it gets. Yoda's repuration of course is that he is this weird gibberish-speaking inverted kermit, mostly because of the introductory "crazy Yoda" scenes--in fact, even Lucas forgot this. Yodas PT grammar is the same as his "crazy Yoda" grammar!

Can you imagine if GL wrote ESB now? "Teach him, I cannot. No patience the boy has" "Stong with darkside that place is, and go you must"
Yoda talking in OT vs PT, way different
Originally posted by: Kaal-Jhyy
Originally posted by: Invader Jenny
And I don't think Mark Hamill smokes (if that is what you were implying). It's just good ol' fashion aging.

I was not saying that especially for Mark Hamill, just in a general way.

i think i remember those old vintage making-of specials showing him smoking on set...i know harrison ford was for sure. In any case Carrie fisher definitly hands him a beer in his x-wing so maybe it was all the booze....
Yoda talking in OT vs PT, way different
I actually wouldnt be opposed to redoing a digital yoda in ESB and ROTJ, since the ROTS was so incredible. The AOTC yoda sucked, but after seeing what they did in ROTS, and seeing the puppet replacement in TPM with the digital one--it changed my mind. However, i would only approve of redoing OT Yoda on one condition--the O-OT is released to preserve the original. Because, yeah, its not THAT necessary to redo the OT Yoda, and the articulation gained is not worth losing the historically-important (and nostalgical) puppet Yoda. Really, the SW films are all completely different from when Lucas first made them so whatever he wants to do to tie them all together is fine with me, but the only way i think myself and many other fans could totally accept stuff as extreme as redoing Yoda is if the originals were also made available. I think both of these things are actually very likely to happen! Redoing his voice though? No need, really. There would inevitably be a tradeoff in performance, and besides the fact that the PT dialog is worse, the only reason Lucas would consider redoing Yoda is because he was fighting the technology and what is seen on-screen is somewhat of a compromise (in the first draft of ESB Yoda even fences with Obi Wan! Imagine trying to do that in 1980). What is HEARD on screen however is as good as can be, regardless of technology, and i think Lucas has been more than satisfied with Oz' vocals for the originals.
1978 or 1981 ?
the book is wrong. It first appeared in the forged screenplay in The Art of Star Wars, released in 1978, but it didnt make it into the 78 theatrical re-release. In fact, Episode V was the first time ppl saw an "episode" onscreen. Likely, they filmed the alternate Episode IV title at the same time as doing the titles for Empire in 1980. the 1981 release was the debut of Episode IV.