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My worst nightmare - the unaltered theatrical versions no longer existing...

Originally posted by: Bossk

Originally posted by: Master Sifo-Dyas
What if the original film material was already scrapped after the completition of the SE in 1997 and Lucasfilm simply can't rerelease the OT because of that?!! o_O

As has been stated in other posts in the past, in order to release the 1997 SE, the original stock had to be digitized. Any filmmaker with his head on straight (yes, that includes Lucas) would have multiple copies of the digitized original stock just in case a mistake was made. You have to have something to fall back on. It's a basic concept in any sort of editing field be it web design, graphic design, film editing, photo editing, etc. You always have a back-up copy in case everything goes FUBAR. So he has to have an unaltered back-up copy somewhere.

Yes, that is why I never bought his statements about the originals not even existing anymore. I just never believed those claims.
SE Trilogy on DVD coming this Fall
First off, don't give up hope people. This is a great site and until everything's completely finished, fight on. I've been expecting this announcement for a long time now regarding the different rumors that were around on the net. Since this is the official release now, there's something we still gotta look at. The main rumors lately is that he was going to release some form of the SE and then his rumored Ultimate Editions after Ep III, probably 2006 sometime. It was also rumored that (if at anytime) the OT was to be released on DVD it would be with the UE in 2006. That's what I'm still hoping for. Hopefully it will be included with the UE when he releases those.

With that said, I agree with the rest of you that he needs to be sent a message. That's the only way he'll understand what the fans want. Jay, you might want to create a (that was off the top of my head) to get the message out there. I think supporting the bootleg DVD's, not buying the SE versions is the only way Lucas will listen.

That said, I am weak when it comes to Star Wars and still love it today. I thought the idea of buying the SE DVD through Ebay or Amazon was a great idea. That's what I plan to do. At least that way, Lucas won't get my money (since it's already bought). Get the message out there. Tell your friends. I still hope that the OT will be released on the UE in 2006.