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Taxi (1978-1983) - Seasons 4 and 5 uncut episodes preservation

OTRest said:

SpacemanDoug said:

DawnShadow said:

Jim’s Marios is still edited on Amazon via Paramount+ - I assume the regular Paramount+ version is edited too unless you can confirm otherwise?

Edit occurs at 18:05 - all of Alex playing the piano, singing etc. is gone

I guess that’s the unfortunate acception because P+ is edited too

Do you have a TV capture of that scene by any chance?

Good news! The missing scene in Jim’s Mario’s is included in Pluto’s free streaming version:


Can anyone confirm that there are no other cuts on the Paramount+ versions?

Can anyone capture this in 1080p and make it available?

Song Of The South [35mm Restoration V3] (a WIP)

Class316 said:

On Cartoon Chaos they just added this: Song of the South 1946 [Thunderbean BD25]

This is a newer scan (2022) from a 35mm IB Technicolor print by Thunderbean. It restores a segment that was missing from the previous scan that is around.

What previous segment are they talking about that is missing?

As registration is closed, is there any way that someone could get it and make it available?

Song Of The South [35mm Restoration V3] (a WIP)

stwd4nder2 said:

CMGF said:

The 4K restoration is an upscale, and I think it’s also out of sync, at least during “Zip a Dee Doo Dah”. There is also a fan made BluRay which was reviewed at songofthesouth.net and described as the best way to watch the film currently, but it didn’t make it to the internet as far as I know and I didn’t manage to get a copy.

I always thought the bootleg BD was just the v2 someone put on a disc and tried to make money off of. Is it really a separate restoration?

No… you’re correct in your assessment that it’s the V2 that someone grabbed and put on a disc…

Creed Duology Extended Editions (1080p) (Released)

Louisiana12 said:

Could you send me a download link,please. I really appreciated your edits, and would love to see all of your extended fanedits. Thank you for your hard work

Wolf768 said:

Please could you send me your link? s_lonewolf@aol.co.uk

I am currently working on an upscale project with another user. Give me until after the first week of the new year and I should have some free space to re-upload it.

Fantastic Four (2005) - Extended Cut in HD

Genemon123 said:

Did anyone ever do this? I bought the movie on iTunes and have been trying to record it with OBS but the recording comes out choppy. I’ve tried to record in various frame rates and they turn out choppy. Any help with that would be appreciated?

How are you able to get to this from your iTunes purchase? When Apple originally offered this as an iTunes Extra when buying the main film, it was a separate download. However, after some time, they made it streaming only (but if you had bought it prior to that cutoff date, it would still be a downloadable file for you).

Which avenue is the one you are using? (although I suspect it’s streaming from your post

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

JJPotter said:

Did I say the post was being mean? NO! But, Doctor M, you proved my point at the end of your post. There are picky people and this post was one of them. I’m tired of people saying they are disappointed in my work solely because I didn’t give them what they wanted. I just released a new edit and the first thing that is said is that my work is disappointing because I didn’t provide 10-bit vs 8-bit encoding. All the while, someone out there is disappointed that I used x265 encoding because their 10-year-old rig won’t play it properly.

Here’s the problem…

Apparently far too many people expect JJPotter to be a short order cook and tailor every release to their own specifications. This is a ridiculous notion. Everyone should appreciate the magnificent effort that he has put into this and realize that they are getting for free and not complain or “make suggestions”. It is his work and he has the right to present it as he sees fit. Being that he is obviously an accomplished editor, my hunch is he already knows about various means to “make them better” (8 bit vs 10 bit, increase data rate, etc…). If you want it better, do it yourself. On the other hand, those that want “smaller versions” (lower bit rate, h264 vs h265, 720p, etc…) have even LESS to complain about because they can make those changes themselves once they download them and use handbrake or any numerous re-encoding programs.

Don’t complain about file size and your Internet. Either buy better Internet (if available), go to where Internet is better (Starbucks, work, etc…), or just suck it up. Like I said, you’re getting this for free and the effort behind it is monumental, so you should be showing your appreciation instead.

He has every right to present these as he sees fit, without everyone jumping down his throat complaining about everything under the sun regarding the tech specs of it. As it stand now, it seems that those that have been complaining have run off a very valuable member of this community, and it sickens me that you have done so. I do hope that he reconsiders any future projects and perhaps changes the method in which he is willing to dole out any updates or future releases so that he isn’t attacked with complaints.

What he should do is post that a new edition is available, lock the thread so that no responses can be made, and the only email address is the one that he uses to dole out the current releases and have gmail delete all incoming mail. Then find someone willing (I would gladly volunteer) to have threads dealing with technical glitches that are found. That way he doesn’t have to deal with the stress of dealing with everyone complaining that his releases aren’t what they want. I have used his works to learn and help to improve my own fanedits. I really hate that his current position is that he’s removed himself from a community that is supposed to be supportive and appreciative of his work and not ride him like a broken horse during the Pony Express.