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THX 1138 "preservations" + the 'THX 1138 Italian Cut' project (Released)

I was communicating with SilverWook to arrange the file transfer when I thought, what the heck, I'll just join the forum!

Thank you all for your interest, I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one to notice the importance of a theorically unexisting version of THX. Apologies if it's only in Italian.

If I'm not mistaken, George Lucas, said in the interview on the Special Edition DVD that the studios wanted to re-edit the beginning in order to make the film more easily understood by the audiance. I guess this is what they had in mind but there is no indication anywhere that this was actually done. Apparently in Italy it was! And yet this version is so rare even here.

The channel it was recorded from is "Tele+" which unfortunately went belly up in 2003 but had its hey-day in the late 90s. I have no idea where their films went to. One of the main shareholders was Cecchi Gori (now bankrupt) but, I checked, his group does not own this title. Maybe it went to Berlusconi's company, Finivest, since Berlusconi was one of the Tele+ owners. I might try contacting someone to see if this version could be retrieved somehow... somewhere!

About the translation I admit it was done very very quickly and without too much attention but I can guarantee that a much better translation for subtitles will be sent to SilverWook, although Leonardo's version is very good already.

About the logo, there are no titles, no Warner Bros, nor American Zeotrope, although this is easily explained by the fact that it's a recording from TV so the beginning might have been missed (or not broadcasted for some reason).

Some changes I noticed in the film are:

1) some of the monitor screens were translated (for example when THX and the hologram are looking for LUH's location). These translations in Italian are a very unorthodox thing to do. I've never seen any film (especially in the 70's) were computer screens were translated from English to Italian. At most they were read aloud or subtitled.

2) officer in service count. In the scene near the end when an officer crashes with the bike, we see a count of officers in service going down one (this is a static shot). In the Italian version we see the camera moving from left to right and zoomed (I don't know if this technique is called panning)

Another curiosity, the beginning is in widescreen with black lines, then it switches to full screen during the titles scrolling (very weird indeed)

For now I haven't noticed other differences but I'm sure there are and yet I don't know whose responsable for it since Lucas never aknowledged the existence of any but his own version.