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EvantheKidDS said:

Should the Audio Track be completely reconstructed from scratch? I feel as if the Sound Mixes from after the 1997 Special Edition don’t sound right.

Also, after listening to the Mono Track from 4K77, I’ve discovered that before the Dianoga drags Luke under for the second time, he says/yells “No!”

What the hell are you talking about?
Revisited has always had new mixes.

ANH GOUT Reconstruction (A WIP)

Hello folks! Big announcement.

So I’ve decided If I ever make a V2.0 of this project I will use the 2019 masters as a Base.
Originally I was against this idea as the color of those masters looked like crap, but now that I have Dr. Dre’s color matching tool I will be able to match the color of this corrected blu-ray version to the 2019 masters, which will mean that I will use the 2019 version for version 2.0 (if it ever happens).
And this will also make it easier to clean up the 4k77 source as in this version I have to match the exact level of grain as the blu-ray, But because the 2019 version has no grain, I will just add one light layer of grain on top. Now, this version may not happen, But we can’t tell yet.

Also, a shout-out to Atom-88 for donating to the neat video problem. Thank You!

Star Wars ANH (Devastator edition) (WIP).

Hal 9000 said:

What was the process for that scene? Did you do any stitching of multiple sources or clean up a single source?

It’s probably a good sign I can’t tell.

No stitching In this shot. I just replaced the shots that were altered with the 4k77 source.
I then cleaned it using PFClean. And color corrected it With Dr. Dre’s Color Match Tool.

Star Wars ANH (Devastator edition) (WIP).

Grand Master_ Luke Flywalker said:

Will you edit or change the lightsaber duel in any way? Not SC 38 Reimagined, although if you want to do that it’s fine. What I mean is are you gonna edit it kinda like Adywan did, with things like speeding the duel up or adding Battle of the Heroes? Also, will you keep the Jabba scene?

The duel will be changed slightly, sped up in some scenes, and polished,
No music will be added though.
also, the Jabba scene is going to be pulverized.
Ps. “Devastator” is the name of the star destroyer at the beginning of the movie.

ANH GOUT Reconstruction (A WIP)

Hello! Star Wars fans. It’s been a long time, but I am back.
Anyways I have a problem, I need the newest version of Neat Video but It’s pretty pricy
right now it going for about 159.90 USD, which is more than I can afford for a software

Now onto Gout Reconstructed:
I have finished about 56 minutes of the film and I am now at the death star escape (video-wise)
Everything is going great except for grain, Which is why I need Neat Video, I have linked the death star scene
remember the 4k77 bits still need cleanup with Neat Video, Of course, The audio isn’t done yet as you can hear the tracks are messed up.
But for now, this will have to do, Tell me in the comments what you think of the clip.

Clip link:

Star Wars ANH (Devastator edition) (WIP).

Hello, Star Wars fans!
I have almost finished working on an ANH preservation titled “Gout Reconstructed”, When this edit is finalized I will be able to start on this project which I call ANH (Devastator edition). This edit will be a mixture of the SE and The original version, With some additives of course. The main source of this edit is The 2011 Blu-ray release, Color corrected by Adywan in 2018. I am hoping this edit will be a more purist version of the famous “Adywan Revisited”. All the basic info including the change list, Will be listed down below.
-That Guy With No Name.

Adywan’s Colour Corrected 2011 Blu-ray (Was made in 2018)
4K77 (1080p) non DNR.
4K78 (1080p) non DNR.
Hal 900’s custom special edition.
Many 35mm cell scans and screenshots.

Tools (software Etc.):
Video Editing Software: Davinci Resolve 17.
Audio Editing Software: Audacity.
Colour Match software (for matching 4k77 to blu-ray): Dr dre’s color match tool.
Colour grading software: Davinci Resolve 17.
Dust and scratches removal: Neat video 4.2.

When released:
File: MP4 (lossless).
Size: 25.7 GB.
Resolution: 1920x817 H264 24 fps.
Bit-rate: 12 Mbps
Audio Track 1: Adywan Revisited mix with new sound effects and music 😉,(changes list below).
Audio Track 2: isolate music track
Subtitles (by Me): English, French, Spanish, (all included).

Video changes:
.The opening crawl has been fixed a bit.
.All space shots have been re-composited, Either with new star fields or new ships.
.All lasers have been redone.
.Tatooine matte altered slightly.
.The Tantive now has a red glow on its engines.
.Removed the blue haze from the star destroyer.
.The laser that hits the Tantive has been re-positioned to hit the right spot.
.A bright light now flashes and fades off in the first scene with the droids.
.Artoo now flashes red and blue as he does in ESB and ROTJ.
.Lowered the intensity of the red flashes.
.Muzzle flashes Have been added to the shots that do not have them.
.Blaster flashes have also been added to officers that do not have them.
.One of the officers that get shot but no flash appears, That has been fixed.
.this same officer also accidentally shoots a laser out of the scope, That also has been fixed.
.Vader’s eyes are now black like ESB and ROTJ.
.fixed a jump cut where you can suddenly see a trooper has fallen.
.A laser bolt has been added to the officer that originally fell behind Threepio.
.Artoo now retracts his hand in a long shot (overwriting a bit of the next shot).
.The hatch has been re-colored blue.
.The escape pod. now moves faster and goes down instead of up.
.New VFX for the shot of the officers arguing about the escape pod.
.The inside of the escape pod now glows blue.
.The pod hatch now has motion blur.
.cloudy skies on Tatooine have been replaced with real skies from Tunisia.
.The sky above Artoo has been fixed to sunset.
.likewise the moving Sandcrawler has been fixed tonight.
.Inside the Sandcrawler has been replaced with the 2019 Blu-ray Because it has better blacks.
.Threepio’s “switching eyes” have been corrected.
.The original Dewback scene has been reverted to its original timing.
.All mistakes or continuity errors at the Lars homestead. have been fixed.
.Scan lines have been added to the Leia hologram.
.The rocks in front of Artoo have been removed
.Bens hut is now the original matte painting.
.The hut scene has been re-edited.
(And many more changes too much to list.)

Audio changes:
.Music cues all over the movie have changed.
.New Tantive Iv alarm.
.Threepio now says “there will be no escape for the princess this time” as he does not recognize her later.
.The officers now scream as they get shot, Instead of just opening their mouths.
.The blaster sound effect has been changed into one Uniform sound.
.There are now wind/desert sounds in all shots of Tatooine
.Lightsabers now have a uniform sound.
.Mos Eisley has now more sound effects of ships taking off, alien language Etc.
.The cantina song now sounds more like a band In the background, rather Than just an added track.
.Greedo sounds less like a digital voice.
.Millennium falcon now has a uniform and clean sound.
.All explosion sounds have been enhanced with new sounds, Except for the death star explosion.
.The death star now has a uniform buzz sound throughout the whole film.
.The control room door Now has a uniform sound.
.The officer getting punched sounds more brutal and loud, He also screams rather than just falling.
.Announcements can now be heard in the death star corridor.
.Threepio’s extra lines have been reinstated from the mono mix.
.The stormtrooper door bump has been removed.
.The lightspeed tunnel sounds louder and more Psychedelic.
.I removed the digital voice of the rebel announcer with The normal version from the mono mix.
.Lukes “blasted biggs” line has been corrected to “blasted wedge” using the mono mix.
.when biggs gets blown up, Luke now screams “Biggs! Biggs!” (From the radio drama)

Blu-ray case:
This case is a criterion case.

HD version of this image needed!

oojason said:

This is the largest image I could find (though I only had a quick look). Obviously it does have the logo and title but they shouldn’t be too difficult to remove 👍

^ Image can be found here -

Some of the generic custom cover websites listed up in the An Index & Help Thread for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art… thread may also have a decent quality image.

Good luck with it 👍

Thanks oojason! Looks gorgeous!