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ANH GOUT Reconstruction (A WIP)

Williarob said:

Atom-88 said:

That guy with no name said:

I have finally finished tweaking Adywans colour graded Blu-ray. To match the Gout.
Here are some pics:

They look really good ThatGuy, good work👍.

Yes, it really does look good. Having scanned at least 10 prints of Star Wars at this point I have come to accept that the colors of the GOUT are not always representative of the theatrical look of the film, however, I spent the 80s and 90s watching the VHS tapes over and over so this is how I remember the film looking and I’m very glad that you are preserving that look in such high quality. I will definitely enjoy watching it.

Thanks williarob! Means a lot to me.

ANH GOUT Reconstruction (A WIP)

Williarob said:

That guy with no name said:

nobodybutjarjar42 said:

That guy with no name said:

And unlike many other edits It will be very easy to download and watch.

What do you mean?

I mean I will post a link here instead of putting it on usenet or something.
Which is complicated for some people.

If direct download links were allowed here, don’t you think we’d all post them?

Sorry, I goofed I guess I cant do that, I will find another way to release it.

ANH GOUT Reconstruction (A WIP)

CloakedDragon97 said:

It should be blue like in Harmy’s edit. It was color graded based on 35mm sources so it would be very accurate to the original.

Right, I will post a screenshot later of the blue wall.
But remember it wont be as blue as in Harmy’s edit, because this is supposed to replicate the Gout.
So it will have a blue tint but not as much as harmy did.

ANH GOUT Reconstruction (A WIP)

So in 2006 along with the normal special edition discs, bonus discs of the OG trilogy (unaltered) were released. even Though they had terrible quality for a DVD, the color and layout were loved by many fans, You can argue that it may be the most natural grade in ANY star wars release. I will be recreating the (ANH) Gout in HD using 35mm sources and the color corrected version of ANH done by Adywan, with a few adjustments the color and layout will match the Gout no problem as well as other tweaks like Greedo having no subtitles, different desert matte, and many more, this fan edit will be released later this year.

Adywan’s Colour Corrected 2011 Blu-ray (Was made in 2018)
4k77 (1080p) non DNR.
4k78 (1080p) non DNR.
Dark Jedi’s 720p GOUT upscale (for sync purposes only).
Many 35mm cell scans and screenshots.

Tools (software Etc.):
Video Editing Software: Davinci Resolve 17.
Audio Editing Software: Audacity
Colour Match software (for matching 4k77 to blu-ray): Dr dre’s color match tool.
Colour grading software: Davinci Resolve 17.
Dust and scratches removal: Neat video 4.2

When released:
File: MP4 (lossless).
Size: 25.7 GB.
Resolution: 1920x817 H264 24 fps.
Bit-rate: 12 Mbps
Audio Track 1: 2.0 Dolby Digital [English] (1993 Laserdisc mix).
Audio Track 2: My special mix with new sound effects and music 😉.
Audio Track 3: 2.0 Dolby Digital [English] (2004 DVD Audio Commentary - recut to fit this release).
Subtitles (by catbus): English, French, Spanish, (all included).

Audio changes in My track:
.Music cues all over the movie have changed.
.New Tantive Iv alarm.
.Threepio now says “there will be no escape this time” instead of aiming at the “princess”.
.The officers now scream as they get shot, Instead of just opening their mouths.
.The blaster sound effect has been changed into one Uniform sound.
.There are now wind/desert sounds in all shots of Tatooine
.Lightsabers now have a uniform sound.
.Mos Eisley has now more sound effects of ships taking off, alien language Etc.
.The cantina song now sounds more like a band Than just an added track.
.Greedo sounds less like a digital voice.
.Millennium falcon now has a uniform and clean sound .
.All explosion sounds have been enhanced with new sounds, Except for the death star explosion.
.The death star now has a uniform buzz sound throughout the whole film.
.The control room door Now has a uniform sound.
.The officer getting punched sounds more brutal and loud, He also screams rather than just falling.
.Announcements can now be heard in the death star corridor.
.The lightspeed tunnel sounds louder and more Psychedelic.