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Help Wanted: missing 3P0 line wav required
Hmmm *blush* haven't got the DVD yet. a little thing called redundancy got in the way of things this week dammit. so I've been teasing the filters instead, trying to get a bit more sharpness out of my file.

@ molly, got the file thanks, haven't listened to it yet but I'll pick it apart later and splice it into my source wav shortly.

BTW. when people talk about PCM uncompressed sound, we're talking about the wav file aren't we? I mean pre AC3'ing in Bewsweet. considered better because its uncompressed.

and therefore only worth considering when you can burn dual layer because it's not worth giving up 30% of a DVD-Rs single layer 4.5GB storage space for sound.

Help Wanted: missing 3P0 line wav required

can anyone e-mail me the missing 3P0 line of tractor beam dialogue that isn’t present on the DE LD’s?

can it be a 48hz stereo wav file and can you indicate if it was obtained from a PAL or NTSC source please. I’d like to splice it into the dialogue AC3 of my project. I’ve already spliced in the blast doors line but need to the Threepio line to be complete.

mail to :

Star Wars DVD Covers
these were the covers I made for a poxy malaysian set two or three years ago. this is long before I ever started doing my capture from the DE LD's.

it was a crappy constant bit rate capture, too dark, horrible colours etc but I was quite proud of the covers at the time. I could do a lot better now and will once I get my set finished but this is just to let people see them.

star wars

also, here are some smallish shots of some of my static menus.

each movie has 48 chapter stops and has 7 menus. one main screen that leads to six chapter menu pages and all of them have different looping music tracks taken from the appropriate movies soundtrack.

the extras discs have one or two pages each but I designed them to flow from one disc to the other, see attached montage.

these are all anamorphic menus but I am showing them here as they would appear on a TV screen.
.: The Lancer DVD Project :. (* unfinished project *)
a) based in the UK
b) have an expensive sony 7700 dvd player that was chipped by sony and sold from the shop that way

so as I have a multi region player, multi standard video not a problem for me.

the stuff is in PAL because I haven't bought the 2004 dvd release yet, I borrowed a R2 set off a friend, but my film capture was done from the NTSC DE Laserdiscs so at the moment, the complete set is a mixed media until I get out from being just made redundant and can get the NTSC R1 2004 DVD release. then I'm going to remaster the extras using the same stuff, but as NTSC.

the making of's when I bought them off ebay, I was very surprised to find they were in PAL form. I think whoever did them (and they are rubbish quality by the way,) must have used a multi standard UK LD player and recorded them direct onto their DVD recorder. they need a lot of cleaning up and as it is a 4:3 PAL TV source, I'm not sure if converting them to NTSC is a good idea or possible at this point.

however if anyone would care to send me a DVD-R with the NTSC versions of these on, that would be great so I can finish this set off.

at this point I am thinking of using Scara's covers.

also, when I get a job, I'm going to get a Pioneer A09 or something similar so I can burn this dual layer and save on discs.

then, when I do get the NTSC 2004 DVD's I am tempted to follow a few other examples here and try and de-SE the DVD's using a mix of source material and perhaps keep one or two SE changes, like ben's house matte painintg.

I am also seriously toying with the idea of doing branching so I have both SE, and normal on one dual layer disc. gonna need a lot of reading to accomplish that though.

.: The Lancer DVD Project :. (* unfinished project *)

This set is created using the Definitive Edition Laserdiscs captured using an Asus V6800 Deluxe Geforce 1 card and a Pioneer 515 Laserdisc player. The Definitive set is the second edition which includes the corrected Leia welding set.

It is thus far a seven disc set.

Extras D1 - empire of Dreams documentary PAL
Extras D2 - remaining extras from 2004 DVd release + DE LD stills galleries PAL
Extras D3 - original 1977, 1980 and 1983 making ofs. 4:3 PAL
Extras D4 - DE LD extras + Kevin Rubio’s Troops @ proper DVD resolution

Extras D1,2 and 3 will eventually be converted to NTSC when I get the NTSC 2004 DVD and have time to convert the making of’s and clean them up properly.

They are on DVD-R 4.7GB and made with a 2pass VBR in TMPGenc, average of 5mbps with a max of 8mbps.

Sound is 2.0 dolby stereo AC3 at 224kbps

Each disc has a THX intro clip in matching sound with static menus

some sample shots of the WIP on the left, the original capture, on the right, the amended and color corrected, sharpened image.

this is using the MSU sharpener, dotcrawl comb filter as well as some saturation and color balance correction.

first the standard comparison shots




menu shots to come.

Topic - The Official Thread
oooh I'm with mverta on this one.

I think the whole point of restoring from the DVd SE release is that you can keep all of the nascent changes people have wanted for ages and which an actual proper original trilogy release would havehad anyway. example, the detention corridors, digital recompositing of stuff to remove matte lines etc. al of that restores but does bnot change the original.

.: The Zion DVD Project :. (Released)
well I must say that I think the ease of IVTC does depend to some extent on the quality of the laserdisc players output and the type of capture card you are using.

my set was IVTC'd using donald grafts Decomb filter entirely in script. virtualdubs IVTC routine just didn't work for me, yet Zion has used virtualdub to IVTC his version. then again, @ zottig, you've done it manually.

considering we are all capturing a 23.97 fps source with 3:2 pulldown to interlace to a 29.97 fps image, it is strange that we don't seem to be able to come up with a definitive way to IVTC the capture.

.: The Zion DVD Project :. (Released)

regarding a replacement laserdisc player, bit of advice as I had to do some reading when I bought mine to make a more informed choice. whatever you buy, make sure you buy a Pioneer, period. anything eles unless it was a very top of the line model ever really measured up to pioneer players for the visual quality.

I had a Pioneer 515 that was quite respectable, this had similar electronics etc to the better 925. the pioneer elite 90 and 91 series players are considered to be pretty much the best but of course then you pay more.

benefits for you is that you are in the states, there are more available to choose from for a fair price from ebay. UK OTOH had a more restricted choice on ebay to buy.

get as good as you can as this will make your picture quality much better and leave less processing work to eliminate mosquito noise from the source capture. this is particularly important where ESB is concerned as the LD of this film has much more mosquito grain than the other two, particularly in the early Hoth scenes.

I found the avisynth dust filter particularly good for empire to help eliminate the noise although I daresay the new MSU filter would do equally well.
Idea: About De-SEizing the DVDs... We need to Vote on Changes!

if you'd asked me two weeks ago if I would consider hacking the DVD release up and de SE'ing it, I'd have said you were mad but after browsing the forum for the last few days, I must admit to thinking it would be possible.

it's just a damn sight more work and would probably have to be done in premier (I hate that program) as my current SW trilogy DVD's were done using avisynth scripts, virtualdub and TMPGenc.

I have a feeling I might do a lot of the hacking up etc in virtualdub to make indvidual fixed scenes and reassemble it all in Premier, but my main question to you as you are a bit further along than me, (ie actually started) is how you are going to deal with the sound and keep it 5.1 while making changes?

are you going to seperate the 5.1EX out into seperate streams or what? I ask because there are going to be points in the movie where a simple cut/slice and removal of footage won't work.

example, mos eisley arrival. they are different lengths between SE and original
also, replacing the Xwing take off over jungle piece on Yavin IV.

if you keep the original scene, the sound is different and will therefore need splicing into the 5.1EX mix. how do you expect to achieve that? obviously this can be completely sidestepped by downmixing it to 2.0 stereo using besweet and then editing it as a stereo signal in soundforge. but obviously it would be nice to preserve 5.1 if possible.

i certainly fall into the 'would accept a few of the modern changes for changes sake, if in keeping with the original movie' school of thought.


Vincent Formosa 'tellan'
.: The Zion DVD Project :. (Released)
guys, I thought I'd share this as a possibility for you to consider

go to

I was tooling around today trying to find a sharpener for virtualdub. MSU is far too slow to counteract the benefit, plus I think it introduces too much video noise into the capture. unsharp mask is not bad, not as good as MSU but too much edge enhancement, then I came across a filter on this site.

you get absolutely zip control of the filter selections, you get the default they think best, but my god it hasn't half improved mine.

I used

gentle sharpen,

and have seen a marked improvement. it almost acts like auto sharpen and auto levels in photoshop.

the sharpen in particular does an excellent job with next to no mosquito noise being created.

so the filters I use are this new filter to sharpen and saturate and donald grafts RGB filter from here to finely adjust the red bias and give a slightly better white.

I can post people a screenie or two if they're interested. my FTP isn't working so I can't put them up on here.
.: The Zion DVD Project :. (Released)
I see what you're saying about the white values. mine suffers from the same issue as the others. the white corridors of the tantive have blown out a bit right after the interogation scene when vader and the black shirt are walking down the corridor. also I lose the top of the stormtroopers helmet in the ceiling light.

re ESB and ROTJ you won't have this problem. it's only ANH where the first 20 mins or so are soft and the colour values are a bit off. once they get to mos eisley, things improve immeasurably which rather illustrates the parlous state of the print the LD's were struck from at the time prior to be digitally remastered in the mid 90's

as regards jaggies, no I don't have an answer I'm afraid. I've found this to be a combination of factors

1. the comb filter on your capture card. mine gave me dot crawl which I cannot eliminate and there are a certain amount of jaggies.
2. which in turn is made worse slightly when you IVTC back to 23.97fps as the frame decimation and field blending creates some more
3. which in turn is exaggerated slightly more when you stretch it for anamorphic

there isn't really an answer to that one I think. it basically comes down originally to how good your capture card is. but they all suffer from it to some degree.

another thought regarding your dark capture. if you're using that toot filter that allows you to directly integrate a number of captures into a single interim, couldn't you capture one light and one dark and combine the two? that way you get the highlight and shadow detail but also keep high white details that would otherwise be lost. course on this point I could be talking out my arse.
.: The Zion DVD Project :. (Released)
on another note regarding your menu's
very good. impressive, most impressive... sorry, anyway, what I would say in response to the comments some people made saying there was too long between the bits of dialogue, why not just put the Imperial march on in the background. that would fill the quite moments, plus it's appropriate piece of musice for the menu theme you are using.

that way there are no quiet moments.
.: The Zion DVD Project :. (Released)
could I just say two things Zion from two days of tweaking and fiddling with my own ANH?

although I lost my original capture, I 've been playing around with the MSU sharpen and denoise filters on my original empire capture and what I have found is that

a) MSU filters are bloody slow. my works 1.7athlon is only yielding 1 or 2 fps when either of these filters is present. with any other sharpen filter I am getting 14fps so that's a massive hit. based on that it will take my system 49 hours to give me an interim file which is ludicrous.

b) the MSU sharpen filter, while pretty good, introduces a certain amount of mosquito noise to the source.

in comparison if I use unsharpmask.vdf under virtualdub I get nearly as good a sharpness as MSU but with less noise. there is still some, but not as much as MSU.

I find it interesting that you IVTC in virtualdub rather than in script. I found I had field issues whenever I used virtualdubs own. on the other hand, avisynths decomb filter by donald graft has always proven to be very good.

you haven't mentioned it but did you ever manage to eliminate the jaggies? i have them present on my capture but have yet to find a filter that can help on that. some kind of dot crawl thing perhaps? any suggestions?

finally, you seem to be capturing awfully dark? I know this can be adjusted in post but surely you are losing some small bits of detail in the original dim capture? it also explains how it came out a bit dark on your TV. I had this same problem and ended up compensating a bit too far the other way. ie, the blacks were a bit washed out. its tough I know and usually involves a few passes before you hit the right mix to suit.
Idea: About De-SEizing the DVDs... We need to Vote on Changes!
in case no one is aware, there has also been subtle change to two very short scenes right after they arrive on the DS.

I'm talking about the TK421, why aren't you at your post scene when the two imperial personnel get blasted. on the DVD remaster, you no longer see the blaster bolt actually hit them in the chest, before they fall which is present on the VHS and LD versions but not on the 2004 DVD release. this is confirmed by a number of sites by the way. its subtle but those two bolt hits are missing.

also, one of the bolt hits in the cell bay has been altered the same way too.

as regards the changes my take is this

. original everything, unless the change was a digital recomposite to clean up matte lines. eg explosion of the y -wings in the trench run, snow battle in ESB. or fixes bad work in the original

eg the landspeeder being fixed so it hovers better.

so yes to


7 because the original establishing shot of ben's house was rubbish and the CG replacement is a very good matte in keeping with others in the trilogy.
9 because the addition of the ships makes us realise that mos eisley is there and not just a hodge podge of lines on the screen.

12 and 14.

digital dewbacks in mos eisley. the originals didn't work right and these do fit the scene okay, therefore, I feel a nice detail change that would have been done in the original.

23 and 24

cell bay corridor alteration, yes, because that is a fix for a set.

27 yes, close the blast doors was in originally and needs restoring, if it came to it I'd record a new line myself in soundforge and diddle it until it matched the mix.

28 and 29

lightsaber fixes so yes


better establishing shots of the rebel base


replaces crummy matte work

while I wish the original yavin battle to kept intact. I would edit in any original footage that was digitally re-comped and is therefore improved and cleaned up.
Info: a point to consider with the different versions out there

I myself did a capture from definitive edition 18 months ago and I would say it falls into the area of isomix for picture quality. ie not the sharpest on the block but not fuzzy either. my color balance was a bit washed out and I didn’t go for strong shadows.

and then it hit me now that we are comparing the current crop of captures to the new color corrected dvd release 2004.

I know that when I was doing mine, I was comparing my capture and color values to the last digitally remastered pre SE set of VHS and the def LD set I was using to capture from. of course, that star wars had not been color corrected like this new set and therein lies the difference between mine and others and Zion’s stonking new edition. also, as I am sure most people realise, there is a distinct disparity between the shadow values and color tones of the original ANH in comparison to ESB and ROTJ. as it was, I encoded mine to match the original version

I also conservatively sharpened mine, when I see what Zion has achieved it makes me a bit bitter as I lost my original STAR WARS capture due to a freak FAT table glitch and no longer own the laserdisc set to recapture so I can do it all again but better. damn the wife for making me sell it. I should have had more backbone, but once I’d completed all this, I no longer had a reason to keep it. I only bought it to do this in the first place and you all know what a nagging bitching wife is like. damn her and her logic!

if anyone is interested I can send screenies of what I’ve achieved with mine.

it was done on the following

Intel PIII 733mhz (don’t ask how long it took to render)
120GB UDMA 66 Drive
geforce 1 Asus V6800 deluxe Vivo card
SB Live Platinum with live drive inputs
Pioneer 515 player
definitive edition LD second set with the corrected Leia welding scene.

vdub 1.4.13 to capture
avisynth 207
tmpgenc to encode
maestro to author

filters used

donald grafts IVTC decomb filter

final products were 16:9 anamorphic with 2.0 dolby surround at 224kbps. the main feature was done with a 2 pass vbr averaging between 4-7mbps.
static menus used to give maximum possible bit rate for the film.

4 discs of extras have also since been produced in the last 4 weeks.

disc 1 - empire of dreams documentary
disc 2 - remaining extras from 2004 release
disc 3 - original making of’s for SW, ESB, ROTJ (crappy capture quality as I bought these off ebay, need to correct in future)
disc 4 - laserdisc extras. stills from 2004 and LD editions, Kevin Rubios Troops from a DVD rip which was posting on the star wars binary group. (this was taken from a US film magazine)