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44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration

Chewielewis said:

44rh1n said:

Chewielewis said:

Hardcoded in the TE bluray but not the EE bluray, I believe there are EE only scenes that are softsubs only, IIRC.

My EE Blu-ray collection has hardcoded Elvish subs.

Interesting, seems like the NA release has hardsubs but other reigons do not.

I read in a forum that the USA BD’s have hardcoded Elvish subs but the European BD’s don’t.

Back to the Future - without DNR & EE (Help Wanted)

peter_pan said:

dwalkerdon23 said:

peter_pan said:

katovi said:

DCP Back to the Future It looks fantastic, the best version. Thank you very much .

If you found the DCP on Spleen then there is also HD versions of parts 2 & 3 that were recently uploaded. They are not as good as the DCP… but much better than the official Blurays.

they are probably based off of the 2002-2003 DVD transfers, personally i have no issue with them, despite the grain! I wish i had an invite to myspleen, and blutopia!!1

No I believe they are Sky HD airing, however could be wrong.

Sky HD Anytime. I uploaded them. I mentioned this earlier on this page…

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

Enduringhero said:

So I have (with much difficulty) restrained myself from rewatching both TFA and TLJ until Hal took a crack at them. I can remember in the theater during TLJ whispering to myself “It’s ok Hal’s gonna fix it, Hal’s gonna fix it” I know that sounds like a lot of pressure, but I knew if anyone could do it it’d be you (can’t stop, won’t stop watching Ep.3 LOE). But where pray tell, might one find such pieces? Is Spleen no longer safe???

‘Digmodification’ has fixed TFA and is in the process of fixing TLJ also…

4k77 released

Bobson Dugnutt said:

RU.08 said:

ChainsawAsh said:

You’ll probably have to wait until it makes its way onto public trackers, at least as far as the apparently-forever-closed-for-invites MySpleen goes.

I’m pretty sure someone will upload it to alt.binaries.starwars soon, so just keep an eye on that if you aren’t on the Spleen.

Isn’t that on Usenet? Which is a paid thing? I’ve heard it come up every now and again and I still don’t understand how it works

Google is your friend.

The Phantom Menace -Theatrical Version - NTSC DVD- ADYWAN - NOW AVAILABLE

lakamosque said:

Hello everyone, I’ve been looking for years for a theatrical version of TPM and this is one of the few places where I can find any info about it. I have to say I’ve seen all of Harmy’s despecialized versions of the original trilogy and that motivated me to watch all of the prequels’ theatrical versions. If anyone could point me in the right direction to get this Adywan’s version or any other theatrical version of TPM I’ll be really grateful.

Adywan’s = Usenet

Blade Runner Versions?

KevinStriker said:

I’ll try to be brief but to anyone new, here are the broad differences in a nutshell:

  • The Workprint:
    Shown to test audiences in 70mm. Lacks the narration, happy ending, unicorn dream and most of Vangelis’s score. Lots of alternate takes (some used by The Final Cut); a curiosity piece.

  • The Theatrical Cut:
    Shown to U.S. audiences in the cinema in June 1982. Uses a voiceover narration and happy ending.

  • The International Cut:
    Shown to international audiences, this was also the version released to home video and ended up in The Criterion Collection. Near identical to the U.S. Theatrical Cut, but adds additional shots of violence.

  • The Director’s Cut:
    Released theatrically and later released on home video. The first version to be released on DVD in 1997 and the only one until December of 2007. The first version to removes the voiceover narration and happy ending and adds the unicorn, but uses the U.S. Theatrical Cut as a base, meaning no additional violence.

  • The Final Cut:
    Released on DVD, Blu-ray and HD-DVD in 2007. Removes the narration and happy ending, uses the additional violence from The International Cut, extends the unicorn dream sequence, uses alternate dialogue and additional shots, fixes continuity errors and erases wires with CG. Uses remixed 6-track high def audio and radically different colour timing compared to the previous versions.

And that’s just what’s commercially available from Warner Home Video. The CBS Broadcast Version and The San Diego Sneak Preview are so obscure, I doubt I’ll ever see them.

So if you find Blade Runner out in the wild, chances are it’ll be The Final Cut, but don’t let that be the end-all-be-all. No version is perfect, which is why fan-edits are so popular with this movie. The Collector’s Edition basically lets you construct your own personal Favourite Cut.

That information can be found in a billion different places around the web. I hope that was a copy and paste job and you didn’t waste your time typing it…

The Godfather Releases...can someone help?

fpmpaolo said:

stretch009 said:

simbz23 said:

I cannot find this anywhere for the life of me! Anyone have any hints?? 😦

Search: Godfather-A.Novel.for.Television.1977.UNCENSORED.EXTENDED
16 gb’s (includes par2 files)
You can get a free usenet trial. search results: Nothing found.

It says ‘nothing found’ when they are doing database maintenance. Come back later and it will be there.