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The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

I’m releasing a Version 4 for ANH, in order to publish the best of what I can do with what I have. That way, in case hoped-for footage from TMWNN, Dat_SW_Guy, or Adywan never materialize, this project can be complete. Or at least not in limbo. The door will remain open to update these OT Custom SE projects if new source material compels it.

The primary difference is a new color grade, which I find more appealing and is based loosely on Adywan’s color corrected 2011 BluRay transfer. (Big thanks to DrDre for his color correction tool; not possible otherwise.) Used DSG’s Alderaan explosion, and TMWNN’s “I don’t like the look of this” to remove foreground CG dewback but keep the one in the background.

On Drive now, will pop up elsewhere soon.

Would it be too much trouble to make a second version with the Jabba the Hutt scene?

Sometimes I like seeing a version with that scene despite all the obvious reasons it was left out.

Project <strong>4K80</strong> (a WIP)

SnooPac said:

alexispay said:

I just discovered this project, and first, congratulation !
I don’t understand where we can download it.
(Also, English isn’t my first language (I’m French), so I would like to watch it in english (french dubbing of the original trilogy is really… unreliable with french subtitle, do you know where I can find subtitles of the original version).
I know that the info I’m searching are probalbly already available, but I don’t find it.

Il y a des renseignments dans la premiere poste de cette thread. Il y a un lien à un autre forum, et aussi un code d’inviter.

Si vous ne pouvez pas y enscrirer où le telecharger, envoyez moi un PM et peut-etre je peux t’aider.

Sorry, french isn’t my first language either, but I tried (and possibly made up some words along the way 😃).

You can always use Google translate:


TITANIC 4K Filmized Open Matte Remaster with original color grading

MJBenito said:

little-endian said:

jakeandelwooduk was so kind to provide me the HDTV open matte rip (in 25 fps) and again, it is quite different from the 3D one. A lot more color saturation and the framing also seems to be slightly different (besides the lower bitrate and thus data reduction artefacts of course):


Can you also share it with me ? I’ll see what I can do.

Is this referring to the 15.97 GB’s mkv on Rutracker?