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The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

ForceGhostRecon said:

StarkillerAG said:

ForceGhostRecon said:

I think this is the final cut 😃

If I had a quarter for every time you said this… 😉

haha fair enough. In my defense, I’ve really tried to get this as perfect as possible lol

I have a question for the community. Is there somebody who can burn V9 to a Blu-ray disc for me and send it my way ? i’d love to have a copy I can put in a case with the artwork.

If it’s the same size as all your other versions it will be a DVD-5 definitely not a blu ray or even a DVD-9.
To be exact, a DVD-5 AVCHD, which is what I’ve been planning to eventually make for myself from this edit.

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

ForceGhostRecon said:

stretch009 said:

For those who like to burn fanedits to disc like I do could someone tell me how to convert the fps from 30 fps to 23.976fps without it ending up choppy in the first 5 or so minutes? I’m adept at the conversion part as well as everything else that it takes to make an AVCHD/Blu Ray it’s just this 30fps to 23.976fps thing that’s giving me problems.

I believe it was a default handbrake setting- i can try to re-encode tomorrow at 23.976

Thank you very much and of course for the awesome fanedit!

Edit: Please make sure the frame rate is ‘constant’.

Song Of The South

YoshiKiller2S said:

Hey, guys, I had this idea, and I want your opinion on it. How would you guys feel if we started excepting donations for the restoration?

The money will go towards

-Getting a good camera for scanning the 35mm trailer Notelu has
-Getting better programs to use for the dirt cleanup
-Getting better equipment/hardware to use to prevent crashes and to speed up the process of the cleanup

and other things I can’t think of right now

So what do you guys think?

(P.S. sorry I’m shit at formatting text)

Please tell me how you typed hyphens. They always end up as circles for me.