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Return of the Jedi: Radical Re-Edit (Released)

G&G-Fan said:

That’s a really dickish thing to say. How else did you want him to do some of these things, go back in time and try and edit the script and/or convince the entire filming crew to make the new scenes?

Anyway, I’ve watched the edit, and I think it’s quite impressive. I do love Vader going to Coruscant, the visuals are fantastic and it was implemented well, even if it makes both Vader and the Emperor’s arrivals feel weird as they are clearly made to be the character’s first appearance. I would’ve moved the shot tilting up to reveal Vader when he arrives on the Death Star to that scene and changed the colors. The shots in that scene are also noticeably stretched; I think it would’ve been better to zoom them in then stretch them horizontally. But none of those ruin my enjoyment of the scene. I also love Luke being on Dagobah first. The deleted scenes mesh surprisingly well, though I’d be lying if I said it was seamless. It’s good to see Luke making his lightsaber back. I really love the thing that was done with Vader communicating with Luke in the meditation chamber while he’s in his X-Wing. The fan-film footage was all cool, though sometimes it was distractingly low quality. I was disappointed to see that the Boba Fett subplot advertised in the OP wasn’t present, that was probably the thing I was most excited to see. I guess that wasn’t implemented when this workprint was released. I also don’t really care for removing Luke and Leia being siblings. I never minded it and it’s been so engrained into the saga at this point that I can’t imagine it not being true (especially since I wasn’t around before it was true). It especially doesn’t work when Vader brings up his twin sister to taunt him even though according to this he has no twin sister. I agree with every bullet point in the OP but it.

Overall though it was very enjoyable.

What you have is the latest/ possibly final version of this edit. I have an earlier version that I believe is right before this one and it has the Boba Fett subplot which I liked. I’m going to upload and share it this weekend when I have the time…
Edit: That includes everyone above who requested a link. I’ll share both versions.