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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [Available-ish]

I just finished watching the edit and I would like to say that it’s great!

I really dislike Anakin saying “So we doin this or what?”. I understand why you cut him saying master and whatnot, but the added line doesn’t fit.

No edit can fix the fundamental flaws of this film (A majority of the exposition is done through boring walking and talking scenes), but you do a good job of making it seem less tedious, somehow. I don’t know what you’ve done, but keep doing it.

All of my other possible complaints have already been brought up (to my knowledge)

I really love how you added Anakin’s theme to that one scene.

You’ve brought entirely new concepts to the realm of fan-editing this movie. Overall, as a fan edit, this is up there with Q2 and HAL 9000 in terms of my favorite ROTS edits.


ANDREAS presents: Star Wars - Episode I - The Ancient Lore [Remade]

I love all of these drastic edits that people are starting to do! Everything that one could do to keep the story relatively intact and cut all of the fluff has already been done, so these types of edits are all that are left. My only minor complaint is the title, “The Ancient Lore” doesn’t give off a Star Wars-y vibe to me.

This edit is especially interesting, can’t wait!

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [Available-ish]

This sounds incredibly interesting! As one who really enjoyed the later Clone Wars seasons, this seems like a breath of fresh air in terms of ROTS edits. Most others cut out every single instance of anything “funny”, but I think that showing a little bit of that bond between Obi Wan and Anakin grow before being utterly shattered is really going to help this.

The music in that Obi Wan and Anakin walking and talking scene really helped add that sense of “Yeah, those dudes are bros” rather than the awkward silence of the original cut. All in all I’m really looking forward to this edit!